Mitt Romney


(RepublicanWire.org) – Mitt Romney went on an absolutely BIZARRE tirade that was a rollercoaster of opinions that do not align with the GOP.

When asked if he would support Donald Trump in the 2024 election Romney immediately responded in saying, “absolutely not!”

He went on to back up his statement claiming, “It’s not just because he loses…He’s simply not a person who ought to have the reins of the government of the United States.”

Then the Senator from Utah went on to defend Hunter Biden. Knowing the GOP is actively investigating Hunter for his foreign business deals using his fathers position as Vice President.

Check out what Mitt Romney said to reporters about the Hunter Biden investigations below:

“I think it’s really hard to know what the politics of a course of action might be in this day and age, to know where our party stands, what our base wants, what independent voters want … But I think you have to do what you think is right and I think the American people want us to tackle some of the big challenges we have—immigration, inflation, and so forth—and the other things that divert from those priorities I think are a waste of time,” Romney said signaling that a sitting President’s compromised son was a “waste of time.”

Of course, these comments did not bode well for Romney. Almost immediately after, many conservatives took to Twitter to rip Romney for his bizarre tirade.

Many things take courage. Serving your country in the military? Courage. Spending every day keeping communities safe as a police officer? Courage. But you know what doesn’t involve any courage whatsoever? Voting to impeach the President because you don’t like him. President Trump was found innocent on all charges both times the Left pushed impeachment — the first time over the Russia hoax, and the second because the President allegedly was the leader of a rebellion against the United States — but leftists are still treating him like he’s guilty. Some Republicans, apparently attempting to win clout with Democrats, defected to the other side to cast a “Guilty” vote despite a clear lack of evidence to convict Donald Trump. One of these unscrupulous people was Mitt Romney (both times) — and now he’s receiving an award for it.

Romney was the only Republican to out himself as a turncoat in the first impeachment trial. Apparently, splitting with his party and betraying those who elected him has earned him the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award. The award is typically awarded to public figures who put their careers in jeopardy by embracing unpopular opinions for the greater good — though it is doubtful the same award would be given to a Democrat who would break with his party to say “BLM is a terrorist organization” or “Police are heroes and we should support them.”

“Senator Romney’s commitment to our Constitution makes him a worthy successor to the senators who inspired my father to write ‘Profiles in Courage,’ ” Kennedy’s daughter, Caroline Kennedy, said in a statement via the JFK Library Foundation. “He reminds us that our Democracy depends on the courage, conscience and character of our elected officials.”

The award, created in 1989, has previously been given to Barack Obama, George H.W. Bush, John McCain, and others. Recipients are selected by a 15-person panel.

“When I think of courage, I think of my Dad,” Romney says. “He did what was right regardless of consequence. I aspire to his example, though I have failed from time to time. We must subordinate our political fortunes to the causes of freedom, equal opportunity and truth, particularly as they are under assault here and abroad.”

That’s a weird way to say “I have no moral center and betrayed my country, my party, and my President because it was politically convenient for me personally.” Romney will receive the award at a virtual ceremony in May. It’s unclear when he will receive a life lesson in loyalty and decency.

Democrats are shaking in their boots. They have painted all conservatives as terrorists. They have run us off social media. They have shut down social media that accepts us. They have twice impeached President Trump on made-up charges. They’re terrified. And so are their allies in the Republican Party — allies like Mitt Romney, who has attacked Trump repeatedly. But now, Romney has made a startling admission.

Recently, President Trump has hinted both at a 2024 run and his own political party. This is a huge deal, as half of Trump voters say they would follow him to another party and abandon the GOP altogether. In other words, despite the attacks both from in and outside the house, President Trump still has massive support in the GOP. And Romney? He says that he wouldn’t vote for him — but admits that President Trump is still in charge.

 “He has by far the largest voice and a big impact in my party,” the Never-Trumper says. “I don’t know if he’s planning to run in 2024 or not, but if he does, I’m pretty sure he would win the nomination.”

Many, including President Trump’s son, wonder when Romney will just leave the party he so clearly hates:

President Trump is making a speech at CPAC, where he is expected to make a “show of force” to remind everyone that he’s still in charge. It’s also possible that he may announce a 2024 run, but many close to the President are unsure if he feels like a rematch with Joe Biden and the Democrats’ trickery.

It’s unclear what the future holds, but one thing is certain — the Republican Party needs Donald Trump, not the other way around. He could singlehandedly save the GOP or bring about its destruction by forming a rival political party that would steal away support from Republicans. People like Romney and his Never-Trump allies need to quit playing with fire, because they are close to getting burned.