Rose Garden


(RepublicanWire.org) – On Tuesday, President Biden made headlines again, this time for his behavior toward Nancy Pelosi before a speech in the Rose Garden on helping families.

As he approached Pelosi prior to giving his remarks, Biden leaned in and kissed the former House speaker on the lips, causing many to look on in surprise.

During the speech given shortly after smooching Pelosi, Biden mumbled through his scripted remarks, going on a winding monologue about “helping families.”

A Twitter user posted the clip, slamming Biden, writing, “He can’t even talk … How much more insanity needs to happen before people actually wake up? The mask is slipping fast!”

The kiss, coupled with Biden’s stumbling and mumbling during the nonsensical speech, has led to questions about his mental acuity and fitness for office once again.

Americans are concerned about the lack of decorum displayed by the President, especially when it comes to inappropriate physical contact with women and even young girls. This is not the first time Biden has been accused of inappropriately touching females, and many believe that Biden should be held to a higher standard as the ‘leader’ of the free world.