(RepublicanWire.org) – Environmental activist and legal expert Erin Brockovich has been a household name since Julia Roberts played her in the 2000 biopic that bears her name.

On Friday, she used her star power to illuminate the ongoing ecological disaster in eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

She challenged people at the highest levels of government, who have left residents of the area affected by a toxic train derailment feeling lied to, to stop being dishonest with them — and to her.

Three decades ago, Brockovich was a single mother who successfully lobbied an attorney to give her a job. She later discovered the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) had been lying to residents of a town in California and worked tirelessly on their behalf.

People who were made sick by toxins were recognized and compensated, and the rest is history.

Fast-forward to this past week, and the now-62-year-old is standing up for the people of East Palestine, Ohio — whose lives were upended on Feb. 3 when a Norfolk Southern train carrying toxic chemicals derailed in their community.

Environmental groups have largely avoided acknowledging the incident, which occurred under a White House administration that claims to care about everyday Americans, their health and their air and water.

The hesitancy of all parties to openly discuss the environmental catastrophe has been concerning.

Much of the green lobby is of course aligned ideologically with the Democratic Party, and the party is led by people’s ambitions to eliminate fossil fuels and force the globe to rely on unproven green energy.

The same people who protested the Dakota Access Pipeline six years ago have been notably absent throughout the past four weeks.

The derailment of a train that was carrying chemicals that are now poisoning people and animals is nothing, if not inconvenient to people whose motives are political.

Simply put, it would be politically advantageous for a government that cannot manage crises if the people of East Palestine accepted what they’ve been told and stopped bringing attention to their collective plight.

That won’t happen if Brockovich has anything to do with it.

She visited the area and relayed to Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Friday that people have been given mixed messages about their drinking water.

She said schools in the area have had their drinking fountains locked up and was confident officials in charge are lying.

This has all happened since residents of the area were told their water was safe.

“Look, you don’t have to go any further, in my opinion, than a hundred-year study that we all know the miners did for us,” Brockovich said. “It’s called the canary in the mine shaft. Send the canary down there, it dies, might not be good for humans.”

She noted people in the community had witnessed dead fish and dead animals with their own eyes. She cited that as a pretty strong signal that areas inhabited by struggling wildlife “might not be good for humans.”

Brockovich challenged those in power when she stated any attempt to spin the situation on the ground would be met with resistance.

“And you can explain away all day long to me that nothing’s wrong,” she said. “But I see what’s going on here.”

Brockovich concluded, “You’re not going to gaslight me.”

The Environmental Protection Agency has been on the ground in East Palestine since the train derailed.

But Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg took weeks to visit the community while Biden said he has no plans to visit the area.

But the people of East Palestine do have people advocating on their behalf.

Former President Donald Trump’s visit to the area generated the kind of buzz they needed. Brockovich, who has been on the ground and has spoken to those devastated by the incident, is now in their corner.

Given her success in fighting powerful entities with interests that do not necessarily align with what is best for the public, Brockovich could be a powerful ally.

(RepublicanWire.org) – On Wednesday, President Donald Trump visited East Palestine, Ohio after a train derailment has ‘chemically nuked’ the small town.

The media and Biden White House have widely ignored this crisis as the locals deal with the chemical consequences.

While Biden was in Europe, residents lined up on the streets in East Palestine to greet Trump who personally helped with the delivery of numerous truckloads of bottled water to the affected area.

On Thursday, Joe Scarborough, the fiery host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” attacked Trump in a passionate tirade. He accused Trump of insensitivity and incompetence, while also shedding light on President Joe Biden’s whereabouts, claiming that he was “risking his life” on a mission in Ukraine.

During a visit to East Palestine, Trump said on Wednesday, “We’re bringing thousands of bottles of water — Trump water, actually, most of it. Some of it, we had to go to a much lesser-quality water. You want to get those Trump bottles, I think, more than anybody else. But we’re bringing a lot of water, thousands of bottles, and we have it in trucks, and we brought some on my plane today.”

Trump continued, “but to that end, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve helped coordinate the delivery of the water and bottled water, as well as the tractor trailers full of it. We have big tractor trailers full of water. I think you’re going to have plenty of water, for a long time maybe.”

Scarborough accused Trump of insensitivity and incompetence, while also shedding light on Biden’s whereabouts.

On Thursday, Scarborough responded, “The guy is just so gross. He really is. I mean, you’re talking about Trump water, branded Trump water. And by the way, he’s such a hypocrite, too, talking about attacking Joe Biden while Joe Biden is going, you know, risking his life, fighting for Western democracy, something he doesn’t give a damn about, something — you know, when you have a guy that talks about suspending the Constitution, it’s just absolutely insane.”

“I sincerely hope that when your representatives and all of the politicians get here, including Biden, they get back from touring Ukraine, that he’s got some money left over,” Trump said on Wednesday.

Joe Scarborough is a former Republican congressman and current television host, best known for co-hosting MSNBC’s morning news and talk show “Morning Joe.” Scarborough represented Florida’s 1st congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 2001. After leaving Congress, he became a television host and political analyst, working for several networks before joining MSNBC in 2007. Scarborough has also authored several books on politics and history.

(RepublicanWire.org) – Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) posted a video showing a “chemical rainbow” in a creek in East Palestine, Ohio, near the site where the train derailed, spilling toxic chemicals into the environment. 

