For most Americans, the COVID pandemic has been a nightmare. It’s harmed the economy, kept us apart from loved ones and sucked much of the joy out of life. Many politicians seem to be enjoying it, though. As well as giving them an excuse to slash away at our freedoms, they can blame absolutely anything on the virus.

On December 2, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy asked White House mouthpiece Jen Psaki what President Joe Biden plans to do about the epidemic of violence that’s sweeping the US. The correspondent was specifically referring to the smash-and-grab robberies plaguing cities and the record number of police officers shot dead while on duty. Doocy probably expected one of the Biden administration’s usual waffling non-answers; what he got was stunning.

When Psaki was asked why gangs of criminals are looting stores and leaving them with empty shelves, she replied “I think a root cause in a lot of communities is the pandemic.” Even by Psaki’s standards, that’s a stretch.

Former President Donald Trump has a different opinion. He says the upsurge in smash-and-grab robberies – often targeting luxury stores, and carried out to order by organized crime gangs – is down to Democrat-run cities where the police aren’t allowed to do their jobs. Trump called out the media for ignoring the spike in looting, but perhaps they’ll pay attention now that Psaki has given us all her unique take on the situation.

On Saturday night, riots erupted in major West Coast cities on the anniversary of the death of Breonna Taylor in a police raid. Taylor was innocent and officers were in the wrong house. The situation was mismanaged, but liberals say it was outright murder — that police hunted her down and killed her because she was black. This, of course, is untrue. Unfortunately, BLM and Antifa use Taylor’s death to periodically start trouble. And that’s exactly what happened on Saturday.

Liberal havens Los Angeles, Seattle, and Portland erupted in violence as “protesters” once again tore their cities apart to show that violence is bad or something. And naturally, these “peace-loving liberals” decided to attack conservatives and police. Here are some scenes from LA:

Seattle was a mess too. The same account shared what was going on there, with Antifa refusing to follow police orders to disperse:

These rabid “protesters” even attacked people who were filming them:

Here you can see Portland covered in graffiti — and all the destruction to which we have become accustomed when we think of Portland:

Despite all the violence, the riots, and the unrest, there were not many arrests. Only 13 were snagged by police in Seattle, for example. Compare this to the Capitol protest, where 315 have been charged with crimes for peacefully walking through a building. One woman lost her life because a cop swears she had explosives in her bag. She was carrying a sweater and scarf.

And notice that the media, which rushed to call Capitol protesters terrorists and more, is not saying the same thing about these people who are using violence to bully the government. This is the very definition of terrorism, but you won’t hear Rachel Maddow say that…will you?