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(RepublicanWire.org) – Former President Donald Trump recently spoke out about the mental health crisis in America.

During his town hall on CNN, Trump told moderator Kaitlan Collins that the United States doesn’t need to focus on gun control, but instead needs a strong focus on mental health and hardening schools.

The CNN moderator asked Trump if there were “any new gun restrictions” he would sign into law if he is President again in 2024.

Trump said, “I would do numerous things, for instance, schools, we would very much harden. And also … I believe in teachers. I love teachers. I think they’re incredible and they love the children, not quite like the parents, but in many cases, almost as much. Many of these teachers are soldiers, ex-soldiers, ex-policeman, they are people that really understand weapons.”

Trump said that having just five percent of the teachers armed “would be more than you could ever have if you were going to hire security guards.”

Trump did say, however, that adding security guards in addition to arming teachers would be part of his approach to hardening schools and also, “hardening your entrances.”

Trump added, “And you can make other places safe, but it is a big mental health problem in this country more than anything else.”

He then explained why his focus would not be on new restrictions. Trump said that there are hundreds of millions of guns in this country and that many Americans, “if they don’t have a gun, they’re not going to be very safe.”

“On April 14, 2023, President Trump told the NRA Leadership Forum that he would sign legislation as president to institute national reciprocity for concealed carry permit holders. This would mean a concealed carry license from one state would be recognized by the 49 other states, just like a driver’s license or marriage license,” reported Breitbart.

Trump has also pledged a tax credit for teachers who train to be armed.

(RepublicanWire.org) – President Joe Biden had another awkward moment during an interview that MSNBC aired Friday: “When asked if the first lady supports a 2024 run, Biden nodded and paused before providing a full answer. ‘My wife thinks that we’re doing something very important and that I shouldn’t walk away from it,’ he said.

In a conversation with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart about (ironically) his plans to run for a second term, Biden’s eyelids drooped and he started nodding off, creating an embarrassing pause. It prompted Capehart to smile awkwardly and say “Mr. President…” and then “ope!” as Biden’s eyes fluttered open.

It’s not the first time Biden has appeared to fall asleep in the course of his presidential duties.

During a climate summit in November 2021, Biden’s nap was so obvious even the corporate media couldn’t explain it away.

The Washington Post admitted that Biden “was the oldest person to be sworn into office and has faced questions from his own party about whether he should seek reelection, due partly to his age,” but then proceeded to explain why “the reemergence of former president Donald Trump” necessitated another Biden run.

In a curt summary of the exchange, NBC News reported that “Biden indicated first lady Jill Biden is supportive of a potential second term.” CNN and The New York Times offered similarly under-informative reports.

That’s quite the change of tune from the four years of the Trump presidency in which left-wing journalists invented opportunity after opportunity to cast doubt on that president’s mental dexterity.

(RepublicanWire.org) – Republican Sen. Ted Cruz sought to push through a plan to direct billions of federal dollars toward more police officers and mental health counselors in the nation’s schools, but was blocked by Democrats who criticized his move as grandstanding rather than a serious effort.

Cruz rose on the Senate floor mid-afternoon on Wednesday and described a prayer vigil he attended in Uvalde after the Robb Elementary School shooting that left 19 students and two teachers dead.

Grief-stricken residents wept openly as they mourned their losses, he recalled, adding that he has visited other Texas communities rocked by mass shootings over the years.

He alluded to a common pattern of alienated young men descending into mental illness over time before ultimately committing unspeakable crimes.

“If we had additional mental health resources on campuses, they would be in a position to spot the warning signs, to see the young man heading down that dangerous path and to intervene and stop them,” Cruz said.

Cruz said his bill would double the number of school resource officers, improve physical security of schools and triple a FEMA security grant program.

It also has $10 billion in grants for schools to hire mental health professionals.

Cruz cited numbers from the National Center for Education Statistics indicating many schools still lack adequate mental health funding.

His bill tracks with a proposal he offered earlier as an alternative to the bipartisan package ultimately approved by the Senate in the wake of the Uvalde massacre.

