hamala harris


If Kamala Harris tries to take over for the rapidly cognitively-failing Joe Biden in 2024, she’s going to have a rough time if President Trump decides to run against her. A new poll reveals that Americans like Donald Trump more than Kamala.

A McLaughlin and Associates survey reveals that President Trump’s chances of winning a head-to-head race against Harris are pretty good. Americans have become tired of watching her ignore the border crisis while spending all her time attacking our police and race-baiting.

The poll surveyed 1,000 likely voters between May 12 and 18 — and the results are bad for Harris. Harris was favorited by 47 percent of respondents. This may seem impressive, being nearly half of Americans. But Trump, who is not even in office right now, managed to beat her.

In what can be viewed as a blow to Biden, 64 percent of Americans say they think Harris will become President before the end of Biden’s term. 82 percent of Republican primary voters say they will support Trump in 2024. And 83 percent say they will vote for him in the General Election.

The poll asks if the election were held today and Trump was the Republican candidate, for whom would voters vote. The answer is not good for Harris, who only received 45 percent of the vote. President Trump received 49 percent among those polled.

At the rate Joe Biden’s mind is failing him, it’s extremely likely that Harris will be the likely Democrat choice for 2024. Though she is popular with the Left, most Americans recognize Harris for what she is: an unqualified failure of a human being who belongs nowhere near any government position — even dog catcher.