Justin McIntire


(RepublicanWire.org) – Newsmax White House correspondent James Rosen dared to ask White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre exactly how President Biden decides which atrocity or tragedy merits his attention following the death of Tyre Nichols versus the death of a white police chief killed in the line of duty.

Biden did not address the murder of Brackenridge Police Chief Justin McIntire who died several weeks ago in Pennsylvania in the line of duty after being shot by a carjacker. He happens to be white. Rosen wanted to know why there was a disparity in the treatment of those tragedies by the White House.

On Thursday, Rosen put Jean-Pierre in the hot seat, asking her a probing question which, of course, she evaded and did not answer. She droned on and on about how great Biden’s record as a politician is but did not address why McIntire’s family reportedly didn’t even receive a call from the president or anyone else in his administration.

“On the Tyre Nichols funeral — and I’m posing this question with no aspersions cast on what I think all observers thought was a very eloquent eulogy delivered by the vice president,” Rosen began.

“I think it — the event calls into question how the Biden White House goes about deciding which atrocities, which tragedies merit high-level attention from the president or the vice president,” he continued.

“So, in addition to the Nichols funeral, for example, we saw that the president called the parents of Damar Hamlin, an injured NFL player,” Rosen pointed out. “I checked the White House website just before coming into the briefing room today. And I see no indication that the chief executive has at any time reached out to the family of Justin McIntire, who was the police chief in Brackenridge, Pennsylvania, who was shot to death in the line of duty, a father of four. Why not?”

Rosen’s question is a journalistically valid one with race being the obvious issue, and Jean-Pierre sidestepped the issue entirely.

“So, I’ll say this: If you look at this president — who has been a senator for 36 years, who has been a vice president for eight years, and who has been, clearly, you know, finished up his — is finishing up his two-years’ tenure in a four-year presidency thus far, he…” she answered, seemingly losing her train of thought.

“You know — if you know Joe Biden, you know that he feels the pain of many families who have lost loved ones because he knows what that means. You’ve named one family in particular. I understand why you’re naming that family in particular. But there’s been many families that he has called to offer up — you know, to offer up his condolences and offer up his help and assistance in any way,” Jean-Pierre stated, attempting to smooth over the egregious oversight.

She laughably went on to claim that Biden reaches out to the families of victims in a way others can’t or won’t do, which is just demonstrably untrue.

“We do not read out all of those — all of those conversations. But if you know Joe Biden and if you’ve been around Joe Biden, you know that this is something that the president does in a way that many politicians — at least that I have worked for — are not — won’t — can’t do — are not capable of doing,” she stammered.

“And the president will always be committed and always be open to talking to families who are hurting, who are going through a tough time, especially of a lost loved one,” the press secretary asserted, not confronting the fact that Biden seemed to not be “open to talking” to McIntire’s family who is grieving his loss.

Then she touched upon the truth of the matter. Biden decided that Nichols’ death and Hamilin’s medical emergency merited attention because they were high-profile. The police chief’s death was not.

“And I think the two that you just named were just very public. They were two incredibly public situations that — that where — you know, where — where the president was able to reach out in a way that — that people knew about — right? — that people were able to see how the president uses what he does so well — his understanding, his compassion for others,” Jean-Pierre continued stumbling over her words once more.

“And so, I would not — again, you named one family. The president has been, clearly, in the world of politics for a long time. And he has had many, many conversations with families who have lost loved ones,” she said, attempting to provide cover for Biden.

Having bloviated at length, unprofessionally and incompetently not answering Rosen’s question, Jean-Pierre then arrogantly dismissed the reporter.

“I’m going to continue to go around,” she announced.