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When Joe Biden pulled troops out of Afghanistan and officially ended any and all rescue operations that should have continued helping Americans escape the Taliban-controlled country, he stranded hundreds of Americans and others behind enemy lines. Now, an interpreter who saved Biden’s life in 2008 is stranded in Afghanistan and is forced to go into hiding to prevent capture by the Taliban.

Mohammad, whose last name has not been revealed, reached out to the Wall Street Journal to get a message to Biden — HELP!

“Hello Mr. President: Save me and my family,” he said. “Don’t forget me here.” Mohammad and his family are now forced to hide from the Taliban because Biden left them there. The New York Post details Mohammad’s heroism:

In 2008, Mohammed was a 36-year-old interpreter working with the US Army when two US Army Black Hawk Helicopters carrying Biden, Sen. John Kerry (D-MA), and Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE), were forced to land in the mountains due to a snowstorm. 

After landing, the crew requested assistance and Mohammed responded with a Quick Reaction Force from the 82nd Airborne Division, driving hours to rescue the senators. According to soldiers, Mohammed was a part of over 100 firefights in the valley. 

In June, Lt. Col. Andrew R. Till gave support for the interpreter’s application for a Special Immigrant Visa after it became stuck due to a defense contractor losing the necessary records. 

“His selfless service to our military men and women is just the kind of service I wish more Americans displayed,” Till wrote. 

Shawn O’Brien, an Army veteran who worked with Mohammed in 2008, has also called on US officials to help Mohammed leave the country. 

“If you can only help one Afghan, choose [Mohammed],” O’Brien said, per the Journal.

The interpreter and his family reportedly attempted to evacuate by going to the Kabul airport gates, where he was told by US troops that he could get in, but not his family. 

Obviously, he chose not to abandon his family.  “I can’t leave my house,” Mohammad says. “I’m very scared.” 

Before Biden abandoned Americans and others in Afghanistan, the U.S. military rescued 79,000 people — and only 6,000 (a tiny percentage) were Americans. While Biden frequently references the time Mohammad rescued him in speeches, the interpreter and his family were not among those rescued.

This is despicable. It’s time for Biden to resign or be removed from office. America cannot survive if he continues to occupy the Oval Office.

With Joe Biden struggling to blame Trump for his Afghanistan disaster, one question that must be asked is “Do Americans buy it?” Is the story that President Trump somehow made Joe Biden pull troops from the Middle-Eastern country something we as a nation believe? The answer? Most Americans blame Biden for his Afghanistan debacle, and nothing he says in an effort to deflect is doing any good.

According to a new YouGov poll, most Americans believe President Trump’s decision to leave Afghanistan was the right one — but they blame Joe Biden for the horrible, disastrous execution. The poll, conducted among 1,200 registered voters, asked if voters thought Biden deserved the blame for all that has happened as a result of his hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan. An astounding 56 percent say that Biden deserves to be blamed. While 16 percent of those say he only deserves some blame, the majority of those who say “yes” (40 percent) believe Biden deserves a “great deal of blame.” Though only 10 percent of Democrats answered this way, a whopping 82 percent of Republicans know where the blame falls and how much should be heaped on our cognitively-deficient President*.

“I bear responsibility for, fundamentally, all that’s happened of late,” Biden recently said when asked if he deserved to be blamed — though he did try to deflect much of it onto Trump.

Americans say that more attacks like the one we saw the other day are expected, but want to stay until evacuations are completed — a contrast to the Biden Administration’s desire to comply with Taliban commands and leave by August 31:

If August 31 arrives and the United States is not finished with evacuations, more than half of voters (57%) believe that the U.S. military should remain in the face of potential attacks until the evacuation is done, either after attempting to negotiate with the Taliban for an extension (25%) or without negotiating (32%). Only 30% think the military should leave without completing the evacuation, either in case of failing to reach agreement with the Taliban for an extension (17%) or immediately (13%). 

Biden is not handling Afghanistan well and Americans know it. It’s time to get him out of office now — through pressure to resign or an invocation of the 25th Amendment.

It’s obvious that the media and the elites wanted Joe Biden to become President. But they are joined by a very notable historic figure — the man who was behind the most horrific event ever to happen on American soil, the 9/11 terrorist attacks. As it turns out, Osama Bin Laden wanted Biden to become President and even said not to kill him.

In a letter to a subordinate, Biden issued orders not to kill Joe Biden, even if the opportunity arose. According to the letter, Bin Laden believed the current occupant of the Oval Office to be completely incompetent and said that a Biden presidency would likely “lead the U.S. into a crisis.” The Daily Mail reports:

Bin Laden – then-leader of al Qaeda, and the man that America went to Afghanistan to kill – penned the 48-page missive in May 2010 to an aide identified as ‘Brother Shaykh Mahmud’, real name Atiyah Abd al-Rahman.

