When Biden left Afghanistan, stranding hundreds of Americans behind enemy lines, his administration promised that those who were still there — including 27 schoolchildren from California — would be taken care of. Unfortunately, he has not made good on his word. The Taliban agrees that Americans who are still there should be “taken care of” as well. But they more mean that Americans should die. According to a woman trapped in the terrorist cesspit Joe Biden has transformed the country into, the Taliban is actively hunting Americans in Afghanistan.

Nasira, a pregnant California woman, flew to Afghanistan in June to visit family and marry the love of her life. She stayed in the country and became trapped there when Biden pulled the last of the U.S. troops out. Now that no one is there to watch her back and those of the hundreds of other Americans in her situation, she says the Taliban is “hunting Americans.”

“I think to myself, ‘Am I going to make it home? Am I going to end up living here? Am I going to end up dying here? What’s going to happen?'” the 25-year-old woman says. “Apparently they’re [the Taliban] going door-to-door … trying to see if anybody has a blue passport.” 

The situation is truly horrifying, but the Biden Administration doesn’t seem to care. White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain was asked on CNN’s State of the Union about the issue.

“The question is whether or not you’re hearing what we believe are credible reports about the Taliban systematically hunting them down, many of them, and killing them,” host Dana Bash said. “Have you heard about that and what is the administration doing about it?”

“There are all kinds of reports coming in,” Klain says. “We’re in close communication with our sources and our contacts in Afghanistan to try to get those SIVs out safely. I know that some are coming out by land. We’re going to continue to work on efforts to get them out by air as well. We are going to continue to work to get those SIVs out of the country.”

Unfortunately, this non-answer is the best we have gotten from the Biden Administration, who seems to have written off Americans that were left behind. It’s time for Biden to resign so someone who cares about Americans can take over. Unfortunately, that would place Kamala Harris in the Oval Office — and she is, like Biden, uniquely unqualified to serve. She, too, would need to step down. Nancy Pelosi would also need to step down. We find ourselves in an impossible situation, and Americans are suffering because of it. We can only hope that our country has learned a lesson from the 2020 elections and pray for the souls of those failed by Biden, his cohorts, and voters.

The Taliban has a lot to celebrate on September 11. Joe Biden’s weakness handed them their very own country. On Sunday, the terrorist group easily seized control of Afghanistan, declaring it an Islamic state and taking over every aspect of society in the country. The Taliban power grab began in July, when Joe Biden began withdrawing U.S. troops to appease leftist peaceniks. Now, to celebrate the worst terrorist attack on American soil, the Taliban has ordered Joe Biden to remove all U.S. troops by 9/11.

While liberals have repeatedly demonized our troops’ presence in the country since we originally kicked the Taliban out, the fact is that a continued American force was necessary to keep the peace. But Biden sent our men and women in uniform packing anyway. Via CNN, who recently called Taliban terrorists “friendly”:

Already, US officials have admitted that they miscalculated the speed at which the Taliban were able to advance across the country, with Secretary of State Antony Blinken saying of Afghanistan’s national security forces: “The fact of the matter is we’ve seen that that force has been unable to defend the country … and that has happened more quickly than we anticipated.”

The Taliban’s swift success has prompted questions over how the insurgent group was able to gain control so soon after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan – and, after almost 20 years of conflict in the US’ longest running war, what the Taliban want.

Now that they have taken control, the Taliban has ordered Joe Biden and the United States to “withdraw all their forces” by a very specific date — the anniversary of when the Twin Towers fell. RT reports:

A senior spokesperson for the Taliban has warned that the US military personnel in Afghanistan must be gone by September 11, after Washington redeployed soldiers to watch over the evacuation.

The US must remove all its troops from Afghanistan by September 11, Suhail Shaheen, a member of the Taliban’s political office and negotiation team in Qatar, told Sky News.

Shaheen said the militants remain committed to not attacking US servicemen, and their immediate goal is to maintain security and prevent incidents around Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul.

But don’t worry — the Taliban totally promise that no one will be harmed as we tuck our tails between our legs and run away. Watch a Sky News report on this latest development below: