One thing that has marked the last couple years is the string of “peaceful” protests in Portland, Minneapolis, Seattle, and more. We have seen BLM and Antifa loot and burn businesses, destroy communities, brutalize reporters, attack police, and more. Despite clear video of what is going on, liberals and the media say that these people are looting and stealing for justice or something. On Thursday night in Minneapolis, we saw BLM once again looting sneakers for reasons that have nothing to do with justice.

After Winston “Boogie” Smith was shot during an altercation with police, BLM and Antifa once again went nuts. Sure, Boogie had a handgun on cops and sure he was wanted on a state warrant for possessing a firearm (felons aren’t allowed to have those – they’re for law-abiding citizens only). But liberals are screeching once again that his death was somehow unjust.

Once again, BLM and Antifa rioted, tearing Minneapolis apart. And once again, the city was on fire. These justice-seekers combed the city, crying out for free stuff. They looted a sneaker shop. Target, CVS and Walgreens, and more as they tore the city apart.

At least one person was assaulted.

They also hit numerous other businesses:

Not to worry, though. They’re doing this for justice. Just ask this guy, who can’t even remember the name of that one dead guy what caused all this:

Liberals are crazy. They will demand “justice” for criminals and commit crimes and hurt people in its name. Now if they can only remember the names of those for whom they are demanding justice.