muslim brotherhood


Israel has traditionally been one of our closest allies. However, Democrats have been quite unkind to Israel as of late, choosing instead to befriend Iran and betray our Israeli friends. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by anyone — including the Muslim Brotherhood, who heaped praise on the Left for helping them out.

Politico reports that Democrats “are heading for a major reckoning over the U.S. relationship with Israel, amid a spiraling escalation of violence in recent days that has put pressure on President Joe Biden to get tougher on the Israeli government.” Democrats, the article says, “are beginning to question the lockstep bipartisan support for Israel that has existed across Washington.” Naturally, the Muslim Brotherhood is thrilled.

The Washington Free Beacon says that the Muslim Brotherhood’s online mouthpiece praised Democrats like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, AOC, Bernie Sanders, Cori Bush, and more.

“A large number from the American Democratic Party urged their government to try stopping the violence of the occupation forces against the Palestinians in Jerusalem and the West Bank,” a translated article titled “Democratic representatives demand the protection of Palestinians from Zionist attacks” reads.

“All of the lawmakers mentioned above are widely known for their anti-Israel views and supporting a range of organizations that seek to boycott the Jewish state and promote anti-Semitic slurs about the country,” the Free Beacon notes. ”┬áTheir criticism follows Israeli airstrikes directed at terrorist groups operating in the Gaza Strip. These groups, including Hamas, bombarded the country with more than 1,000 missiles in just more than two days.”

Democrats are quickly undoing our major diplomatic relationships. They are betraying our friends and supporting terrorist groups. They are damaging our nation in untold ways as Americans pay the price. The 2024 election is more important with every passing day — but don’t forget to show up in force to vote in the midterm elections as well. If we can flip Congress, we can undo and prevent a lot of the damage the Left has thus far done.