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(RepublicanWire.org) – In no surprise to conservatives, the GOP-led state of Florida outperformed Democrat-controlled California and New York when it came to their coronavirus responses, according to a comprehensive new study.

The conclusions vindicate the leadership of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who was relentlessly vilified by Democrats and their corporate media allies over his pragmatic, science-based management of the pandemic.

In its 20-page report, the Committee to Unleash Prosperity said the states that followed the most draconian COVID-19 policies, such as closing schools and shutting down businesses. These states lagged behind states such as Florida that followed a commonsensical approach to the pandemic.

The study was authored by Wall Street Journal writer Stephen Moore, University of Chicago economist Casey Mulligan and free-market policy analyst Phil Kerpen.

The research compared COVID-19 outcomes in all U.S. states based on three major variables: health outcomes, economic performance throughout the pandemic and impact on education.

According to the study, the outcomes in New York, New Jersey and California “were among the worst” in all three categories: mortality, economy and schooling.

In contrast, the best outcomes occurred in Utah, Nebraska, Vermont, Montana, South Dakota and Florida. All six states are led by Republican governors.

As a reminder, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigned in disgrace in August 2021 amid reports that he had ordered coronavirus patients to be admitted into nursing homes, resulting in the deaths of thousands of senior citizens.

Similarly, California Gov. Gavin Newsom came under fire for closing beaches and playgrounds in contravention of scientific studies showing that outdoor coronavirus transmission was negligible.

Newsom was also caught several times defying his own oppressive mask mandates.

This study proves that the policies of the left were an epic and utter failure.

(RepublicanWire.org) – Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg joined Joy Behar, Sara Haines, and Ana Navarro on ‘The View” this week to talk about Florida’s new “Parental Rights in Education” law — which he absurdly claimed “will kill kids” — before going on to add inflation and high gas prices to his list of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ faults.

“Your husband, Chasten, is a teacher and he’s been a vocal critic of what’s going on in my state of Florida when the, with the so-called ‘don’t say gay’ law, which he says will kill kids. Do you agree?” Navarro asked Buttigieg.

“Yeah, he’s right,” Buttigieg answered. “And I think every law to be judged for the effect it’s going to have on real people in real life, and I get the political reasons why they’re doing this. By the way, some of those political reasons (laughs), they don’t have a plan on anything else, right? I mean, they don’t have a plan on dealing with inflation or dealing with gas prices or dealing with the issues.”

Buttigieg’s bizarre claims immediately drew harsh criticism on Twitter.

While liberals focus on teaching Critical Race Theory, the state of Florida is doing something that is actually useful and not aimed at further dividing Americans. If there’s one thing at least most of us (Antifa and Bernie Sanders supporters excluded) can agree on, it’s that Communism is evil. Governor Ron DeSantis is backing a series of bills intended to expand “intellectual diversity” while teaching Americans to reject totalitarianism inherent in socialist and Communist systems.

Newsmax reports that DeSantis signed the bills into law on Tuesday. Leftists are throwing a tantrum currently because these bills encourage students to reject Communism:

In the three bills the Republican governor signed on Tuesday, public universities and colleges are also now required to survey their faculty, staff, and students about their beliefs and viewpoints to determine “the extent to which competing ideas and perspectives are presented” and to determine if they “feel free to express beliefs and viewpoints on campus and in the classroom,” reports The Miami Herald.

DeSantis, while signing the bills at a Lee County middle school, said about the measures on civics education, “it’s important that students understand” the evil nature of communist and totalitarian governments. 

“Why would somebody flee across shark-infested waters, say leaving from Cuba, to come to southern Florida?” DeSantis says. “Why would somebody leave a place like Vietnam? Why would people leave these countries and risk their life to be able to come here?” As for specifics, these new laws accomplish a lot of good:

One of the bills requires developing a new K-12 civics curriculum that will also include the use of “portraits in patriotism” that tell stories of people who have been civic-minded, and will include “first-person accounts of victims of other nations’ governing philosophies who can compare those philosophies with those of the United States.”

The new legislation also requires state university students to be required to take a course on civic literacy and pass an exam on the topic before they can graduate. 

Meanwhile, the college diversity of opinion bill, which will go into effect on July 1, does not say what will be done with the survey, but both the governor and bill sponsor Sen. Ray Rodrigues suggested that schools can face budget cuts if it is determined they are “indoctrinating” students. 

“That’s not worth tax dollars and that’s not something that we’re going to be supporting moving forward,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis says he hopes the bills will keep schools from becoming “hotbeds for stale ideology.”

“It used to be thought that a university campus was a place where you’d be exposed to a lot of different ideas,” the Governor says. “Unfortunately, now the norm is, these are more intellectually repressive environments. You have orthodoxies that are promoted, and other viewpoints are shunned or even suppressed.”

