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The hunter Biden story gets worse and worse. Sure, he was seen smoking crack with hookers. Sure, it helped reveal that Joe and Jill Biden both have problems with addiction. But President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani says that there was much more on Hunter Biden’s hard drive. For instance, the FBI refused to take Hunter Biden’s child porn collection.

Giuliani, who was targeted by Joe Biden’s Justice Department in April in an apparent revenge attempt to punish the “9/11 Mayor” for revealing damaging information related to the Biden family’s unethical dealings with the Ukraine. Giuliani’s office was raided, with Biden thugs stealing his records and devices. One piece of information was that Biden’s family pushed the Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating Biden’s crack addict son.

“The only incriminating thing in my house are the Hunter Biden hard drives, and they wouldn’t take them,” Giuliani said in an interview with Mike Huckabee. “I mean, I offered them the incriminating evidence here. I’ve got plenty of crimes for you, and the FBI said, ‘No, no, no, we don’t want that.”

“They didn’t take the laptops, right?” Huckabee asked.

“It contains one crime after another, including child pornography,” Giuliani replied. This is damning. It’s unclear how much child porn is on the hard drive, but it’s terrifying that the DOJ would raid Giuliani’s office then refuse to take evidence of actual crimes.

Biden so far has been silent about this — but wouldn’t you be, if your crack addict son was also revealed to be a sick pervert who preys on children? Watch the interview below:

Addiction is a problem in America. About 21 million Americans are addicted to something, yet only 10 percent get treatment. Drug overdoses are currently triple what they were in 1990. Addiction is a problem that costs the U.S. Government an estimated $600 billion a year. While we know that Hunter Biden suffers from addiction to crack and other drugs, it might surprise you that Joe does as well. New bombshell Hunter Biden texts reveal Joe Biden admitting his battle with addiction.

Addiction is a problem that plagues the Biden family. In fact, a total of five members have been in rehab, including Biden’s children Hunter and Ashley, his brother Frank, his niece Caroline, and his late son Beau’s widow (and Hunter’s former lover) Hallie. Some were ordered to attend rehab by a judge.

But what about Joe and Jill Biden? Recently-leaked texts reveal that Biden and Jill have also struggled with addiction.

“You’ve always made me proud you got the disease from mommy and me but you are strong and courageous with so much more to give,” Biden writes in texts to Hunter.

It’s clear that Joe Biden loves his son, but it’s interesting that he and so much of his family suffered with drug and alcohol addiction at the same time as Biden was criticizing George Bush’s war on drugs as not being harsh enough. It’s also interesting that Democrats repeatedly accused President Trump of abusing Adderall and cocaine while Joe and Jill Biden have apparently had their own issues with drugs.

Now, Americans have questions. When did Biden struggle with addiction? Is it a current issue? Does his drug or alcohol abuse have an impact on his ability to lead? Biden has shown signs of cognitive decline for just some time. Does his addiction issue factor into this? We deserve answers.

Hunter Biden loves crack. The son of the President was recently heard in uncovered audio admitting to a friend that he smoked it with infamous DC mayor Marion Barry. Recently, Hunter Biden has been a subject of controversy after videos of him smoking crack and having sex were found on his laptop.

Democrats and the media say it’s no big deal and Joe Biden doesn’t seem remotely bothered. Now, the Gateway Pundit has obtained new audio that sheds light on Hunter Biden’s crack addiction — specifically that he smoked it with Marion Barry:

Hunter Biden:  “You know what? I actually smoked crack with Marion Barry, I swear to F–king god.”

Unidentified man: “Jesus.”

Hunter Biden: “Over in Georgetown he used to go to a place right next the guards, and I was a sophomore I guess, do you know when that happened? He could come and drink, I mean late-late… and I would go to the bathroom… but anyway.”

Unidentified man: “Huh?”

The recording was provided by  former co-host of Steve Bannon’s War Room Jack Maxey, who had a copy of Hunter’s infamous hard drive.

“At this point I am just trying to save the country,” Maxey says. “It needs to be exposed because this is what these intel guys are covering up to stay in business with the Chinese Community Party.”

“It must be nice to be a Biden because the FBI had the laptop and this very evidence. The Intel agencies had it. Biden should have been stopped before the Democrat Primary. Bernie Sanders people got screwed over again,” Maxey  says. “Trump shouldn’t have been impeached, Biden should not have been called the winner of the election, and making these things  from the laptop public, back then, would have stopped all of those things from happening.”

Joe Biden and the Democrats can try to ignore this, but we won’t.