TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Leftist Media Is Dying Without Him

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Once again, President Trump has been proved correct about something he said. President Trump told Americans repeatedly that MSNBC, CNN, and other fake news media was riding his coattails and any success they had was directly related to their insistence on covering every lie, fake scandal, and attack on Donald J. Trump. Now, with every single leftist “news” source flailing without him, President Trump has the last laugh.

The Hill reports that MSNBC, CNN, and more are hemorrhaging viewers. Though Fox News has also declined some, its losses are much lower than left-leaning “news”:

During President Biden’s first 100 days in office, weekly full-day cable ratings for CNN and MSNBC have been trending down, according to statistics from ratings company Nielsen.

On average, 1.3 million household viewers were watching MSNBC in the last week of January, shortly after Biden took office. For the week ending April 25, that number was 868,000. At CNN, those figures went from 1.2 million to 749,000.

Even perennial ratings leader Fox News is seeing a decline, though a much smaller one compared to its cable competitors, dipping to just 1.2 million from 1.3 million in late January.

Prime-time cable viewership is also down across the board. In the same time comparisons as the full-day ratings, CNN has lost 792,000 viewers, while MSNBC is down 788,000 and Fox is short 348,000.

Network evening news isn’t faring any better. Ratings leader “World News Tonight” at ABC had 1.8 million fewer viewers in the seven days ending April 25 compared to the last week of January.

“I’m sort of hearing, seeing the same thing regarding news ratings, digital subscriptions, etc. sinceTrump left office,” says Steve Passwaiter, a vice president and general manager of the campaign media analysis group at media analytics company Kantar.

President Trump predicted this. “The Fake News Media is going CRAZY! They are totally unhinged and in many ways, after witnessing first hand the damage they do to so many innocent and decent people, I enjoy watching. In 7 years, when I am no longer in office, their ratings will dry up and they will be gone!” he said in 2018.

Now, his prediction is coming true. Without him, leftist fake news media is dying — and he has the pleasure of watching it happen.

Samantha is a proud patriot living in central Pennsylvania. She is a mother of three, a lifelong Christian, and the wife of a soldier who is currently defending our country from evil.

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