In it, he discusses the need to direct resources away from terror attacks in other Muslim countries and instead focus on direct attacks against the US.

On page 36, he outlines his desire to form two hit squads – one in Pakistan and another in Afghanistan – whose job it will be to plot attacks against then-US President Barack Obama and ex-CIA director David Petraeus, should they visit either country.

“Obama is the head of infidelity and killing him automatically will make Biden take over the presidency for the remainder of the term, as it is the norm over there,” Bin Laden says in the letter. “Biden is totally unprepared for that post, which will lead the US into a crisis.”

So the plan was to kill Obama and install Biden as President to throw the U.S. into turmoil. He also planned to kill General Petraeus, who he described as the “man of the hour in this last year of the war.”” According to Bin Laden, “killing him would alter the war’s path.”

Bin Laden was a lot of horrible things, but he was absolutely right. Not only did Biden start off his presidential term by creating a crisis at the border, but he ignored intelligence that Afghanistan was vulnerable to Taliban takeover and announced that such an event was “highly unlikely.” Now, the U.S. is in crisis — just like Bin Laden wanted.

It’s up to us to fix the problem with our votes — not just in 2024, but in 2022 when we have the chance to take control of Congress and mitigate the continual harm being done by Joe Biden.

America hates Joe Biden. This might seem like a guess based on what seems to be the general sentiment toward the current occupant of the White House. Republicans hate him. Independents hate him. Even Democrats have been turning on him ever since he handed the country of Afghanistan to the Taliban. But there’s data to support it. According to a recent poll, most of the U.S. has an “unfavorable” view of Joe Biden’s job performance.

Joe Biden has been a complete failure as a President. He kicked things off by making a series of terrible decisions at the border, creating the worst crisis we have seen in the nation’s history. Illegals have been flooding across the border. Cartels have expanded operations and are working in broad daylight. Human and drug trafficking is up. And people who cross the border are spreading COVID to every community they encounter. Many have wondered what Biden could do that is worse than how he has handled the border crisis he created. Then came Afghanistan.

Biden recently withdrew troops from Afghanistan, leaving the country ripe for the picking for the Taliban, whose presence quickly expanded. Then they took control, including of 11 U.S. bases. They have an air force now. Almost 300 U.S. taxpayer-funded Humvees. Munitions. Weapons. And while Biden promised to rescue Americans from Afghanistan, he has so far failed that mission. In fact, most of the people rescued have not been Americans and the Taliban are blocking roads to the Kabul airport. Instead, Americans are being beaten by Terrorists while the Biden administration is paralyzed by fear and indecision.

A CIVIQS  poll reveals that Americans have noticed how badly Joe Biden is running the country. In fact, only 12 states have a favorable view of Biden.

This list of states that hate Biden includes many that he “won” in 2020, including the hotly-contested Georgia and Arizona. If the election happened today, it’s likely that whoever runs against Biden would win. If President Trump wants a rematch in 2024, he probably will wipe the floor with this failure of a President.

Democrats have been heavily pushing mask mandates — something most Americans oppose. While we aren’t there yet, President* Joe Biden says that the CDC will be taking a major step toward implementing them — and they will be using our kids to do it. According to Biden, the CDC will force unvaccinated schoolkids to wear masks.

No COVID-19 vaccine has received full FDA approval yet. At this point, they are available thanks to emergency authorization but many don’t trust injecting their children (or themselves) with them at this point. Some have religious or philosophical reasons. Others have allergies. Currently, the minimum age for vaccination is 12. But the CDC, Biden says, will punish kids for being under age 12 or for not getting the jab.

“The CDC is going to say that what we should do is, everyone under the age of 12 should probably be wearing a mask in school,” Biden said during a Wednesday town hall on fake news CNN. “That’s probably what’s going to happen. Secondly, those over the age of 12 who are able to get vaccinated — if you’re vaccinated, you shouldn’t wear a mask, if you aren’t vaccinated, you should be wearing a mask.”

“It’s a matter of community responsibility and I think you’re going to see it work through,” Biden told the audience.

Recently, a 13-year-old died in his sleep after getting injected with the COVID-19 vaccine. Thee CDC says that it’s “premature” to assume that a perfectly healthy young teenager died in his sleep because of the vaccine. WFLA reports:

“The investigation as to whether there is a correlation between his death and vaccination is now at the federal level with CDC,” the Saginaw County Health Department said in a statement. “Meanwhile, the health department continues to encourage families to speak with their physicians to weigh their own risks and benefits of vaccination.”

