Trump: If Joe Biden Wins the Presidency, China Also Wins

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President Trump is making waves for his comments insinuating China will emerge victorious if Joe Biden were to win the Presidency.  After all, President Trump has not won favor with the Chinese in recent years.  It has been reported Chinese influencers and secret agents are manipulating social media and other media content to help Joe Biden beat President Trump in the November election.

Trump’s Statement

President Trump recently stated a Biden win is a China win – it is as simple as that.  The President went on to state a Biden win would essentially surrender the future of American children to nations like China.  The statements were made during a Winston-Salem, North Carolina campaign rally earlier this week.  Trump even went as far as stating China “badly” wants Joe Biden to win the Presidency.

Biden has a Questionable Track Record

President Trump tore into Biden throughout the remainder of the campaign rally in Winston-Salem, insisting Biden has a track record of passing policies that empower businesses to offshore jobs, many of which pay a living wage along with benefits.  Furthermore, Biden has loosened restrictions on the country’s borders, sending that many more Americans to fight in pointless wars.  It is important to note President Trump is the only President in the past four decades not to start a foreign war.

President Trump went on to contrast his record with that of Biden’s, stating he is running for re-election in an effort to keep American jobs right here at home rather than outsource them to third world nations where laborers are paid mere pennies. 

The President also went on to explain how he plans on putting more violent criminals in jail.  In short, President Trump’s goal is to guarantee the future is bright for America rather than China and other totalitarian countries that do not value democracy.

The Free Trade Issue is Particularly Important

Perhaps the highlight of Trumps’ campaign rally was when he spoke of Biden’s support for trade deals such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that exported American jobs to those willing to work for a fraction of the typical American’s wage.  Furthermore, Biden also supported permitting China’s entry into  the World Trade Organization or WTO for short.  In other words, Biden claims to be an ally of the workingman yet has sabotaged America’s hard workers for decades.

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