President Joe Biden signed into law the bipartisan package of mental health support, school safety funding and modest changes to the nation’s gun regulations.

Cruz voted against the bipartisan package, which was negotiated by his home state Republican colleague Sen. John Cornyn and Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn.

Cruz tried Wednesday to get his own bill passed through what is known as “unanimous consent,” in which legislation is deemed approved if no senator objects. He did the same with another bill that would allow schools to use some of their unspent coronavirus pandemic relief money on security measures.

Murphy stated simply “I object” on Cruz’s first bill, which prompted Cruz to say he was “genuinely flabbergasted” that Murphy would block his proposal without first debating its merits.

Cruz described the bipartisan bill Murphy and Cornyn wrote as a “big gun control package” that “will do nothing, zero, to stop mass murders” and predicted the country will see further such incidents.

“I pray that we don’t, but evil exists in the world and if another lunatic attacks a school and there’s not a police officer at the front door to stop him, remember right now, remember this moment when the Democrats said ‘no, we will not protect our kids,’” Cruz said.

Murphy also objected to Cruz’s bill to redirect unspent pandemic relief money and said he was indeed not interested in engaging in what he characterized as a Cruz bid for attention rather than an honest attempt to achieve anything.

“This isn’t real. This is a TV show. This is clickbait. This is theater,” Murphy said of Cruz. “This isn’t an actual attempt to pass legislation.”

Murphy said he recently was approached by another Republican senator, Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma, about the legislation in question. Murphy said he and Lankford are having serious discussions that stand in contrast to Cruz’s approach.

In an interview afterward, Cruz said he had no information about Murphy’s talks with Lankford and reiterated his criticism of Murphy for not engaging in substantive debate.

Asked about his rationale for excluding schools from mental health funding on the basis of their curriculum, Cruz said he would provide a written statement later.

In the statement, Cruz did not directly address why he would exclude some schools but noted Murphy did not raise objections to specific provisions in the bill and questioned why Murphy also blocked the other proposal to spend unused relief money on school security.

“The only reason Murphy and the Democrats blocked school safety measures today was because they were more interested in playing partisan games,” Cruz said.

Cruz’s actions come as advocates are pushing the Senate to pass a federal ban on certain semi-automatic firearms they describe as “assault weapons.”

Cornyn, who also opposes such a ban, has touted the benefits of the bipartisan package he helped shepherd into law.

In an interview Wednesday, Cornyn said he hadn’t studied the details of Cruz’s latest proposal but noted the package he already got enacted included significant resources for mental health and school security.

“I’m not sure more money on top of this is necessarily the answer,” Cornyn said.

(RepublicanWire.org) – Assistant Secretary for Health, Rachel Levine said transgender youths need to be empowered to get “gender affirmation treatment” on MSNBC Monday.

Levine, who is transgender, said transgender youths are threatened by mental health issues, bullying and political attacks, and that treatment of these youths should affirm their perceived gender identity and empower them to get sex change treatments.

“So we really want to base our treatment and to affirm and to support and empower these youth not to limit their participation in activities in sports and even limit their ability to get gender affirmation treatment in their state,” Levine told MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell.

Levine previously endorsed Biden’s June 15 executive order expanding access to sex change treatments for children and said there is no debate within the medical community about whether children who believe they are transgender should receive sex change treatments.

Sex changes, which Levine refers to as “gender affirmation treatments,” include socially transitioning to the opposite sex, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgeries.

“Trans youth are vulnerable. They suffer significant harassment and bullying, sometimes in schools or their community,” Levine told Mitchell. “They have more mental health issues, but there’s nothing inherent with being transgender or gender diverse, which would predispose youth to depression or anxiety. It’s the harassment and bullying.”

“Now they are suffering politically motivated attacks through state actions against these vulnerable transgender youth. This is not based upon data. These actions are politically motivated,” Levine said.

People on social media expressed their distaste for Rachel Levine and the far left liberal nonsense.