If you’re a victim of a crime committed by an illegal immigrant, don’t expect any help from the Biden Administration. When he was President, Trump established via executive order the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement division, which provides services to  “victims of crimes committed by removable aliens and the family members of such victims.” Biden, however, decided that this was not something that was good for America.

Instead, the current occupant of the White House has replaced VOICE with VESL, or Victim Engagement and Service Line, which the administration says will provide “a comprehensive and inclusive support system for all victims, regardless of immigration status or the immigration status of the perpetrator.”

The Biden administration is currently allowing illegals to effectively walk unchallenged across our borders, increasing crime rates at common crossing points. But victims no longer have a specialized division to provide help to them.

“Providing assistance to society’s most vulnerable is a core American value. All people, regardless of their immigration status, should be able to access victim services without fear,” says Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

But there is a need for VOICE. “I’ve had to hold the hand of too many mothers who lost a child to a DUI or somebody else who’s been raped by an illegal alien or someone with a nexus to immigration,” former VOICE director Barbara Gonzalez said in October 2019. “It is a problem we cannot ignore as a country.”

But it’s a problem the Biden administration intends to ignore.