(Republicanwire.org) – The murder rate in the United States is reaching unprecedented levels. Five different cities have set records for homicides this year, and at least 12 major US townships are experiencing a hike over last years’ statistics.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney called it “terrible” to have to get up every morning and go look at the numbers, then check what’s happening in his city. The city has already surpassed its 1990 homicide record of 500.

The number of homicides in Philadelphia has risen by 13% from last year, with 521 cases so far. This pace is higher than New York (443) and Los Angeles(352).The City of Chicago, the US’ third largest city is currently experiencing an unprecedented homicide rate. Chicago has reported 739 homicides by the end of November.

The retired Chief of Detectives for New York, Robert Boyce said that while there is no single reason why the murder rate has skyrocketed over recent years; one national statistic stands out to him.

“Nobody’s getting arrested anymore,” Boyce said. “People are getting picked up for gun possession, and they’re just let out over and over again.”

“We are in heavy crisis mode,” said Bishop Darrell Robinson of Yesha Ministries, where the event was held in South Philadelphia. “For the last month, I have done too many funerals. It’s hurting, it’s painful, to see droves of young people come in crying, family members crying, mothers, fathers crying.”

The Black Lives Matter riots of 2020 that followed the murder George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota made matters much worse. And Soros-funded prosecutors like Gascón have won elections nationwide to pursue their “ideological goals” with little regard for what consequences it will lead them into as well.