Gas Prices


(RepublicanWire.org) – President Joe Biden said Wednesday that the relationship between the price of oil and the price of gasoline is not being reflected at the pump; however, the White House’s official Twitter account sent out a tweet on Wednesday which shows the opposite of what he claimed.

Biden gave a speech Wednesday announcing measures to bring down gas prices and claimed that the oil prices were not reflecting the prices at the pump because of oil companies’ greed. However, an hour before the president’s remarks the White House tweeted a graphic that showed that when oil prices fall, gasoline prices fall.

“When the cost of oil comes down, we should see the price at the gas station — at the pump come down as well,” Biden said. “But that’s not what’s happening.”

Biden indicated that oil companies were choosing to raise gas prices to increase profits rather than help consumers and told companies to reduce the prices they charge at gas stations.

“Bring down the price you charge at the pump to reflect what you pay for the product,” Biden said.

The Biden administration has sold 165 million barrels of oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve for the explicit purpose of bringing down oil prices and in turn, reducing gas prices. Crude oil prices, which are governed by supply and demand, are the most important factor in determining gas prices, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

When the price of Brent crude oil reached a ten-year high in June gas prices subsequently spiked to over $5 per gallon, according to the EIA. Despite falling for nearly 100 straight days since June, the average national gas price is roughly $1.48 per gallon higher than it was when Biden took office.

Biden has constantly blamed oil companies and Russian President Vladimir Putin for soaring gas prices and fuel shortages; at the same time, however, major energy executives claim that the Biden administration’s negative attitude toward the industry is discouraging investment and production, according to a June survey conducted by the Dallas Federal Reserve.

At Wednesday’s daily briefing, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre  why President Joe Biden thought gas companies would do anything to help him if his administration wanted to put them out of business.

Doocy began by noting that Biden had once again blamed gas companies for raking in record profits while failing to lower their prices to consumers, and asked why an administration that had repeatedly demonized and hamstrung the oil industry believed the gas companies would do anything to help them.

“So, you’re asking oil companies to further lower gas prices. What makes you think they are going to listen to an administration that is ultimately trying to put them out of business?”

“How? How is the administration trying to put them out of business?” Jean-Pierre asked.

“Well, they produce fossil fuels and this president says he wants to end fossil fuel,” Doocy replied.

“So look, you kind of asked me this question yesterday,” Jean-Pierre pushed back. “Here’s what we would say: U.S. oil production is up and on track to reach a record high next year. We’ve seen that from their … when we see their profit margins. They are — they — you know, they — it’s record high.”

Jean-Pierre’s comments came on the heels of Biden’s announcement explaining the administration’s energy strategy, after which he claimed to “debunk” a myth about domestic oil production.

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee responded to the president’s claim with just one word: “Liar.”

(RepublicanWire.org) – In November, the Democratic Party could see some rather massive losses. Just about everyone is talking about the assumed “red wave” that’s on the horizon and how it may just cost the Democrats their already slim hold on power.

Now, considering how November will hold midterm congressional elections only, Biden, or at least his position as president, isn’t really at risk, at least not in any direct sense. However, there is great reason for him to be concerned.

Biden is apparently building up his legal team in preparation.

As The New York Times reported, Dana Remus, one of Biden’s primary White House attorneys, has hired yet another lawyer for Biden. According to the report, Richard A Sauber has been brought on to lay “the groundwork to defend against an expected onslaught of oversight investigations by congressional Republicans.”

As you well know, with both the House of Representatives and US Senate being controlled by the Democratic Party, Biden has been able to wriggle out of most situations in which he might be in the wrong – and that includes a great number of possible investigations.

However, should the Republicans succeed in November as everyone expects them to, that could all change. Should the GOP retake the House, Senate, or both, Biden could see himself in the middle of a whole slew of legal trouble.

And so he’s preparing by bringing on one of the nation’s top criminal defense lawyers. According to The Times, Sauber currently serves as the lead lawyer for the Department of Veterans Affairs and has been a “longtime white-collar defense lawyer.”

In addition, The Times noted that Biden has been working on getting his affairs in order for some time now. In fact, as the report says, Biden and Remus have been meeting with Biden’s personal lawyer, