(RepublicanWire.org) – On Saturday, President Donald Trump gave an electric rally in Waco, TX where he railed on the political establishment.

At one point, he said that establishment politicians like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are bigger threats than foreign adversaries like China and Russia.

“I was asked the other day, and I took a little heat for it, they said, who’s our biggest threat? Is it China, sir? Or is it Russia? I said, no, our biggest threat are high-level politicians that work in the United States government, like Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Justice Department, because that’s poisoning our country,” Trump said.

At another point in his speech, he said “Either the deep state destroys America or we destroy the deep state”.

(RepublicanWire.org) – While speaking at the Kennedy Center this weekend, actor and celebrity Chris Rock dumped on Democrats and their plan to possibly indict Trump this coming week. Rock explained that any unlawful arrest would only make Trump’s case stronger and garner more support for his 2024 presidential campaign.

Rock asked the crowd, “Are you guys really going to arrest Trump?” The funny thing is, those in attendance included none other than Nancy Pelosi according to the DailyMail.

Rock continued to jab at the Dems in audience, “Do you know this is only going to make him more popular. It’s like arresting Tupac. He’s just gonna sell more records. Are you stupid?” The crowd erupted in laughter. Rock has been known for not holding back with his comical genius.

NBC News reported last week that law enforcement agencies were conducting preliminary security assessments, as well as discussing potential security plans around the Manhattan Criminal Court in case Trump is charged in connection with an alleged hush money payment to Stormy Daniels.

“We’ve all been cheated on. Don’t you wish that the person that cheated on you paid off somebody so you wouldn’t find out?,” Rock joked.

Rock isn’t the only well-known celebrity to back Trump against the Left’s attacks. This weekend, Elon Musk tweeted about the possible indictment saying, “If this happens, Trump will be re-elected in a landslide victory.”

In 2016, just before the US presidential election, it was revealed that Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, had paid $130,000 to adult film actress Stormy Daniels as part of a nondisclosure agreement (NDA). The NDA was related to an alleged encounter between Trump and Daniels that took place in 2006, when Trump was married to his current wife, Melania.

In 2018, Daniels filed a lawsuit seeking to be released from the NDA, arguing that it was invalid because Trump had not signed it. In response, Trump’s legal team argued that he was not a party to the agreement and that Daniels was already free to talk about the alleged affair. However, Trump’s lawyers also filed a motion seeking $20 million in damages from Daniels for violating the NDA.

The investigation into the alleged hush money payment continued, and in July 2019, federal prosecutors in New York announced that they had closed the investigation without bringing any charges against Trump or anyone else involved in the matter. However, the case remained in the news and it was speculated that Trump could potentially face charges if he was no longer president.

(RepublicanWire.org) – Former President Donald Trump is getting back into the campaign swing as his 2024 presidential campaign is heating up and he’s already weighing in on a slew of hot topics. The president recently spoke about Special Counsel John Durham’s two-year-long investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation, saying he thinks the probe is “just the beginning” of what will be revealed to the public.

“It looks like this is just the beginning, because, if you read the filing and have any understanding of what took place, and I called this a long time ago, you’re going to see a lot of other things happening, having to do with what, really, just is a continuation of the crime of the century,” Trump said. “This is such a big event, nobody’s seen anything like this.”

“Who would think a thing like this is even possible?” Trump said. “Durham is also coming up with things far bigger than anybody thought possible—Nobody ever thought a thing like this would be even discussed, let alone an act like this committed.”

To Trump’s point, former Obama officials and Democrats are already taking aim at Durham and his final report.

An Obama-era spokesman for the Department of Justice believes Durham should not get the final say over his own report.

Matthew Miller — who served as the director of the Department of Justice’s public affairs office between 2009 and 2011 — said that Attorney General Merrick Garland, or another high-ranking official within the department, should review the report before it is shared with Americans.

“His cases are over. I think it’s clear that he’s not going to bring any more charges in this investigation, but one of the requirements for special counsels under the regulations is that they write a confidential report and submit it to the attorney general, and the attorney general then makes a decision whether to release that report to the public,” he said.

