(RepublicanWire) – Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is angry with her party’s leaders. She shared her frustration after left-wing immigration attorney Jessica Cisneros failed to immediately defeat Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar in a heated primary.

Top Democrats, most notably Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Majority Whip James Clyburn, supported Cuellar’s campaign through robocalls and in-person events, while Ocasio-Cortez and Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders endorsed Cisneros.

“Accountability isn’t partisan. This was an utter failure of leadership,” Ocasio-Cortez complained of leadership’s support for Cuellar.

“Congress should not be an incumbent protection racket and sadly it is treated as such by far too many. The fact is those who fail their communities deserve to lose. They don’t need rescuing from powerful leaders who state they fight for gun safety, the right to choose, and more,” she continued.

Cuellar has consistently been rated as one of the most conservative Democrat in the House of Representatives. Cuellar was the only member of his party to oppose a bill that would legalize abortion up to the moment of birth and eliminate conscience protections for healthcare providers. He has spoken out against the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis, and has an A rating from the National Rifle Association.

Cisneros on the other hand has received support from the left-wing Justice Democrats and NARAL Pro-Choice America. She also called for Congress to break up Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Cuellar has claimed that Cisneros’ left-wing record would allow Republicans more easily take the seat in November. Although he won re-election by 19 points in 2020, Joe Biden would have only defeated Donald Trump in the district by seven points.

Whoever wins the primary will face off against Cassy Garcia, a former staffer to Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, in the general election.