(RepublicanWire.org) – President Joe Biden took questions from children and struggled to find the answers about his grandchildren, Top Gun and the last country he visited.

Surrounded by kids dressed as Secret Service agents, the 80-year-old had to rely on youngsters to finish his responses and admitted he was ‘confused’ before one eventually told him it might be time to return to the Oval Office.

It was the first interrogation since he was spotted using a cheat sheet during a press conference when responding to questions from a LA Times reporter.

Biden struggled as he was fielded questions on topics ranging from his favorite color to his preferred ice cream flavor.

What seemed to be an easy question, Biden had to second-guess himself when trying to remember where all six of his grandchildren live – and didn’t mention Hunter’s love child.

‘I left somebody out… I said five… six? I’ve got one in New York, two in Philadelphia, or is it three? Three? I don’t know… You confused me… They’re around…,’ he said. 

‘One granddaughter lives in Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia,’ Biden said, speaking slowly knowing there were children from a range of ages there. ‘One granddaughter lives in New York. One granddaughter lives in Washington. One granddaughter lives in Wilmington, Delaware. The other grandson – my grandson lives in California.’

‘But I left somebody out, didn’t I? Anyway,’ Biden said. 

He did leave one out, and that is Navy Joan Roberts, the four-year-old daughter of Hunter Biden. The child Hunter has ignored and refuses to pay child support.

Then, he turned the question into a pop quiz, going through the locations again. Philadelphia, Wilmington, and … I did say five, you’re right.’

‘One in New York, two in Philadelphia,’ he said, checking himself, before moving onto another question.

He then tripped up when a child asked what should have been an easy question; the last country he visited as president.

Instead, he mentioned how many leaders he has met as president. 

‘Last country I’ve traveled – must be the last one I was in, I’ve been to – 89 heads of state so far. 

Finally after a pause a kid yelled out ‘Ireland!’ – Biden’s ancestral homeland that he visited earlier this month. 

‘You’re right, Ireland,’ Biden responded. ‘That’s where it was.’ 

Another child asked Biden to name his favorite movie. Biden instead opted to say his favorite movie of the year – but got a little help.

‘My favorite movie was the new movie that was about that guy who flies jet planes. You know who I’m talking about?’ he asked, before a kid answered ‘Top Gun.’

‘Top Gun,’ Biden continued. Did you see Top One: Maverick?’

Biden had direct answers to other queries, saying his favorite color is blue and his favorite ice cream is chocolate chip.

He sometimes veered into discussions about NATO, diabetes and the cost of insulin, civil rights, and Russian aggression when talked about his priorities and the most important things he is dealing with as president.

He also spoke about the White House itself and the agents who protect it.

Biden at one point seemed to know he was in the danger zone. ‘I’m getting myself in trouble here, because your parents are saying when is he going to stop?’ he joked.

Biden gave his favorite rose – white – and what he had for breakfast: bacon, scrambled eggs, and cheese.

After more than 20 minutes, one child had a question that seemed to channel what her parents might have been thinking. ‘Mr. President, I heard you have to go back to the Oval Office,’ she told him. 

Just as his aides might have been catching their breath, Biden wasn’t done. While walking along the colonnade, Biden walked by a child who asked him a question about Poland.

Nina Walkuska, 10, whose father is a correspondent for Polish radio, asked the question. The president invited her and another child inside the Oval Office. She got to sit behind the Resolute Desk, and came back with a handful of cookies packaged with the seal of the U.S. President.

She said Biden said ‘a lot of great things.’ But he didn’t answer the question about Poland.