(RepublicanWire.org) – Spotify has endured the wrath of the ‘woke’ mob and survived. The platform faced an internal and external rebellion over hosting The Joe Rogan Experience. When Rogan took ivermectin when he had COVID, which was the wrong therapeutic in the eyes of the Left. He was smeared by CNN. Many were calling for Rogan to sue CNN, but he opted against it. Musicians demanded Spotify remove their catalog which they obliged. Rogan has a $200 million dollar deal with Spotify. He makes more money than these has-been artists who haven’t had a hit in 25 years. It was a hellacious storm, but the platform survived it. They could face liberal anger again, maybe over their decision about the Obama podcast.

Spotify is reportedly showing the Obamas the door. 

Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday that Higher Ground, the production company run by former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama, is seeking a multimillion deal elsewhere as their deal with Spotify expires this year, according to sources. 

Among the potential partners Higher Ground is negotiating with are Amazon’s Audible and iHeartMedia. Sources tell Bloomberg News the Obamas are hoping to find their new home within the coming weeks. 

However, Bloomberg News indicated that the move was not the former president’s choice. 

“It has talked with multiple big networks, including Spotify, but the Swedish streaming giant declined to make an offer, according to three sources familiar with the discussions,” Bloomberg News wrote. 

If Rogan speaking was enough to cause a ruckus before, Spotify not wanting to keep the Obamas is ample reason for the left to protest again. We shall find out.