“I think Merrick Garland will be under a lot of pressure from Republicans to release that report, but I have to say, this circumstance is very different from the Mueller investigation, where, obviously, the attorney general, Bill Barr, did release that report,” the former spokesman said.

“It’s different because in that case, the subject of that investigation could not be charged, and so it was appropriate for the department to make its findings public, so Congress could decide whether to impeach and convict the then-sitting president,” he said. “That is not the case here, so to release a report in this instance — given what we know about the way that Durham has behaved, some of his inappropriate public statements during this investigation, the poor judgments he has made in bringing these charges — to release a report publicly and let him have the final word I think probably unfairly tarnish some people at the FBI that we know he holds ill will to based on some of the things he said in this most recent trial.”

“But it does not have to be the last word. Lots of times in the past — there’s ample precedent for this — when the Justice Department has written reports like this, the leadership decides whether that actually reflects their view,” he said. “John Durham does not get to be the final arbiter of what the Justice Department believes, so it would be appropriate for Merrick Garland to either review it and come up with his conclusions or, maybe more appropriately, refer it to the senior career official.”

But it gets worse.

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee responded to a well-timed New York Times report earlier this year that claimed that there were ethical concerns during the investigation that led to several staff departures.

They included alleged concerns over former Attorney General William Barr’s involvement in the probe, as well as the decision to go to trial lacking sufficient evidence.

“These reports about abuses in Special Counsel Durham’s investigation — so outrageous that even his longtime colleagues quit in protest — are but one of many instances where former President Trump and his allies weaponized the Justice Department,” committee Chairman Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) noted in a statement.

“The Justice Department should work on behalf of the American people, not for the personal benefit of any president. As we wait for the results of ongoing internal reviews, the Senate Judiciary Committee will do its part and take a hard look at these repeated episodes, and the regulations and policies that enabled them, to ensure such abuses of power cannot happen again,” he said.

The DOJ previously suggested that Durham’s report will likely be made public when the investigation ends.

(RepublicanWire.org) – On Saturday, 45th President and 2024 White House contender Donald Trump blasted the Chinese Communist Party for their handling of the Covid-19 virus that spread around the world and killed millions.

“Three years ago, I declared that COVID-19 almost certainly came from the Chinese Wuhan lab. Now, the world is finally admitting the truth,” Trump began. “The cover-up of COVID-19’s origins is one of the greatest scandals in the history of the world. Millions of people all over the planet have died from the China Virus. The cost of the outbreak and the lying about its origins is incalculable, some say in excess of $50 trillion.”

“Now it’s time to hold China—and the corrupt forces who have facilitated this colossal suppression of facts—accountable for the damage they have inflicted upon all of humanity,” he continued. “According to recent reports, the U.S. Department of Energy has concluded a Wuhan lab leak is the likely cause of the pandemic. The FBI reached the same conclusion. The facts are now plain for all to see.”

“When I first suggested in early 2020 that the virus may have come from a lab, it was called ‘racist,’ a ‘conspiracy theory,’ and a claim for which ‘there is no evidence,’” the president explained. “The entire globalist establishment—from the World Health Organization, to the media, to Anthony Fauci and the public health authorities, to the corrupt Silicon Valley tech giants, to Joe Biden—worked relentlessly to silence, censor, and shut down any suggestion that the so-called ‘lab leak theory’ could be true.”

Trump went on to explain that anyone, including scientists, who spoke out against the narrative pushed by the establishment was silenced and banned on social media.

“We all know the real reason for these censorship campaigns. The ‘lab leak’ did not serve their political agendas. So they did the Chinese Communist Party’s dirty work, and effectively imposed China’s propaganda on the Western world,” the 2024 Republican frontrunner wrote. “There must now be a reckoning. The sinister censorship regimes in the United States and throughout the West must be dismantled and destroyed.”

President Trump then went on to explain the World Health Organization’s role in advising him against closing the country to Chinese visitors at the beginning of the pandemic as well as their rejection of the lab leak theory. Ultimately, Trump took the bold step to terminate the U.S.’s relationship with the WHO leading to $450 million returning to the country.

(RepublicanWire.org) – On Wednesday, President Donald Trump visited East Palestine, Ohio after a train derailment has ‘chemically nuked’ the small town.

