(RepublicanWire.org) – The state of Texas has filed another immigration-related lawsuit against the Biden administration following changes to asylum and parole procedures along the border deemed illegal.

The suit filed by Attorney General Ken Paxton is the 11th one related to border and immigration issues.

“I protested the proposed version of these rules back in October 2021, and, unsurprisingly, Biden found a way to make it worse, so I’m suing,” Paxton noted in a statement.

“The last thing Texas needs is for this Administration to make it easier for illegal aliens to enter the U.S. and obtain asylum through false claims and less oversight. We know what’s going to happen when the rule goes into effect in May 2022: wave upon wave of illegal aliens claiming ‘asylum,’” he continued.

“It’s true that our immigration system is extremely backlogged. But the answer is to secure the border, not overwhelm it even more by enacting cheap, easy incentives for illegal aliens to get into the United States,” he added.

According to his complaint, Paxton seeks to block the Department of Homeland Security from implementing a policy changing the system of processing illegal migrants who claim to fear persecution in their home countries.

The rule change shifts handling of those cases from immigration judges to asylum officers. If Paxton’s bid to block the rule is unsuccessful, it will take effect on May 29.

The transfer of authority would upend the present system of handling asylum cases along the border, the complaint alleges.

“The Interim Rule transfers significant authority from immigration judges to asylum officers, grants those asylum officers significant additional authority, limits immigration-judge review to denials of applications, and upends the entire adjudicatory system to the benefit of aliens,” the lawsuit says.

The Texas AG also took to Twitter to blast the Biden administration over its latest change to border policy.

“The last thing TX needs is Biden to make it easy for aliens to break into USA through false claims. We know what’ll happen when the rule goes into effect: new waves of illegals claiming ‘asylum.’ I’m suing to stop it,” he tweeted on Thursday.

A legal challenge last week that was led by Paxton saw the attorneys general of 21 states file suit to stop the administration from ending Title 42, a Trump-era pandemic authority that allowed for rapid deportation of most illegal migrants.

“The Biden Administration has made one disastrous border decision after another, and I’ve sued him at every turn,” Paxton wrote in his complaint. “But his new plan to rescind Title 42 is the most consequential yet. Without Title 42, hundreds of thousands more illegal aliens will flood Texas every month—even more than have been pouring over in the past year.”

On Wednesday, a federal judge ruled that the administration had to continue enforcing Title 42 for the next 14 days.

The order requires the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to continue enforcing the policy, and prevents the agency from implementing the CDC’s order to terminate the program.

“It is hereby ordered that for the next 14 days, unless this Court acts to extend or shorten that period: Defendants, including DHS and all of its subdivisions, agencies, and employees, are hereby enjoined and restrained from implementing the Termination Order, including increases (over pre-Termination Order levels) in processing of migrants from Northern Triangle countries through Title 8 proceedings rather than under the Title 42 Orders, and are further enjoined and restrained from reducing processing of migrants pursuant to Title 42,” the order stated.

“Defendants acknowledge some changes in policy in preparation for the termination of the CDC’s Title 42 Order, particularly with respect to the increased processing via expedited removal of single adults from the Northern Triangle countries (El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras),” U.S. District Judge Robert R. Summerhays wrote.

(RepublicanWire.org) – In the Texas tradition of showdowns, Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott last week told the federal government that he was ready, willing and able to bus every illegal immigrant dropped in a Texas town straight to Washington, D.C.

Somebody blinked, and it was not Abbott, according to new reports.

Late last week, the Texas Division of Emergency Management sent buses to the communities that have been targeted by the Biden administration as dropping-off points for illegal immigrants once border facilities are overwhelmed.

Officials found something had changed since Abbott sounded off.

“In the last 24 hours, TDEM has dispatched buses to areas where communities have expressed concerns about the federal government dropping off migrants and has the capability to send as many as is necessary to fulfill the requests from mayors and county judges,” said Seth Christensen, chief of media and communications for TDEM, according to the Daily Mail.

