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Imagine signing up to serve your country and finding yourself imprisoned. You’re not allowed to leave base. You can’t be deployed. You’re basically in limbo, a non-human entity that doesn’t exist to the government that employs you. Welcome to Fort Campbell.

The Gateway Pundit reports that the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell in Kentucky recently received some troubling news from Commanding General JP McGee. Though vaccines are not mandatory by law, the Army is now taking freedom away from soldiers who, for religious, philosophical, health, or other personal reasons choose not to get the vaccine. Soldiers who put their lives on the line for the nation every day are now being told they can’t leave base, they can’t be deployed, and they can’t even take leave they have earned.

This is essentially taking any choice away from soldiers who have sworn an oath to protect and defend this great country,” a source tells TGP. “Absolutely embarrassing how they handle something like this.” Clarksville Now has more information:

In a livestreamed town hall event, Maj. Gen. McGee announced that soldiers choosing to remain unvaccinated should not “not consider things business as usual,” when making travel plans this summer.

“It would be irresponsible of me to allow soldiers to travel unvaccinated throughout the United States and bring that back and have an impact on our soldiers, their families and our overall operational readiness. I’m sure that’s not gonna be a popular decision for some, and that’s quite alright,” McGee said.

McGee said he and his staff are considering a range of options, including limited range of travel and increased reporting requirements for soldiers; however, no final decisions have been made as to restrictions.

Soldiers who are fully vaccinated should expect more freedom of travel, according to McGee’s update.

This is disgusting. These brave men and women choose to serve our nation and protect our freedom and our nation has chosen to turn its back on them. Over what? Vaccines for a virus that, for most, is like a bad cold? Americans need to speak out about this and demand that our soldiers be recognized as people with equal rights — immediately.