Trump: Joe Biden ‘First President Who Doesn’t Want America To Be A Nation At All’

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President Trump lashed out at Joe Biden over his disastrous immigration policies. Since he entered office, Biden has opened the floodgates, allowing illegals to cross the border without much worry and with limited enforcement. Illegals have repeatedly praised Biden for his open-door policies, but Americans hate them.

President Trump released a statement slamming Biden for his inability to properly protect our nation from a flood of illegal immigrants on Wednesday.

Remain in Mexico, also known as MPP (Migrant Protection Protocols), was not only a historic foreign policy triumph but one of the most successful border security programs anyone has ever put into effect anywhere. Along with our Central America Safe Third agreements, asylum reforms, and expedited removal procedures we drove border numbers to record lows and we ENDED the horrendous practice known as Catch-and-Release.

No American President had ever done more to defend the border and safeguard the whole immigration system.

The Biden Administration inherited the most secure border in history, and they turned it into the greatest border disaster in history. Our border is now run by cartels, criminals, and coyotes. Illegal immigrants, gang members, and lethal drugs are pouring across like never before. Not only are illegal immigrants being caught and released, they are being put up in hotels at taxpayer expense.

Our country is being destroyed before our very eyes.

The Biden Administration’s disastrous decision to formally end the Remain in Mexico policy is proof that their objective is to eliminate the U.S. border entirely and flood the country with so many illegal aliens that every community is overwhelmed.

“Joe Biden is the first American President who doesn’t want America to be a nation at all,” Trump concludes.

This statement is sad but true. Joe Biden is standing by while our nation is destroyed. And while Americans beg him to do something to fix his policies, he simply refuses.

Samantha is a proud patriot living in central Pennsylvania. She is a mother of three, a lifelong Christian, and the wife of a soldier who is currently defending our country from evil.

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