“From the Rio Grande Valley to Terrell County, a large majority of the communities that originally reached out for support through this operation have now said that the federal government has stopped dropping migrants in their towns since the governor’s announcement on Wednesday,” he said.

That represented a major difference from the aftermath of Abbott’s announcement last week when he said, “Overnight there were multiple communities in the Rio Grande Valley asking us to provide buses for them, maybe even planes.”

Although the legal foundation of Abbott’s order is uncertain, because the federal government has supreme authority in immigration matters, the value of the plan will be understood once Title 42 expires, according to Fox News.

Title 42 is a public health law that allowed immigration officials to turn back many illegal immigrants on the grounds that they could spread COVID-19 into the U.S. The Biden administration has said it will end enforcement of Title 42 on May 23, leading many to predict even more massive waves of illegal immigrants to spill over the border into America.

“I think it’s going to coincide very much with what’s going on with Title 42 when Biden lets a couple million more people cross over the border — not let them, but invites them,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said, according to Fox.

Paxton said Abbott’s plan is not gesture or gimmick, but a serious response to a difficult situation the Biden administration has allowed to grow worse.

“The governor has a lot to deal with as it relates to the border,” Paxton said. “And he’s got a federal government that is betraying the state of Texas, betraying the American people, and I think (Gov. Abbott) is just trying to figure out what he can do to protect the people of Texas.”

On Monday, Abbott met with the Texas Border Sheriffs Coalition in El Paso and indicated he has no plans to back down.

“Texans demand and deserve an aggressive, comprehensive strategy to secure our border — not President Biden’s lackluster leadership,” Abbott said in a statement.

“As the federal government continues to roll back commonsense policies that once kept our communities safe, our local law enforcement has stepped up to protect Texans from dangerous criminals, deadly drugs and illegal contraband flooding into the Lone Star State.”

(RepublicanWire.org) – A federal judge has stepped in to stop President Joe Biden from releasing hordes of illegal immigrant minors at the Southern border.

On Friday, Texas Federal Judge Mark Pittman granted a request by Republican officials in Texas to stop the Biden administration from exempting minors traveling sans parents from the pandemic-era expulsion policy, known as Title 42, CBS News reported.

Friday’s ruling by Pittman, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump in 2019, is the latest judicial victory for Texas’ Republican government, which has filed numerous lawsuits since President Biden’s inauguration to hinder his administration’s immigration and border policies.

Texas has already blocked key Biden administration immigration policies, including a proposed 100-day moratorium on deportations last January, and convinced a federal judge last summer to require U.S. border authorities to revive a Trump-era program that requires migrants to await their asylum hearings in Mexico.

Pittman’s ruling was issued just a few hours after a federal appeals court in Washington, D.C. barred the Biden administration from using Title 42 to expel migrant families traveling with children to countries where they could be harmed or tortured. That order has not yet taken effect. 

Title 42 began in March 2020 and allowed the United States to send migrants back before screening them for asylum claims or letting them see a judge.

The Biden administration has argued that the policy is needed in order to curb the spread of coronavirus in immigrant detention centers, but it has exempted minors from the order.

The administration chose to send the minors to detention centers that were overseen by the Department of Health and Human Services, in accordance with a

From there the minors are placed with sponsors or family members in the United States where they can seek asylum, visas and other benefits.

On Friday, Pittman said the Biden administration failed to properly justify the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention orders that codified the Title 42 exemption for unaccompanied minors last summer, calling them “arbitrary and capricious” and in violation of federal administrative law.

Pittman also agreed with Texas’ argument that migrant children who are not expelled could spread the coronavirus. 

“Here, the President has (arbitrarily) excepted COVID-19 positive unaccompanied alien children from Title 42 procedures—which were purposed with preventing the spread of COVID-19,” the judge said.

Stephen Miller, a former advisor to former President Donald Trump, who heads America First Legal, celebrated the news.

