vaccine mandates


The liberal-run city of Denver has never exactly been friendly to police. But now, city officials have decided to “discipline” unvaccinated cops, EMTs, firemen, and more. The Department of Public Safety has put first responders on notice that they must be vaccinated before September 15 or face punishment.

According to a statement by the DPS, any first responders who don’t get the jab will face “discipline.” The “discipline” planned is pretty harsh, too. The Denver Post reports that a refusal to get vaccinated could cost these hardworking professionals their jobs:

Denver’s top public safety leader says he is prepared to discipline and even fire police officers, sheriff’s deputies and firefighters who don’t abide by the city’s requirement that all city employees get vaccinated against COVID-19.

“That order says city employees shall be vaccinated. If our folks don’t comply with it in the time that is allotted by the mayor’s office and the Department of Public Health and Environment, then I am prepared to do what is necessary to hold people in compliance and hold people accountable,” said Murphy Robinson, executive director of the Department of Public Safety. “That’s my job.”

The public health order issued Monday by the city health department requires all city employees to receive their second shot by Sept. 15 and provide proof of vaccination.

The Denver police officers’ union on Thursday said in a statement that it “respects and trusts our members with their own choices on how to maintain their health, the health of their families, and the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Denver in a profession that exposes them on a daily basis to violent criminals, as well as multiple contagious and infectious diseases prevalent in our community.”

“Health and safety has been and always will be a core value and personal commitment to every officer serving the community,” the statement from the Denver Police Protective Association reads. “Our members can be trusted with their personal decisions.”

While Washington denies the existence of vaccine mandates, we have seen them pop up in California, which is requiring state and healthcare workers to get vaccinated (or face the consequences). Now, the idea has caught on in Denver.

There are many legitimate reasons to wait to get vaccinated. The FDA has not granted them full approval yet. Some have allergies or other medical reasons to skip the vaccine. Others have religious or philosophical objections. Whatever the reasons, they are personal and should be free from government strong-arming.