The media and Biden White House have widely ignored this crisis as the locals deal with the chemical consequences.

While Biden was in Europe, residents lined up on the streets in East Palestine to greet Trump who personally helped with the delivery of numerous truckloads of bottled water to the affected area.

On Thursday, Joe Scarborough, the fiery host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” attacked Trump in a passionate tirade. He accused Trump of insensitivity and incompetence, while also shedding light on President Joe Biden’s whereabouts, claiming that he was “risking his life” on a mission in Ukraine.

During a visit to East Palestine, Trump said on Wednesday, “We’re bringing thousands of bottles of water — Trump water, actually, most of it. Some of it, we had to go to a much lesser-quality water. You want to get those Trump bottles, I think, more than anybody else. But we’re bringing a lot of water, thousands of bottles, and we have it in trucks, and we brought some on my plane today.”

Trump continued, “but to that end, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve helped coordinate the delivery of the water and bottled water, as well as the tractor trailers full of it. We have big tractor trailers full of water. I think you’re going to have plenty of water, for a long time maybe.”

Scarborough accused Trump of insensitivity and incompetence, while also shedding light on Biden’s whereabouts.

On Thursday, Scarborough responded, “The guy is just so gross. He really is. I mean, you’re talking about Trump water, branded Trump water. And by the way, he’s such a hypocrite, too, talking about attacking Joe Biden while Joe Biden is going, you know, risking his life, fighting for Western democracy, something he doesn’t give a damn about, something — you know, when you have a guy that talks about suspending the Constitution, it’s just absolutely insane.”

“I sincerely hope that when your representatives and all of the politicians get here, including Biden, they get back from touring Ukraine, that he’s got some money left over,” Trump said on Wednesday.

Joe Scarborough is a former Republican congressman and current television host, best known for co-hosting MSNBC’s morning news and talk show “Morning Joe.” Scarborough represented Florida’s 1st congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 2001. After leaving Congress, he became a television host and political analyst, working for several networks before joining MSNBC in 2007. Scarborough has also authored several books on politics and history.

(RepublicanWire.org) – In his upcoming memoir, Never Give an Inch: Fighting for the America I Love, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo allegedly took aim at Nikki Haley with insults.  He charged that she and another former Trump administration member were plotting to unseat Vice President Mike Pence.

A report reveals Pompeo complains about a time when Haley met personally in the Oval Office with Donald Trump when she was still serving as his ambassador to the UN.  Pompeo was enraged by the meeting and asserted that Haley had tricked John Kelly, the then-chief of staff of President Trump, into thinking she was meeting with the former president alone. She was flanked by Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

According to Kelly, they presented  Haley as the next Vice President idea.

According to Pompeo, he could not confirm it, but Kelly was convinced he had been duped and was not pleased.

According to the report, there was ongoing speculation about whether Trump thought about dumping Pence in favor of Haley as his running mate. In addition to making plays for the vice presidency, Pompeo also attacked Haley’s position in the Trump administration and the overall trajectory of her political career.

Pompeo disparages Haley’s performance in the UN ambassadorship, which he calls a job that is far less important than people think, and her writings as she explores a Presidential run.

Pompeo describes in the book that in October of 2018, Haley resigned, or as Pompeo put it, threw in the towel.  According to Pompeo, by resigning as governor of South Carolina, Haley abandoned Trump in the same way that she had her constituents of the state of South Carolina.

According to Pompeo, Haley has described her role as confronting tyrants head-on, but why would she leave such a crucial position at such a crucial moment if that’s the case?

According to reports, possible GOP 2024 Presidential candidates, other than Donald Trump, are Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence, Ron DeSantis, and Ted Cruz.

(RepublicanWire.org) – Dick Morris, a former Clinton advisor, believes that the classified documents scandal will have steep political consequences for the current president. 

In an interview with John Catsimatidis on “The Cats Roundtable,” a radio show, Morris said, “That’s going to be the absolute end for Biden.”

He continued, “When Biden as president can’t get more than 25% of the primary vote in his own party, that’s near death. He’s so incredibly vulnerable. You’d think he’d be at 40% or 50% at the least. That means pretty much anybody that breathes on him can knock him over.”