“We are honored beyond words to have partnered with Attorney General Ken Paxton and the State of Texas in our landmark lawsuit against the Biden Administration’s egregious decision to except ALL illegal alien minors traveling without adults (UAC) from Title 42—and to have just obtained a preliminary injunction. Biden’s decision to except UAC from Title 42, and instead mass resettle them in the United States, has led to the largest wave of criminal child smuggling in human history–and the flood of illegal alien teens and minors has drained the resources of our schools, hospitals, and communities while creating a new unimpeded recruiting pipeline for MS-13. This preliminary injunction orders the Biden Administration to halt their order categorically excepting unaccompanied alien minors from Title 42 repatriation. This is a truly historic victory, but we have a long, long, long way to go to end the Administration’s crusade to eradicate our sovereignty,” he said.

The decision was also celebrated by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in a post on Twitter.

“Huge win against Biden! Along w @America1stLegal & @IRLILaw, I sued the Admin for failing to use Title 42, contrib to massive wave of smuggling. Fed court just BLOCKED Biden from excepting alien minors from the Title 42 process. Win for Texas & children—loss for Biden & cartels!” he said.

(RepublicanWire.org) – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against President Joe Biden’s administration over federal rules that mandate mask-wearing in American airports and on airplanes.

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) mandate was unlawfully issued. It was not authorized by Congress, and the CDC did not put the mandate up for notice and comment, which is ordinarily required for regulations like this,”  Paxton, Rep. Beth Van Duyne (R), and the Texas Public Policy Foundation, said in a statement. “Yet a person’s failure to comply with the Administration’s mask mandate carries criminal penalties.”

In a tweet, Paxton noted that Wednesday’s legal action represents his 22nd lawsuit against the Biden administration.

“Just filed my 22nd suit against Biden, this time regarding anti-science, virtue-signaling masks on airlines & airports. Masks on planes are not only silly, but illegal too. Proud to join @TPPF, @robhenneke, @Bethvanduyne in restraining Dems’ lawless gov’t. End the mask mandates!” he wrote.

Presently, the federal mandate is scheduled to end on March 18th, however, as Reuters notes, the rules have been extended on multiple occasions. Face coverings are also still required on trains and buses, according to the mandate.

Director of the Centers for Disease Control, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, stated this week that her agency will not make modifications to its mask guidance at this time.

“Our hospitalization rates are high.” Walensky said. “Our death rates are still high. So as we work towards that and as we are encouraged by the current trends, we are not there yet.”

Her comments come as Democrat governors across the country are easing mask mandates. New York state registered a 38 percent drop in coronavirus cases last week while Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) finally scrapped the indoor mask rules for businesses, The Journal News reported.

(RepublicanWire.org) – When former President Donald Trump took office, he vowed to construct a new barrier at America’s southern border. “Trump’s Wall” was one of his most controversial campaign promises.

But when Joe Biden moved into the Oval Office, he immediately stopped construction on the new and improved wall. Afterward, the country saw massive spikes in undocumented migrant activity.

Now, Texas is working hard to protect their state — and Operation Lone Star just got a surprise present.

Gov. Greg Abbott leveled multiple lawsuits at the Biden administration in 2021, alleging “dereliction of duty” in regards to the President’s lax border approach.

On top of that, the Supreme Court ordered Biden to re-implement Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” program, though Texas complained that the administration didn’t bring it back quickly enough.

And through it all, Abbott maintains that Biden’s team hasn’t helped the border crisis much at all. If anything, the situation has only worsened.

However, it’s actually the federal government that just helped out, even though the order didn’t come from the President himself. And the border wall project should be able to surge forward.

Via Washington Examiner:

The federal government donated millions of dollars’ worth of border wall material to Texas as the state continues the construction project defunded by the Biden administration.

More than 1,700 steel panels now designated as surplus property of the federal government were shipped from California to Texas last week to be used in Gov. Greg Abbott’s state-funded barrier on the Mexican border.

It was Texas that made the initial request: back in November, the Texas Facilities Commission asked for the 32-foot steel bollard panels.

These come from the General Services Administration, which handles the distribution of property the government no longer needs. These materials will be crucial for creating stronger, longer-lasting sections of border wall.

