(RepublicanWire.org) – The 51 former intelligence officials who wrote a letter claiming to be “suspicious” that Hunter Biden’s laptop might be Russian disinformation, will be subpoenaed to testify before Congress.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the California Republican whom many believe will be the next House speaker said Saturday on Fox News’ “One Nation” that he planned to force those former officials to testify before Congress.

“Those 51 intel agents that signed a letter that said the Hunter Biden information was all wrong, was Russian collusion — many of them have a security clearance. We’re going to bring them before committee, I’m going to have them have a hearing, bring them and subpoena them before committee. Why did they sign it? Why did they lie to the American public? A Clapper, a Brennan — why did you use the reputation that America was able to give to you more information, but use it for a political purpose and lie to the American public? It’s exactly what Adam Schiff has done to us, and this has got to stop.”

The letter from the intel agents stated:

“We want to emphasize that we do not know if the emails, provided to the New York Post by President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, are genuine or not and that we do not have evidence of Russian involvement — just that our experience makes us deeply suspicious that the Russian government played a significant role in this case,” the letter also stated.

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki cited the letter, as did Joe Biden himself during the final presidential debate, according to Fox News.

What these 51 former intelligence workers did was confirm the damning nature of the laptop — they made Biden’s position worse, not better, by saying it was so bad that it practically had to be propaganda.

The laptop and its contents are authentic. Even The New York Times and CBS have had to accept that fact.