Jake Sullivan


(RepublicanWire.org) – Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan went on all the networks on Sunday, stoking up the concern about a potential invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

But when he went on Fox, he faced some real questions from host Martha MacCallum about why Joe Biden had aided and abetted Russia with the moves that he has made regarding energy.

Now, we see a lot of liberal media giving the Biden Administration a pass when it comes to their bad moves on energy, but MacCallum had the facts and was loaded for bear with them in the interview.

MacCallum asked why didn’t Biden restart the Keystone XL pipeline and oil drilling leases, which the Administration had stopped because the U.S. had “energy independence which was large leverage for the U.S. over Russia.” But now, we didn’t have that anymore and we were even buying more oil from Russia, even in the face of these threats that Biden is waving a flag about regarding Ukraine.

Sullivan’s answer was a non-answer. He said we’re still a big producer, and we’re going to make sure that Russia doesn’t use oil as a weapon. We’re going to make sure Russia doesn’t use energy as a weapon — by buying more of their oil and reducing our ability? What kind of sense does that make? Why would we destroy our position and help Russia?

In addition to shutting down Keystone XL and oil drilling leases, Biden also waived sanctions on Nord Stream 2, helping Russia.

As I previously wrote:

How many Americans know that we are importing a lot of oil from Russia? Not only did Biden beg OPEC to produce more oil, he doubled the amount of oil imported from Saudi Arabia from December of 2020 and October of 2021 and we’ve also tripled the oil from Russia from what we were importing from February 2019 to September 2021.

In May of last year, Biden surged the Russian oil imports by 23 percent to 844,000 barrels a day from the prior month, which was almost 10 percent of all our oil imports for the month. The only country we import more oil from is Canada. Exactly why are we importing and dependent on such an adversary?

MacCallum pressed Sullivan, asking if he does concede we are no longer energy independent, “and we were before.” His answer is very revealing.

“What I would say is that the U.S. is investing massively in being a leader in an energy transition in which – yes, for now we continue to use fossil fuels – but over the course of years and decades, we become a clean energy superpower.” He claimed that’s where the “strategic advantage” would lie.

Just to summarize that: he’s admitting they’re killing our energy position on purpose. That’s what he just said, because of their insane “clean energy” goals. That’s all just cool to them, if we help Russia now, as Russia menaces us and their neighbors. That’s all just cool, as our gas prices continue to soar, hitting almost 50 percent higher than they were last year at the same time. Can we say how crazy and harmful these people are and how every American needs to vote them out of office, when they think like this?

MacCallum had the best response. “Some people would look at that answer and say that Russia and China could feel like they were in a “pretty good position,” MacCallum said.

Exactly. Russia and China are probably looking at all this and laughing that we could put these horrible folks that help them in office. And the Democrats called President Donald Trump a Putin stooge, when he was dropping bombs on Russians’ heads and making us more energy independent. These actions make no sense, unless you are insane and/or are trying to help Vladimir Putin. They hurt our ability to defend ourselves and our allies. They hurt every American.

So, when you’re driving to the pump and shaking your head when you see those prices rising again, just remember what Jake Sullivan said.