When Abbott broke ground for the first part of the new barrier in December, he made it clear that they’d need a little help to complete the project.

That’s why they’ve continued to petition the federal government for unused building material. And when Biden stopped construction on the wall, $265 million worth of goods were simply left in the desert.

As far as Texas is concerned, none of that should go to waste.

After all, the Trump administration cleared the funds used to purchase those materials. And even if Biden later defunded the project, those building items have already been crafted and sent.

These panels are worth about $6 million and are enough to construct approximately 1.7 miles of border. Additionally, Gov. Abbott allocated over $1B to the project, with over $55M from private donations.

“Operation Lone Star” is about protecting the residents of Texas, and more generally the entire United States.

And it seems they’re determined to do this, with or without President Biden’s assistance.

(RepublicanWire.org) – In the wake of the new progressive policies regarding racial equality, many criminals have been afforded opportunities to escape justice that would not have historically existed. From bail reforms that make walking away from serious crimes easy, to the more recent ticket and release policies, there has never been a time with such high rates of crime.

In Texas, bail reform has been a hot-button topic for some time now, and it’s only about to get worse. Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg recently had to face these realities as she released a statement pleading for assistance from the community in locating Karla Jackelin Morales. Morales- age 20 has been out on pre-trial bail for her role in the death of Jose Villanueva.

Back on July 28, 2018, Morales lured Villanueva to join her in a grassy field to smoke some marijuana she had gotten for his birthday. It was there that he was attacked by five members of the infamous MS-13 gang. He was hacked repeatedly with machetes and as he attempted to crawl away, he was shot numerous times. Villanueva had been on the run from the gang for weeks for disparaging them in a rap song, and Morales had lured him to their trap for revenge.

Since then, the other five defendants have been tried and convicted. As the statement from DA Ogg reads “Back when Morales was charged, prosecutors asked a magistrate judge to set her bond at $250,000. The judge instead set it at $100,000. A district court judge later lowered the bond to $60,000 and waived the defendant’s fees for an ankle monitor…The defendant was set for trial on Oct. 25 and was free on a $60,000 bond. On Oct. 20, she cut off her ankle monitor, which included a GPS tracking device, and absconded. She has since been charged with bond jumping.”

This serves as a clear-cut case of what is wrong with the American justice system. In a gangland-style attack, this woman was given an incredibly light bail that allowed her to easily get back on the streets and ultimately allowed her to cut off her ankle monitor to escape. This is a woman who should have ultimately been in jail anyway, but the prosecuting attorney gave her a break.

As a society, we have come a long way in how we treat criminals. While many see nothing wrong with the changes, there have been several hiccups along the way, and this is certainly one of those. With people involved in gangs committing crimes like this they ultimately have an opportunity to get away. Their network of associates will do what is needed to keep someone safe and out of jail when they have committed crimes on their behalf.

A free and happy criminal often is easier to keep quiet than one in jail. Once jailed many criminals will begin to confess knowledge of other crimes, and by removing that opportunity by getting them their freedom, they ultimately ensure their survival. Keeping them in pre-trial confinement in turn greatly reduces that possibility and gives the State a stronger chance at reaching a plea bargain.

Given the number of bail jumps this country has seen, it is highly unlikely she will be back in court any time soon. When you factor in the length of time between her escape and the time of this press release the likelihood of her being far away from Houston is incredibly strong. Given the violent nature of MS-13 and her first-hand knowledge of the crime and the gang itself, there is also a high possibility that the only way she will be found is deceased.

(RepublicanWire.org) – Joe Biden would love nothing more than to bind the hands of all those refusing to get the vaccine and following his illegal mandate. He wants people in the dark and unable to fight back against his insane policies. But some are fighting back and providing a way for the ordinary person to report to authorities those businesses in Texas that would still seek to force people to get the vaccine.

Governor Greg Abbott saw to make the mandatory vaccination of employees illegal in Texas. Biden cannot reach into the state and force people to do something that violates their constitutional rights.

