Ubax Gardheere


Leftists are terrorists. A “Progressive” running for Seattle-area King County Council hopped on a school bus in January and began threatening children. Now, video showing Ubax Gardheere committing the crime has surfaced. Fortunately, police — the people progressives want to defund — stepped in and handled the situation.

The Post Millennial, who obtained the footage, says that Gardheere  announced “it’s a matter of national security” and ordered the bus driver not to drive, saying “the bus is not leaving.” The driver, who was surely terrified, called police. The driver asked Gardheere if something happened to one of the kids. She replied, “if something happens it’s going to happen to you.”

Then things get crazier. The Post Millenial reports:

Gardheere then tells school children she is wearing loose clothing and she might have a bomb or a gun. “Someone better get here real quick,” the bus driver exclaims. A heroic officer arrives and arrests her. Finally, as seen from the back of the bus, children flee out the back of the bus. Gardheere can be heard calling them “cowards” over and over again.

Deputy Prosecutor Gretchen Holmgren said students were afraid for their safety and as students fled through the rear emergency exit of the bus, Gardheere began screaming that they were “cowards” for abandoning their classmates.

“While speaking with the middle school students, the defendant stated that she might have a bomb and might have a gun. When students attempted to escape out the back of the bus, she called them cowards and told them they would be responsible if something happened to their classmates,” Holmgren says. “Several students believed she had a weapon of some kind and many feared for their lives.”

Gardheere to the arresting officer that she was “prepared to die,” though there were no weapons found at the scene. She was originally charged with multiple felonies, but plea bargained down to a gross misdemeanor.

Despite this, her Democrat colleagues call her an “amazing leader” and say they would “follow Ubax anywhere.” Yes, a woman who threatens to bomb children. This is what Democrat values mean.