The state of Florida is stepping up and protecting students from indoctrination. While leftist professors complain that this limits their freedom of speech, perhaps they should consider not using said freedom to push Communist and socialist ideas on students.

President Trump is an extremely popular choice both as an opponent for Joe Biden in 2024 and as a candidate for Congress in Florida in 2022. But with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ popularity rising, he runs the risk of threatening President Trump’s reign as the favorite. In fact, he recently edged out President Trump in an “approval” straw poll at the Western conservative Conference.

DeSantis, who has been handling Florida through the pandemic magnificently, managed to snag a 74 percent approval rating — three percentage points above President Trump. Both men outperformed Ted Cruz, Mike Pompeo, and Tim Scott by a mile and a half.

As The Week notes, it’s a bit early to decide, but that this is an interesting trend:

Obviously, at this stage, a straw poll could simply be a mirage, but DeSantis has looked like a contender elsewhere, finishing second to Trump in the 2024 straw poll conducted at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February. Trump has also said, if he does make another bid for the White House, he’d consider the controversial, but popular governor as a potential running mate. 

President Trump and Ron DeSantis are both excellent choices for both Congress and President. And if Trump decides not to run, it’s good to know that we have a candidate who can step in and bring the fight directly to Joe Biden and the Democrats.

We need all the soldiers we can get in the war for the country’s future. And Ron DeSantis is proving to be a superstar capable of pulling off a win.

Gas hit record lows in recent years under President Trump. Now, under Biden, gas prices crept to new highs — but nothing compares to current prices in the southeastern United States. Now, Biden isn’t entirely to blame for the shortages and cripplingly-high prices. Much of that lies with the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline — but he certainly hasn’t helped.

Gas prices have been on a steady rise Biden’s entire presidency, but they topped $3 per gallon — a price point that they had been heading toward — following the shortages. The Wall Street Journal reports:

Colonial Pipeline Co., operator of the 5,500-mile conduit that runs from the Gulf Coast to New Jersey, closed the line last week following a ransomware attack it disclosed late Friday. It said this week it hoped to fully restore operations by later this week. U.S. officials have linked the attack to a criminal gang known as DarkSide.

The run on gas is particularly severe in Southeastern states that have few alternative sources of the fuel, but the scramble pushed farther north Wednesday as the pipeline’s outage stretched into its fifth full day.

Hoarders are making the situation worse, just like those who created the great toilet paper shortage of 2020 when government regulations created supply issues and people bought up everything in sight. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg got to briefly feel important when he warned against hoarding, especially in plastic bags.

The South is not doing well. The WSJ says that more than 3,500 gas stations have run entirely dry in North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and other states. Where gas isn’t dry, price gouging has become the way of life:

Florida Governor DeSantis has now declared a state of emergency, sating that “the disruption of Colonial Pipeline operations poses a significant and immediate threat to the continued delivery of such fuel products to the State of Florida and many other states located in the Eastern United States,” and the attack “poses a severe threat to the State of Florida and requires that immediate measures be taken to protect and to facilitate the continued delivery of such fuel products to this State, until such time as Colonial Pipeline operations have fully resumed.” North Carolina has also declared a state of emergency, with other states soon to follow.

It’s worth noting that the hackers behind the attack originate from Russia and are especially hostile to English-speaking countries like the United States. And while Joe Biden and Democrats blame “Russian hackers” for Trumps 2016 win, he says there is “no evidence” that the Russian hacker group Darkside is attacking our basic ability to refuel our vehicles is doing so on behalf of Russia.

We as Americans will weather this disaster. But remember that this could have been responsibly handled.

What hurts the fake news media more than anything? Lack of access. While President Trump was more than generous in allowing MSNBC, CNN, and other organizations that push false stories constantly to attend White House briefings,  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis doesn’t quite have his level of patience.

DeSantis hosted a bill signing for a new law that protects elections from fraud. But when the media wanted to get in, they were told “no” — except for one single organization. Local media, national media, international media — none of them were allowed to collect footage they could use to lie about DeSantis. But Fox News was given exclusivity.

The new law, which passed by a vote of 23-17 in the state House and 77-40 in the state Senate, restricts the use of dropboxes so that they can be watched carefully. The bill limits where they can be placed, who can drop off ballots, and requires an election official to monitor the opening to make sure that there isn’t any funny business. Also, dropboxes cannot be moved within 30 days of an election. In addition, people must request “vote by mail” ballots each election and cannot be automatically sent one. And, they must provide ID.

“Me signing this bill says, ‘Florida, your vote counts,’” DeSantis said in an interview with Fox & Friends. “Your vote is going to be cast with integrity and transparency, and this is a great place for democracy.”

Many outlets demanded that Fox News boycott events until all media is allowed in, but why should they? Fox News has consistently and accurately reported the truth for the most part. They are the only “journalists” who deserved to be there.