People now have a hotline to report any employer threatening workers with their jobs if they fail to comply with any vaccine mandate. Texas law prohibits any entity from mandating people to vaccinate with the COVID-19 drug. The Lone Star State will resist the illegal laws coming out of Biden’s office every time he issues one.

Governor Abbott stated that “We have now created a hotline for Texas employees to report illegal vaccine mandates. The COVID-19 vaccine will always be voluntary & never forced in Texas.”

Biden’s approach to getting people to vaccinate has taken the choice away from them. And every time a person is told they do not have a choice, they will fight back because a choice is what makes America great. People have a choice, and if Biden worked with that fact, he would be able to get more people to vaccinate than he ever could by forcing them to do it.

The new hotline will let people report any place violating the law. Any person found forcing another vaccinate will be in for a world of trouble by law enforcement.

And to help employers understand the law, Abbott issued a letter detailing what the law was in Texas. His letter reported that “My Executive Order clearly states that no employer can mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for an employee with a religious, personal, or medical exemption. We have now created a hotline for employees to report illegal vaccine mandates in Texas. While I encourage Texans to get the COVID-19 vaccine, it will always be voluntary, and never forced, in Texas, and we are committed to ensuring Texans’ livelihoods are not jeopardized by federal overreach.”

The Democratic Party is all about control. They think they can make laws and issue orders that violate the Constitution. But the third part of the government makeup can stop it by interpreting the Constitution. The Judicial Branch is another hurdle that keeps the Democrats from running away with the country. But Biden would love to pack the court to nullify its Constitutional powers.

The message that Abbott is sending to Biden is that the states will not sit around and let the federal government walk all over them without a fight. Any person or entity that is violating the law will be prosecuted. They will have to answer for their criminal activity. Each business is also to honor exemptions and issue them without reservation.

And yet, there will be those instances where the business or organization is going to try and push the line by mandating the illegal vaccine. But they are going to find out that the law of America still exists, and the enforcement of the law is still around.

The Democrats may have tried to unseat law enforcement but failed. No system in the world is fairer and just than the legal system in the United States. People are innocent until proven guilty in court. In other places around the world, the person is guilty and never allowed to present their side of the case. They are abused and tortured for their crimes.

The America that Biden wants to build back mirrors those countries that abuse their people. But as long as there is freedom in America, there will always be a way to fight the injustices put in place by Joe Biden.

(RepublicanWire.org) – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott showed off the first part of his state-made border wall Saturday, which he labeled a sharp rebuke of Biden’s “failure to do his job.”

Abbott authorized the building of the wall six months ago, and then authorized $3 billion in funding for the Texas Facilities Commission to bolster the building effort. Abbott stressed that the wall stands on either state land or land that private owners agreed to hand over for the wall. 

“Texas is taking what truly is unprecedented action: A state to build a wall on our border, to safeguard the sovereignty of our state and of our nation,” Abbott said during Saturday’s press conference. 

“Already this year there have been over 1.2 million people apprehended coming over the border illegally,” Abbott said, noting the number did not include those who entered undetected. 

He also raised the fentanyl crisis, saying that state authorities have seized “enough fentanyl to kill every man, woman and child in Texas, California, New York, Illinois, and Florida combined.” 

Texas has therefore deemed it necessary to take action and establish a border wall, which is composed of steel bars. A TFC official said the materials and labor will come from local sources, including the steel used to produce the bars. 

Abbott pointed to billions of dollars worth of material from the federal wall project that remains unused, which he said the Biden administration has not agreed to turn over to help with the project. 

Abbott described the wall as just one part of a “multi-pronged” strategy, which will include efforts by the National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety to apprehend individuals who illegally cross the border. Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush praised the speed with which building started and progressed, pledging to continue that pace. 

To demonstrate the building capability, Abbott ordered a section of the wall raised after the press conference – a process that took only around 10 minutes as a crane slowly erected the wall segment, then workers secured it at the base. 

“Once it is completed, it will have multiple detection devices,” Abbott said, adding that the additional detection will allow swift apprehension. 