The poll to which he referred also shows “former First Lady Michelle Obama at 16% and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at just 5%.”

In Morris’ opinion, the situation between Trump’s classified documents possession and Biden’s is not the same. 

He said, “It’s different. Trump took them like mementos, like an ashtray. A letter from Kim Jong-un that he could show people … [Biden’s situation] is directly linked to a big bribery scandal involving the vice president and his son. That’s a whole other situation.”

Morris told Catsimatidis, “The issue here is not if everybody took classified documents home.”

He considers Biden’s situation very different because the uncovered documents contain “classified information about American policy toward Ukraine.”

These documents are from the time when, then-Vice President Biden was the point man on anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine while his son, Hunter, was on the board of a Ukrainian energy company. 

Even though the mainstream media ignores the situation, Morris says, “It will knock Biden out of the race.”

 In reporting on the Dick Morris interview, The Daily Wire said: 

“Morris pointed out the fact that the documents — which have thus far been found at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C., as well as Biden’s home and garage in Wilmington, Delaware — were located in places where the president’s embattled son Hunter may have had access to them.

“Several reports have indicated that Hunter Biden listed the Wilmington home as his place of residence in 2017 following his divorce — at which time he was still serving as a board member of Burisma and his father had already left the White House.”

It is all very concerning. Did Hunter Biden use classified information in his dealings in Ukraine? Is that how he secured a position on the board? 

There have been direct accusations that Hunter used classified information in at least one of the emails discovered on his laptop. 

The wording is vastly different from any of his other emails and contains language and phrases that could come from classified information. 

Through White House lawyer Richard Sauber, the Biden administration said, “We are confident that a thorough review will show that these documents were inadvertently misplaced, and the President and his lawyers acted promptly upon discovery of this mistake.”

(RepublicanWire.org) – The former senior FBI counterintelligence official who played a lead role in the Trump-Russia investigation has been arrested and charged over his own alleged ties to a sanctioned Russian oligarch.

“Charles McGonigal, the former Special Agent in Charge of FBI’s Counter intelligence Division in New York, who retired in 2018, is accused of violating U.S. sanctions by agreeing to provide services to Oleg Deripaska, a sanctioned Russian oligarch. He is charged alongside Sergey Shestakov, a former Soviet and Russian diplomat who later became a U.S. citizen and a Russian interpreter for courts and government offices, through a five-count indictment unsealed in Manhattan federal court Monday,” Fox News reported.

“McGonigal and Shestakov both were arrested Saturday. The indictment is a rare move by federal prosecutors to bring charges against a senior former FBI official before a federal grand jury. Though not referenced in or related to the indictment, McGonigal, while serving as chief of the cybercrimes section at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., was one of the first bureau officials to learn of allegations George Papadopoulos, a campaign adviser for Donald Trump, boasted that he knew Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton, launching the investigation into alleged Russian election interference known as Operation Crossfire Hurricane,” the outlet added.

McGonigal and Shestakov “both previously worked with Deripaska to attempt to have his sanctions removed, and, as public servants, they should have known better,” U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Damian Williams said in a statement. “This Office will continue to prosecute those who violate U.S. sanctions enacted in response to Russian belligerence in Ukraine in order to line their own pockets.”

Fox News reported: “Both men are charged with one count of conspiring to violate and evade U.S. sanctions, in violation of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (“IEEPA”), one count of violating the IEEPA, one count of conspiring to commit money laundering, and one count of money laundering, each of which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. Shestakov is also charged with one count of making false statements, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison, prosecutors said.”

It was then-President Barack Obama who in 2014 issued Executive Order 13660, which declared a national emergency with respect to the situation in Ukraine following the annexation of Crimea.

On April 6, 2018, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) designated Deripaska as a Specially Designated National (“SDN”), sanctioning him for acting on behalf of a senior official of the Russian Federation’s government and for operating in the Russian energy sector.

In 2021, the two defendants agreed to and did investigate a rival Russian oligarch of Deripaska in return for concealed payments from Derispaska, in violation of sanctions the United States imposed in 2018, the indictment says. McGonigal and Shestakov allegedly knew their actions violated U.S. sanctions because, among other reasons, while serving as special agent in charge, McGonigal received then-classified information that Deripaska would be added to a list of oligarchs considered for sanctions.

