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Joe Biden used to promise us that there would be no federal-level vaccine mandates. My, my, how times have changed. Recently, the current occupant of the Oval Office announced vaccine mandates for federal employees (but not Congress), as well as workers for any business with more than 100 employees and anyone who puts themselves at risk in the healthcare field. According to Biden, none of those people deserve to make their own decisions about what is right for themselves and their families. But one brave California sheriff is standing up for the men and women in his department. Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco refuses to enforce Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate.

“Over the past couple of weeks, the idea of forced vaccination has caused much concern across the entire country,” Bianco said in a statement on Monday. “I will not enforce the vaccine mandate on Sheriff’s Department employees.”

This is important, as Biden’s tyranny now threatens to strip the freedom to make one’s own healthcare choices from more than 100 million Americans. “The government has no ability and no authority to mandate your health choices,” Bianco, who says he is not anti-vaccine and simply believes that it is a decision you and your doctor should make, correctly points out. “As your sheriff, I have an obligation to guard your liberty and freedom.”

“I am certainly not anti-vaccine. I am anti-vaccine for me. That decision should be made in consultation with your doctor after discussing the potential benefit and the potential negative side effects,” he says. “It is time our government and our politicians come to the realization that the only reason they exist is because “we the people” formed our government to secure the blessings of individual liberty and freedom.”

Last year, Bianco pushed back against California Governor Gavin Newsom’s ridiculous COVID mandates when Newsom threatened to strip funding from counties that refused to uphold his draconian regulations. Now, he continues to stand up for Americans whether they work for his department or not. Biden may think he is a king, but Americans are pushing back — and it’s beautiful.

As we watch Biden roll out nationwide vaccine mandates despite a promise to do no such thing — and individual states like California and New York do the same — it’s easy to feel like our freedoms are being stripped away. Recently, New York rolled out a vaccine mandate pushed by disgraced former governor Andrew Cuomo. But now, a Clinton-appointed judge has blocked New York’s vaccine mandate.

The mandate requires health care workers to get vaccinated or risk being unable to provide for their families — a potential death or death decision, as most vaccines have not even received full FDA approval. People who have religious objections to vaccines, according to the emergency order, are out of luck if they think their faith will be respected. On Monday, 17 healthcare workers, all Christians, fought back and, for now, managed to convince a judge to temporarily block the mandate. ABC News reports:

A federal judge temporarily blocked the state of New York on Tuesday from forcing medical workers to be vaccinated after a group of health care workers sued, saying their Constitutional rights were violated because the state’s mandate disallowed religious exemptions.

Judge David Hurd in Utica issued the order after 17 health professionals, including doctors and nurses, claimed in a lawsuit Monday that their rights were violated with a vaccine mandate that disallowed the exemptions.

The judge gave New York state until Sept. 22 to respond to the lawsuit in federal court in Utica.

“The vaccine mandate is suspended,” Judge David Hurd of the US District Court for the Northern District of New York, who was appointed by Bill Clinton, said in his order. He barred the Department of Health from “taking any action, disciplinary or otherwise, against the licensure, certification, residency, admitting privileges or other professional status or qualification of any of the plaintiffs on account of their seeking or having obtained a religious exemption from mandatory Covid-19 vaccination.”

The lawsuit was filed anonymously because the plaintiffs fear they  “run the risk of ostracization, threats of harm, immediate firing and other retaliatory consequences if their names become known.” The objection is based on the fact that every available vaccine uses aborted fetus cell lines in their testing, development, and production.

It’s unclear what will happen in the future. But for now, medical workers in New York have a way out if their faith prohibits them from using these vaccines.

While the matter has yet to be decided in the court system, most Americans say that Biden’s vaccine mandate is unconstitutional — a sentiment that is being ignored by the administration as vaccine tyranny sweeps the nation. Though Americans deserve to make their own decisions for the health of themselves and their families, Biden recently violated his promise of no mandates and did what we all predicted from the beginning. But a new poll shows that this was not a popular move at all.