“People we apprehend will be charged with trespassing to the state of Texas, and those charges will lead to them going to jail,” he explained. Texas has researched a “pre-defense” for any criminal proceedings to ensure that “all procedures will be followed.” 

Abbott also directed Americans to a website where they can donate to the border wall funding, which he said has already totaled more than $54 million in private donations. 

Here is the link to donate if anyone is interested – https://feepay.txapps.texas.gov/oog/texas-border-wall/

(RepublicanWire.org) – Tell Biden’s DOJ to back off of Texans’ rights!

The court’s conservative majority rejected the abortion providers’ request because of its enforcement mechanism, which separates it from “heartbeat” laws passed in other states. The law deputizes private citizens and grants them standing to file lawsuits against violating doctors who provide abortions without exception.

The Texas law prohibits almost all abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, at around six weeks of pregnancy. The only time that abortion is permitted is when there’s life-threatening danger to the mother or when impairment occurs “substantially” from major bodily functions during pregnancy period. In addition, private citizens can launch civil lawsuits against anyone who aids/abets these procedures.

The U.S Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has issued a decision in favor of Texas, asserting that its heartbeat abortion law can remain intact and effective despite beefed up federal opposition from Biden’s Justice Department.

“The court issued a 2–1 order siding with the state of Texas, refusing the Justice Department’s request to reinstate an earlier court ruling that had blocked enforcement of the law. The order was backed by Judges James C. Ho, who was nominated by Donald Trump, and Catharina Haynes, who was nominated by George W. Bush. Judge Carl E. Stewart, a nominee of Bill Clinton, dissented,” National Review reported, stating, “Thursday’s decision comes after the same panel last week issued a temporary decision to reinstate the law after a federal judge in Austin temporarily halted the ban.”

The Supreme Court’s refusal to block provisions of the law has set up a potentially historic win for pro-life movements by overturning two cases which have been considered landmark moments in abortion history. “The decision sets up an opportunity that will likely lead to further testing and examination into whether current laws are constitutional, as well as setting guidelines on how far states can go when regulating abortions before they take place,” according The Washington Free Beacon .

Remember when lawmakers who played shady games to avoid allowing a vote to happen were actually punished? Recently, Texas Democrats fled the state on maskless private flights (with many of them catching COVID and infecting others) to prevent democracy from happening. Lawmakers were poised to vote on multiple bills intended to protect the integrity of the vote. Democrats knew they were beaten and decided to just stop the vote from happening — by running off to Washington. The state House ordered their arrest upon their return to the state, but now a Democrat judge has blocked the arrest of Texas Dems who fled the state.

“If these people want to be hanging out wherever they’re hanging out on this taxpayer-paid junket, they’re going to have to be prepared to do it for well over a year. As soon as they come back in the state of Texas, they will be arrested, they will be cabined inside the Texas Capitol until they get their job done,” said of the Democrats. The state House voted to arrest them as soon as they came back to Texas. But 22 of the Democrats filed a lawsuit claiming they are a “protected class” who is suffering from “much anxiety and stress” over attempts to get them to do their jobs. And sadly, at least for now, the lawsuit has been a shocking success in the sense that they have convinced a judge to protect them from facing the music. The Texas Tribune reports:

A state district judge in Travis County issued an order blocking the arrest of House Democrats who have broken quorum by leaving the state, paving the way for those who remain outside of Texas to return home without threat of apprehension.

State District Judge Brad Urrutia, a Democrat, granted the temporary restraining order late Sunday night restricting Gov. Greg Abbott and House Speaker Dade Phelan from “detaining, confining or otherwise restricting” the free movement of House Democrats within the state or issuing any warrants ordering their confinement.

The order expires in 14 days unless extended by Urrutia. The court will hear arguments on a temporary injunction on Aug. 20 where Abbott and Phelan must show why a temporary injunction should not be filed against them.

For the next 14 days, these fugitives can come home, pack clean clothes, manage their affairs, then jet off to D.C. again if they want to. It’s unclear if the vote will ever happen, but Republicans are determined to ensure it will.