Every single time a black man is shot by police — no matter what he was doing or how justified the shooting is — leftists groups take to the streets to demand justice (in the form of burning buildings and stolen merchandise). Every single BLM “protest” in major cities has been called peaceful by the media but featured wanton destruction and looting.

Daunte Wright was shot and killed while fleeing from police. An internal investigation found that the shooting was an “accidental discharge” because the officer intended to fire his taser. He was even heard yelling “Taser” before accidentally discharging his weapon. No racism, no bias, just a mistake anyone could make in a high-stress situation when a suspect refuses to comply with police orders. But liberals saw an excuse to tear their city apart.

Newsweek reports that numerous businesses have been “Completely Destroyed” as “protesters” ran amok:

The National Guard has been activated and around 20 businesses have reportedly broken into in the Brooklyn Park area, John Harrington, Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, said at a press briefing.

A reporter for Minnesota’s Star Tribune, Liz Sawyer, tweeted: “Several businesses around the Brooklyn Center Walmart are completely destroyed. Police rolled up and made some arrests as young men ran from buildings carrying stolen goods. Foot Locker, T Mobile, and a New York men’s clothing store all completely destroyed.”

“They got GameStop,” tweeted filmmaker Jack Posobiec:

Rioters can be inside fighting injustice by stealing copies of Injustice. Footage was also posted of a liquor store being robbed — because you can’t have equality unless you have a good supply of free booze, right?

Naturally, when you take to the streets to protest, you need new shoes. Rioters would like to thank Nike for their unwilling contribution:

Foot Locker also made contributions to rioters’ efforts, whatever they are:

Even the Family Dollar wasn’t safe.

Make no mistake about it: these people do not care about justice. They do not care about equality. They only care about finding an excuse to go out looting, knowing they will be called heroes by the mainstream media and the Left.