Loudoun County


Virginia’s new governor has wasted no time getting to grips with the issues that helped propel him into office. The first item on Glenn Youngkin’s (R-VA) agenda is an investigation into a woke school scandal that ended with three girls allegedly raped by a perverted predator.

When he took office on January 15, Governor Youngkin went straight to work, signing 11 executive actions. Among other things he struck down his Democrat predecessor’s controversial mask and vaccine mandates, and banned the teaching of Critical Race Theory in Virginia’s schools. But the initiative that got the most attention was an investigation into the scandal in Loudoun County’s public schools.

In May 2021 a 14-year-old boy, who gained access to girls’ toilets by claiming to be “gender fluid,” raped a female student in a Loudoun County school. However, at a school board meeting the next month, schools superintendent Scott Ziegler claimed there had been no assaults in any school restroom – and pushed through a new policy allowing students to use a restroom based on how they “identify.”

When the same teenager assaulted another girl last October, public anger exploded amid allegations Ziegler had covered up the first assault to get his policy through. Youngkin, whose focus on Virginia’s schools played a large part in the success of his campaign, promised to find out what really happened – and fix it. He’s already made a start on fulfilling his promise.