Sean Hannity


(RepublicanWire.org) – It’s no secret Hillary Clinton is not very popular in America. The failed 2016 presidential candidate and former secretary of state under Obama has recently come under fire for alleged wrongdoing by her campaign in 2016. Clinton recently made a veiled threat against Fox News because they reported on the situation and now, one of the network’s biggest stars has hit back.

During a speech at the New York Democrat Convention on February 17, Hillary accused Fox News of lying about her. She claimed they were getting “close to actual malice in their attacks.” Actual malice is the threshold a public figure must meet to prove something said about them is defamation.

She’s accused of having hired a tech firm to infiltrate the servers at Trump Tower.

Later that evening, Fox News’ Sean Hannity discussed the former first lady’s remarks and he couldn’t contain his excitement. He pointed out Hillary would have to provide depositions and documents during the discovery phase of the lawsuit. “Bring it on,” he said. The Fox host claimed he quoted exactly what was in a legal filing when he discussed the hacking allegations against her.

If Hillary were to sue Fox News, she would be put under a microscope during discovery. She would have to prove what the news organization said was a lie AND it knowingly printed those lies with the intention of causing her damage. In other words, a lot of dirt could be spilled.

On Thursday, Fox News personality Sean Hannity dropped some troubling “news.” It’s something that has been clear since before he was “elected.” It’s something that was readily apparent to conservatives, but that even those on the Left are beginning to realize. Joe Biden’s cognitive struggles show he’s not in charge. He’s not a leader anywhere — America or on the world stage.

“This administration is unraveling far faster than we even expected and worst of all no one knows who is in charge.  As we told you earlier in the week, 57% now of Americans they see what we’ve been talking about… By the way, 58% of Independents and even a third of Democrats see it. And so does America’s enemies,” Hannity said, referencing recent polls that looks very bad for Joe Biden.

Hannity says he can no longer make fun of Joe Biden’s constant stream of gaffes stemming from his cognitive issues, pointing out that Biden is “definitely not” running things. Bringing up a recent Biden speech, Hannity stated the obvious:

“Today yet again he struggled to get words out during his one and only publicly scheduled event. As I said earlier this week, I honestly can no longer laugh, I can’t joke about Biden’s cognitive struggles. Everyone can see he is in really bad shape. Our allies see it, our enemies see it. The majority of now of the American people, they’re seeing it, and it’s downright dangerous.”

Hannity pointed out that Biden’s glaring weaknesses could cause problems — particularly with America’s enemies. “Biden is getting steamrolled by America’s enemies,” Hannity says. “None of these hostile actors fear or respect Joe Biden, neither does the Taliban.”

“Whoever is in charge at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, whoever you are, you’re doing a pretty terrible job,” Hannity says. Watch it below: