(RepublicanWire.org) – Back during the GOP civil war over who should be Speaker of the House, FNC’s Tucker Carlson suggested that Rep. McCarthy should show the right that he’s the right guy for the job by releasing the full footage of January 6th, something that Nancy Pelosi refused to do.

Speaking on that, Tucker said that McCarthy should release “the January 6 files—not some of the January 6 files and video—all of it. And not just some phony committee that will hide them, that in fact is designed to hide them from the public, but put them online. Release them to the public directly so the rest of us can finally know what actually happened on January 6, 2021. It’s been two years. It’s long overdue. It’s our right as Americans to know, and McCarthy could tell us.”

Tucker went on to say that McCarthy’s doing so would show that, though he’s not conservative as the right wants, enough to show that he’s at least listening to the base.

Well, McCarthy didn’t openly announce that he would do so at the time but, now, based on a recent response of his to a reporter, it looks like McCarthy might be willing to follow Tucker’s advice and prove his conservative credentials by releasing the tapes.

News on that came when McCarthy, while in the Capitol, was asked about releasing the footage by a reporter. She asked “…Congress called on Speaker Pelosi at the time to release the, the adjacent Capitol security footage of all things that happened on that day. Is that something that you’d be interested in doing? Congressman Gates said that he said that you would be willing to do that did that?”

Somewhat surprisingly to many on the right, McCarthy, said that he would do that, saying “Yeah, I think the public should see what has happened on that.”

Continuing, he then said “I’ve watched what Nancy Pelosi did, where she politicized it. Were for the first time in the history as a speaker, not allowing the minority to appoint to a committee to pick and choose. We watched the politicization of this, I think the American public should actually see all what happened instead of a report that’s written for political basis. And I think the answer we’re looking through that I want to be very thoughtful about it, but yes, I’m engaged to do that.”