(RepublicanWire.org) – Lori Lightfoot is on the cusp of being the first Chicago mayor defeated in 40 years so the failed mayor played her last desperate card.

Lori said if the rise in crime that will doom her: “This is a national phenomenon, if the person who’s scared in my city it doesn’t matter what’s happening anywhere else.

“Of course, you can’t have lived through what we lived through and say I did everything perfect.

“We made mistakes.

“I remember Rahm Emanuel appearing on the cover of Time magazine, the headline was basically like: ‘Tough guy for Chicago.

“No woman or woman of color is ever going to get that headline.” 

According to Politico here grating style turned off even her Dem allies:

“But a sitting mayor — particularly one with as much, yes, clout as the one in Chicago wields — should not be at risk of missing a runoff.

“That she is, her allies and adversaries alike say, is because she’s alienated so many Democrats with her mercurial style.

“Take Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker, the billionaire Democrat who’s eager to both bring the Democratic convention to Chicago in 2024 and continue his political climb thereafter.

“The affable Hyatt heir would, you’d think, be eager to nurture a relationship with a mayor who, as a gay Black woman, represents three of the party’s core demographics.

”But the two have clashed so often that Pritzker has stayed out of the mayoral race so far and Lightfoot has made no attempt to repair their relationship.

“Nor, I’m told, has she made any effort to personally solicit support from Chicago’s own Barack Obama or the current Democrat in the White House.

(RepublicanWire.org) – According to a reporter who covers Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot – the mayor of one of the most violent cities in the United States of America – a lawsuit alleges Lightfoot went berserk berating staff in obscene terms over a Christopher Columbus statue, and while throwing a profanity-laced tirade told the staffers “My dick is bigger than yours and the Italians, I have the biggest dick in Chicago.”

You can see the reporter’s tweet and a portion of the lawsuit further down this post.

Big City Politics may not be for the weak of heart. Still, even by the disgusting verbal discourse of this period in American history, Lightfoot’s disgusting mouth astonished her staff and resulted in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit for defamation has been filed by a former Park District attorney who Lightfoot challenged by screaming, “Did you even go to law school? Do you even have a law license?”

Insiders report that Lightfoot is well-known around Chicago City Hall for her foul-mouth and belligerence.

Meanwhile, citizens groups wonder when Lightfoot will get around to getting tough on crime in Chicago – a city that sees dozens of shootings every week and often dozens of fatalities resulting from those shooting sprees.

Here is the reporter’s tweet, along with a portion of the lawsuit.