“The FBI is committed to the enforcement of economic sanctions designed to protect the United States and our allies, especially against hostile activities of a foreign government and its actors,” FBI Assistant Director in Charge Michael J. Driscoll said. “Russian oligarchs like Oleg Deripaska perform global malign influence on behalf of the Kremlin and are associated with acts of bribery, extortion, and violence.”

“After sanctions are imposed, they must be enforced equally against all U.S. citizens in order to be successful,” Driscoll added. “There are no exceptions for anyone, including a former FBI official like Mr. McGonigal. Supporting a designated threat to the United States and our allies is a crime the FBI will continue to pursue aggressively.”

(RepublicanWire.org) – Kevin McCarthy thanked former president Donald Trump early Saturday morning for helping him finally secure a win in the 15th round of voting for the House speakership.

“I do want to especially thank President Trump,” McCarthy told reporters. “I don’t think anybody should doubt his influence. He was with me from the beginning … he was all in.”

“He would call me, and he would call others. He really was — I was just talking to him tonight — helping get those final votes,” McCarthy said. “What he’s really saying, really, for the party and the country, that we have to come together. We have to focus on the economy. We’ve got to focus, make our borders secure. We gotta do so much work to do, and he was a great influence to make that all happen. So, thank you President Trump.” 

McCarthy at last clinched the speakership just after midnight Saturday after an all-week marathon of ballots and negotiations and a heated final stretch on the House floor.

Representatives Andy Biggs and Eli Crane of Arizona, Bob Good of Virginia, and Matt Rosendale of Montana all voted “present” in the 15th round, helping to lower the threshold of votes needed to win. Representatives Matt Gaetz of Florida and Lauren Boebert of Colorado voted “present” in both the 14th and 15th rounds as well. McCarthy narrowly won with 216 votes, having needed 215. Democrat Hakeem Jeffries (D., N.Y.) earned 212.

Trump spoke to GOP holdouts throughout the voting process. He attempted to gin up support for McCarthy on Wednesday.


However, Boebert suggested on the House floor on Wednesday that Trump should tell McCarthy, “Sir, you do not have the votes, and it’s time to withdraw.”

Trump spoke to holdouts over the phone as the 15th round of voting came down to the wire. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R., Ga.,) was seen passing a phone to Rosendale with Trump on the line shortly before the Montana Republican switched his vote to “present” after rounds of voting for other candidates besides McCarthy. Trump also reportedly spoke to Biggs and Gaetz before the pair changed their own votes to “present,” according to ABC News.

Trump responded to McCarthy’s comments on Saturday saying, “Thank you, Kevin. It was my great honor!”

“The ‘Speaker’ selection process, as crazy as it may seem, has made it all much bigger and more important than if done the more conventional way,” Trump wrote in a post on Truth Social. “Congratulations to Kevin McCarthy and our GREAT Republican Party!”

(RepublicanWire.org) – Former White House Communications Director for former President Donald Trump, Alyssa Farah Griffin, who is currently a co-host of the ABC show “The View,” is fitting into her surroundings. Being a host on a show where every other panelist attacks the former president and his administration, which she was a part of, she has joined in on the attacks.

The most recent example was in her testimony to the January 6 committee when she took a swipe at former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany as she called her a “liar” and an “opportunist“ who pretended to believe fake claims about election fraud to get a job at Fox News, Mediaite reported.

“Kayleigh is a liar and an opportunist,” she said to the committee on April 15.

“They were just straight up lying to the public,” the former communications director said.

“She’s a smart woman,” she said. “She’s a Harvard law grad. This is not an idiot. She knew we lost the election, but she made a calculation that she wanted to have a certain life post-Trump that required staying in his good graces. And that was more important to her than telling the truth to the American public.”

She said that McEnany knew the former president’s claims about the election were not correct but she supported them to protect her future career.

“I think she saw that as a moment to kind of, like, if I do this one last public-facing stand for Trump, I’m going to be set. This is going to work out for me. And, I mean, it did. She got her Fox News gig. She — it worked out precisely how she’d always planned for it to, but she knew better,” she said.