Gun Violence


(RepublicanWire.org) – Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was swiftly ridiculed for decrying the mass shooting in Colorado, while her own city is plagued with rampant gang violence and fatal shootings. 

The Democratic mayor responded to the deadly shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado, where five people were killed and dozens were injured, by saying that it made her “sick.”

“I’m sick of this s—. How many people need to be murdered? How many lives torn apart? Until it actually stops? We don’t have to live like this. And we don’t have to die like this,” she wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

This past weekend at least 20 people were shot and three were killed in gang-related shootings in the Windy City, according to local news outlet ABC7.

Lightfoot’s tweet was quickly ratioed, with Twitter users calling on the mayor to address her own city’s problems with violence.

Conservative radio host Dan O’Donnell tweeted, “I’m not sure, but it seems like you might be in a position to do something about murders in Chicago.

Others mocked the mayor’s seemingly tone-deaf tweet.

Conservative pundit and talk show host Dave Rubin called her a clown.

Journalist Siraj Hashmi reminded the mayor, “My sister in Islam, you’re literally the mayor of Chicago.”

Former ESPN sportscaster Jeannine Edwards also wondered where the Democrat’s outrage was for the murders in her own city.

“Where is your outrage at the dozens of murders in our city every week? Gangs and criminals are running the place…not you,” Edwards tweeted.

Joe Biden recently told Americans that an increase in gun sales has led to an increase in violence. But to anyone who has paid attention, the only violence we have truly seen has been from the BLM and Antifa “protesters” who are tearing cities apart. A new study disproves liberals’ “gun sales = more murder” lie.

The new study, published in Injury Epidemiology (a peer-reviewed scientific journal), finds that while gun-related homicides have indeed increased at almost the same level as gun sales, there is no connection between the two. Julia Schleimer, lead author of the study, says there’s much more to it.

“We need to be looking at other factors, like job loss, economic change, the closure of schools and community organizations and nonprofits, and civil unrest,” she says. Newsmax reports:

The only possible connection the new study found was to an increase in domestic gun violence injuries during the first two months of the pandemic, when lockdowns were most severe, but its evaluations found no other links to the increase in both violence and buying guns.

The researchers said that one reason for this is that most of the excess gun purchases were by those who already owned firearms, which should have lessened their impact on rising homicide rates.

Axios also points out that making any kind of connections based on available facts is difficult, because national data on homicides from last year is still currently unclear at this point, and there is no conclusive database on gun purchases or who owns firearms in the United States.

Schleimer conceded that it made sense that politicians and others would cite the surge in gun buying last year as a potential reason shootings had gone up, but stressed to The Guardian that  “Our findings, from this current study, in this particular context, are not supporting that.”

Once again, the Left is spinning a story that is not supported by reality.