nyc pride


If you’re a cop and are gay or simply want to show solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community, you can’t do it by marching in the Pride Parade in NYC. Every ear, police in New York City protect the participants of the parade, with many cops marching in solidarity. But this year, the parade allegedly promoting “tolerance” will not allow cops to march.

ABC News reports that NYC Pride has banned cops from events until at least 2025. It doesn’t matter if a cop has done anything to deserve it or not. Simply because of who they are, the hypocrites at NYC Pride says they are not welcome:

André Thomas, co-chair of Heritage of Pride, which produces NYC Pride, told ABC News it was a difficult decision that’s “not going to please everyone.”

“We know many LGBT cops,” Thomas said. “But what the institution represents sometimes to a person of color or trans person is violence, and that doesn’t make you feel safe. So that’s the perspective we’re coming from. And it’s a difficult place to be. But we know that’s what our community expects of us at this time.”

Typically, about 200 NYPD members would participate in NYC Pride’s march, held in the month of June, organizers said. 

GOAL, the Gay Officers Action League calls the “shameful” decision “demoralizing” and “dehumanizing.” The NYPD also has thoughts on the “disheartening” decision to practice exclusionism:

“Our annual work to ensure a safe, enjoyable Pride season has been increasingly embraced by its participants,” an NYPD spokesperson said in a statement to ABC News. “The idea of officers being excluded is disheartening and runs counter to our shared values of inclusion and tolerance. That said, we’ll still be there to ensure traffic safety and good order during this huge, complex event.”

Pride events have been increasing banning police in response to demands from BLM, who hate all cops whether they are good or bad. This just shows that liberals don’t want love, equality, and acceptance for all. Simply because a man or woman chooses to protect their communities, they are being singled out and excluded. It’s simply disgusting.