The boy’s family said an autopsy showed his heart was enlarged when he died and had fluid around it.

“We are currently looking at toxicology, tissue reports, blood work,” Dr. Russell Bush, the medical examiner for Saginaw County, said. “There will be discussions with the CDC and Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. Obviously, everyone is concerned with this case. We’re doing everything we can as far as testing and looking at potential problems related to the young man’s death.”

There have also been instances of heart complications in children who receive the vaccine as well as numerous other reported adverse side effects. Nevertheless, Biden and his CDC want parents to know that if they don’t inject their kids with this vaccine, they will do all they can to make their and their children’s lives harder. Watch it below:

On Thursday, Fox News personality Sean Hannity dropped some troubling “news.” It’s something that has been clear since before he was “elected.” It’s something that was readily apparent to conservatives, but that even those on the Left are beginning to realize. Joe Biden’s cognitive struggles show he’s not in charge. He’s not a leader anywhere — America or on the world stage.

“This administration is unraveling far faster than we even expected and worst of all no one knows who is in charge.  As we told you earlier in the week, 57% now of Americans they see what we’ve been talking about… By the way, 58% of Independents and even a third of Democrats see it. And so does America’s enemies,” Hannity said, referencing recent polls that looks very bad for Joe Biden.

Hannity says he can no longer make fun of Joe Biden’s constant stream of gaffes stemming from his cognitive issues, pointing out that Biden is “definitely not” running things. Bringing up a recent Biden speech, Hannity stated the obvious:

“Today yet again he struggled to get words out during his one and only publicly scheduled event. As I said earlier this week, I honestly can no longer laugh, I can’t joke about Biden’s cognitive struggles. Everyone can see he is in really bad shape. Our allies see it, our enemies see it. The majority of now of the American people, they’re seeing it, and it’s downright dangerous.”

Hannity pointed out that Biden’s glaring weaknesses could cause problems — particularly with America’s enemies. “Biden is getting steamrolled by America’s enemies,” Hannity says. “None of these hostile actors fear or respect Joe Biden, neither does the Taliban.”

“Whoever is in charge at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, whoever you are, you’re doing a pretty terrible job,” Hannity says. Watch it below:

Addiction is a problem in America. About 21 million Americans are addicted to something, yet only 10 percent get treatment. Drug overdoses are currently triple what they were in 1990. Addiction is a problem that costs the U.S. Government an estimated $600 billion a year. While we know that Hunter Biden suffers from addiction to crack and other drugs, it might surprise you that Joe does as well. New bombshell Hunter Biden texts reveal Joe Biden admitting his battle with addiction.

Addiction is a problem that plagues the Biden family. In fact, a total of five members have been in rehab, including Biden’s children Hunter and Ashley, his brother Frank, his niece Caroline, and his late son Beau’s widow (and Hunter’s former lover) Hallie. Some were ordered to attend rehab by a judge.

But what about Joe and Jill Biden? Recently-leaked texts reveal that Biden and Jill have also struggled with addiction.

“You’ve always made me proud you got the disease from mommy and me but you are strong and courageous with so much more to give,” Biden writes in texts to Hunter.

It’s clear that Joe Biden loves his son, but it’s interesting that he and so much of his family suffered with drug and alcohol addiction at the same time as Biden was criticizing George Bush’s war on drugs as not being harsh enough. It’s also interesting that Democrats repeatedly accused President Trump of abusing Adderall and cocaine while Joe and Jill Biden have apparently had their own issues with drugs.

Now, Americans have questions. When did Biden struggle with addiction? Is it a current issue? Does his drug or alcohol abuse have an impact on his ability to lead? Biden has shown signs of cognitive decline for just some time. Does his addiction issue factor into this? We deserve answers.

Joe Biden’s border crisis is a disaster of epic proportions. A large majority of Americans say the border is an utter disaster, but the media and Biden Administration attempt to downplay the complete policy failure that caused the current crisis. The rest of us, including President Trump, know the truth.

In a new op-ed for the Washington Times, President trump brings down the hammer on Joe Biden, calling the border under the current President*’s watch “a humanitarian catastrophe.”

