Things Just Got Worse For CNN

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( – Former CNN senior producer Rick Saleeby, who worked on the show The Lead with Jake Tapper, is under investigation by Fairfax County’s Child Exploitation Squad.

The investigation began after Project Veritas had obtained videos and texts dated December 15. In these texts and videos, it is apparent that Saleeby allegedly fantasizes about committing sex acts with the minor daughter of his former fiance.

Fairfax County police confirmed that Saleeby was under investigation in a statement to Project Veritas. However, they failed to provide further details because of the sensitive nature of the case and that it involved a minor.

Still, Anthony Guglielmi, Fairfax Police Department’s public affairs director, revealed in the statement that detectives from the Child Exploitation Squad of the Major Crimes Bureau had been assigned to investigate Saleeby.

Guglielmi also mentioned that very few details could be shared with news outlets and the public as the ongoing investigation required the team to safeguard the privacy and safety of victims and witnesses. He also mentioned that sharing limited details on the case would maintain the investigation’s integrity.

The statement by Fairfax police follows a court appearance by Saleeby in which he responded to a protective order sought by his former fiance.

Saleeby is the latest addition to a list of former CNN staff who have been accused of their alleged attraction to minors. John Griffin, who was arrested on three counts for using a facility of interstate commerce and attempts to entice children, worked at CNN for eight years.

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