A Trafalgar poll conducted between 9/10 and 9/12 among nearly 1100 likely general election voters doesn’t look good for Biden. Nearly 60 percent (58.6%) say that Biden does not have the constitutional authority to force private businesses to require employees to get the jab, with only 29.7 percent agreeing that he’s within his rights. Another 11.8 percent say they are not sure. Among Democrats, the affirmative jumps to 54.9 percent. Among Republicans, the “no” answer jumps to a whopping 83.5 percent. Independents also agree that Biden does not have the “constitutional authority” to force employers to make employees get vaccinated, with 68.2 percent saying he does not.

Asked if they support governors pushing back on Biden’s vaccine mandate, 56.1 percent say they support those efforts to defend Americans’ freedom. Democrats, of course, oppose these efforts at a startling rate of 65.7 percent. Republicans overwhelmingly support them, with 78.5 percent on board. Independents support governors who oppose Biden at 62.3 percent.

Many Americans worry that Biden has set a precedent that other presidents in the future can abuse. In fact, 55.5 percent say this is likely the case. Naturally, 54.4 percent of Democrats disagree But 79.5 percent of Republicans are in tune with reality. And 58 percent of Independents agree that this is a terrifying precedent.

Biden’s mandate will dish out $14,000 fines for each person who violates the  Occupational Safety and Health Administration-led mandate of vaccination or weekly testing. Biden once said vaccine mandates are “not the role of the federal government.” You know, except when he decides they are.

Despite Democrats’ claims that vaccine mandates will not become common, we keep seeing more and more that looks like vaccine mandates. First, there was California. State and healthcare workers have been informed that they must get the vaccine or face consequences. The city of Denver has told police officers and other first responders that it is “prepared to fire” anyone who makes the very personal choice not to get the COVID vaccine. Now, Biden’s Pentagon has issues a mandate: active duty troops face a looming vaccine mandate, one which could have far-reaching consequences for anyone who doesn’t comply.

The Associated Press reports that the new plan will go into effect on September 15, leaving little time for objections to this forced vaccination. The plan was announced Monday and has the full backing of Joe Biden. Members of the military are required to get the jab, something that could constitute a refusal to obey and order and make troops subject to punishment under the UCMJ:

Army guidance, for example, includes counseling soldiers to ensure they understand the purpose of the vaccine and the threat the disease poses. The Army also notes that if a soldier “fails to comply with a lawful order to receive a mandatory vaccine, and does not have an approved exemption, a commander may take appropriate disciplinary action.”

Military service officials have said they don’t collect data on the number of troops who have refused other mandated vaccines, such as anthrax, hepatitis, chicken pox or flu shots over the past decade or more. And they weren’t able to provide details on the punishments any service members received as a result of the refusal.

Officials said they believe the number of troops refusing other mandated vaccines is small. And the discipline could vary.

Also, service members can seek an exemption from any vaccine — either temporary or permanent — for a variety of reasons including health issues or religious beliefs. Regulations involving the other mandatory vaccines say, for example, that anyone who had a severe adverse reaction to the vaccine can be exempt, and those who are pregnant or have other conditions can postpone a shot.

Some have argued that those who have already had the virus — and have antibodies — are immune and thus should not have to get the shot. It’s not clear how the military will act on those types of assertions.

“I will seek the president’s approval to make the vaccines mandatory no later than mid-September, or immediately upon” licensure by the Food and Drug Administration “whichever comes first,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says in a memo to troops. “I will not hesitate to act sooner or recommend a different course to the President if l feel the need to do so. To defend this Nation, we need a healthy and ready force.”

“Austin’s message to the Force today on the Department of Defense’s plan to add the COVID-19 vaccine to the list of required vaccinations for our service members not later than mid-September,” Biden said in response to the memo, adding that “being vaccinated will enable our service members to stay healthy, to better protect their families, and to ensure that our force is ready to operate anywhere in the world.”

They laughed at us when we warned that vaccine mandates were coming. Now, they’re here — and becoming more and more common.