Despite officials confirming that the water is safe and free of chemicals, Vance made it a point to prove to residents to be cautious around the area. 

At one point in the video, Vance stuck a stick into the bed of Leslie Run creek, showing a bubbling reaction. 

“This is disgusting,” the Ohio senator said. “The fact that we have not cleaned up the train crash, the fact that these chemicals are still seeping into the ground is an insult to the people who live in East Palestine. Do not forget these people; we’ve got to keep applying pressure.”

Vance pointed out dead fish and worms throughout the stream, revealing that “chemicals are coming out of the ground.” 

On Friday, during a press conference, Gov. Mike DeWine (R-OH) addressed Vance’s video, confirming that the areas near the crash are still contaminated.

“I know that there’s been some video played on TV circulating of visible contamination in one of the local waterways,” DeWine said. “A section of Sulfur Run near the crash site remains severely contaminated. We knew this. We know this. It’s going to take a while to remediate this.”

DeWine said that officials are working to decontaminate the waters but admitted that it takes work. 

“This is not a simple process,” DeWine said. “We’re encouraging people to continue to avoid that area.” 

The governor continued to inform residents that teams are pumping clean water from the eastern dam, funneling it away from the contaminated section of the stream, and releasing it back at the western dam to divert clean water around the contamination. 

Vance vowed to hold Norfolk Southern accountable for the train derailment. Vance also said that he would continue to drink bottled water for the time being, challenging the EPA administrator to drink tap water since he insists it is safe. 

“I think if the EPA administrator wants to stand here and tell people that the tap water is safe by all means, they should be willing to drink it,” Vance said.

(RepublicanWire.org) – East Palestine was ground zero for the Norfolk Southern train derailment that resulted in a major toxic chemical spill that is now reportedly killing birds, fish, and other wildlife. It’s also reportedly making people there sick. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is getting hammered from both sides of the political aisle who want to know where infrastructure funds went and exactly what he’s doing to handle the disaster.

“East Palestine railroad derailment will have a significant negative impact on the health and well-being of the residents for decades, and there is almost zero national media attention,” Omar angrily tweeted. “We need Congressional inquiry and direct action from Pete Buttigieg to address this tragedy.”

Buttigieg tweeted that he and federal authorities are addressing the matter. “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade clapped back that the people of East Palestine aren’t seeing any mobilization or real effort to mitigate the effects of the derailment.

“They certainly don’t see the passion, and they certainly don’t see Mayor Pete,” Kilmeade asserted.

Doocy pointed out that Omar has a point, “You know what? Ilhan Omar was right as well. This is gonna be something these people are gonna have to worry about for years.”

Sen. JD Vance (R-Ohio) told Fox News on Monday that he’s “horrified” by the Norfolk Southern train derailment, warning that many questions remain unanswered after a controlled release of toxic chemicals shrouded the town in thick plumes of black smoke. Approximately 50 cars, including several carrying vinyl chloride, derailed on the evening of Feb. 3 due to a broken axle.

Surveillance video that was obtained by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette showed one of the train car’s axles on fire about 20 miles outside of East Palestine on the night of the derailment. That is evidently raising questions concerning whether conductors could have prevented the disaster or not.

“I have heard alarming anecdotes about contaminated waterways and effects on wildlife. I encourage anyone with credible reports of environmental harms to contact my office,” Vance said. “This is a complex environmental disaster with impacts that may be difficult to assess in the short term. Long-term study will be imperative.”

He also pointed out that there is a “troubling trend of catastrophic infrastructure problems in our country.”

“Many questions remain unanswered about the quality of the braking system used, the durability of the repair parts in the trains, and the Transportation Department’s regulatory approach to our nation’s rail system,” Vance asserted.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) also called for Buttigieg’s resignation on Tuesday over the tragedy.

Numerous problems in the transportation sector have taken place under the Biden administration, highlighting Buttigieg’s incompetence. Some of the greatest hits include Southwest Airlines’ Christmas flight fiasco, the Federal Aviation Administration grounding all flights due to a lapse in its communications system last month, a barely averted rail strike last fall, and ongoing problems with global supply chains that are causing food and medicine shortages.

There have been a dozen recent train derailments, with developing stories in South Carolina and Texas.

(RepublicanWire.org) – Hillary Clinton compared Trump supporters to Nazis. She also compared President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

Clinton said, “I remember as a young student, you know, trying to figure out how people get basically brought in by Hitler.”

“How did that happen?” Clinton asked. “I’d watch newsreels, and I’d see this guy standing up there ranting and raving and people shouting and raising their arms. I thought, ‘What’s happened to these people?’”

Clinton continued, “You saw the rally in Ohio the other night, Trump is there ranting and raving for more than an hour, and you have these rows of young men with their arms raised. I thought, what is going on?”

Clinton ended with, “I think it is fair to say we’re in a struggle between democracy and autocracy.”

Trump addressed the crowd, “My fellow citizens, this incredible journey we’re on together has only just begun, and it is time to start talking about greatness for our country again. We are one movement, one people, one family, and one glorious American nation.”

Trump’s spokesperson Budowich said that Clinton is “using some of the most disgusting smears imaginable.”

Budowich added, “It seems like perpetual-failed-candidate Hillary Clinton’s basket of deplorables has run stale, not unlike herself. It’s pathetic, it’s divisive, and it is further cementing her legacy of cringe.”