“When I was president, I delivered on my promise to build a border wall to protect our country,” Trump says in his op-ed. “All Joe Biden had to do was paint it. “

“Instead, Biden has enacted the most radical open borders agenda imaginable,” the former President continues. “This is perhaps the first time in world history a nation has purposely and systematically dismantled its own defenses to invite millions of foreign migrants to enter its territory and break its laws.” He points out that border crossings in May were 700 percent higher than when he was President. President Trump lays out exactly what Biden has done to screw up:

Joe Biden has restored catch-and-release, torn up our hard-earned asylum agreements with Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, and announced that anyone on the planet who lives in a crime-afflicted area now qualifies for asylum in the United States. Meanwhile, ICE is effectively shut down, senior border security officials have been fired, and criminals are being released in record numbers.

To top it all off, the Biden administration has announced a new program whereby the U.S. government will literally pay to fly illegal aliens’ relatives from other countries to join them in the United States.

These policies are utterly depraved — the actions of someone who by all indications wants to completely abolish America’s southern border.

Yet of all the vindictive, shocking, and self-defeating border security actions Joe Biden has taken, none surpasses his decision to stop the final completion of the wall.

This piece is devastating to Biden, as every single word of it is true. It’s eloquently presented. And it is absolutely brutal. You can read the whole thing here.

Joe Biden is a liar. This is obvious to most of us, but the Left and the media pretend he is someone to be trusted. But shockingly, the fact checkers at the Washington Post decided to do the right thing in regard to a weird, delusional statement the President* made about the Second Amendment.

“And I might add: The Second Amendment, from the day it was passed, limited the type of people who could own a gun and what type of weapon you could own,” Biden said during a speech on gun control. “You couldn’t buy a cannon!” Unfortunately, this is a lie.

“Everything in that statement is wrong,” says David Kopel, research director and Second Amendment project director at the Independence Institute. Koppel points out that at the point when the Second Amendment came into existence,  “there were no federal laws about the type of gun you could own, and no states limited the kind of gun you could own.”

Like all constitutional rights, there are limits. You can’t own a bazooka just like you can’t shout “fire” in a crowded movie theater. But at that point, there wasn’t any sort of regulation like that. WaPo face checker Glenn Kessler says that Biden’s lie discredits his own arguments for gun control. “Some readers might think this is a relatively inconsequential flub. But we disagree,” he says. 

“Every U.S. president has a responsibility to get American history correct, especially when he’s using a supposed history lesson in service of a political objective,” Kessler adds. “The president’s push for more gun restrictions is an important part of his political platform, so he undercuts his cause when he cites faux facts.”

During the speech, Biden also threatened to send F-15s after gun owners who might one day choose to take up arms to protect their liberties. “What’s happened is that there have never been — if you wanted or if you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons,” Biden told the crowd.

Joe Biden is a delusional shell of a man whose brain functions are quickly shutting down, but let’s not forget that he was a liar long before this. Watch his speech below:

An interesting new poll coming out of super-liberal Harvard University has found that most Americans — 80 percent — recognize Joe Biden’s border disaster for what it is. Despite leftist media’s attempts to portray the absolute sh*tshow at the border as somehow a win for freedom, the truth is that it has enabled cartels to expand their operations. In addition, crime, as well as COVID infection rates, in areas with heavy border crossings has spiked.

Illegals admit that they are pouring across the border because they feel that Joe Biden welcomes them. They also say that if Trump was President, they would have stayed in Mexico. Even Biden’s own people have been forced to admit that his policies “may” have created the ongoing crisis at the border. Despite this, Vice President Kamala Harris had to be humiliated into visiting the border after Trump did it before she did. Biden has even shut down the federal division Trump created to help victims of immigrant crime.

A new Harvard/Harris poll reveals that 80 percent of respondents say that Biden and Harris have not been paying enough attention to the border crisis. Nearly 70 percent say that the Biden administration is encouraging immigration, both illegal and illegal. More than half of Americans — 55 percent — believe President Trump’s stricter border policies should still be in place. Newsmax reports:

Penn’s analysis highlighted fears of immigration as a key concern in his June poll for Harvard’s Center for American Political Studies and the Harris Poll.

“Sixty-four percent of registered voters want the Biden administration to issue new, stricter policies to reduce the flow of people across the border,” Penn wrote. “Only 7% of voters could accurately call out the amount of monthly illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S. with 84% underestimate the number, suggesting we should expect stronger voter reactions if the crisis evolves further. Overall 74% of voters view the current surge in illegal immigrants as a crisis that needs to be addressed immediately and 56% do not view climate change, racism, and sexism as root causes of migration from South and Central America.”

The border is an unmitigated disaster — because Biden and crew refuse to do anything to fix the problems they created. Be sure to vote not just in 2024, but show up in great numbers in the midterm elections. We need to take back Congress ASAP so we can solve the problems Biden will not.