mo brooks


Recently, Democrats began work on H.R.1., a new bill that aims to make sweeping, national changes to elections. This includes bans on voter ID laws, a requirement that mail-in ballots be accepted late, and even bans on efforts to remove the dead from voter rolls — something Democrats are calling “voter suppression” — all find their home in this bill.

The new legislation is over 700 pages of regulations written to keep the Democrat Party in power. Rep. Mo Brooks calls H.R.1 the โ€œVoter Fraud Enhancement Actโ€ because that’s exactly what it seeks to do.

“What the socialists in Washington are trying to do is nationalize election theft and prevent legislatures from implementing better safeguards to help secure our election system so that we have more honest and accurate elections,” Brooks says.

He then brought up new laws in Georgia that aim to combat fraud by requiring IDs for absentee ballots, curtailing ballot harvesting, and more. “What Georgia did, fantastic.ย  It moves us in the right direction.ย  I just hope that other states will do the same thing,” Brooks says.

Democrats are pulling out all the stops to win at all costs — even if it means cheating. The pandemic gave the Left numerous excuses to abuse every system they can in order to ensure victory. Ballot harvesting became a regular thing. Mail-in ballots suspiciously led to wins for Biden in multiple states, including Georgia, where the vote count was incredibly close.

President Trump filed numerous challenges to the 2020 election, but they were thrown out of or outright ignored by every court to which they were presented. More states need to pass laws to protect their elections, because if Democrats have their way there will only be one party in America now and forever. Watch Brooks’ interview below via Gateway Pundit: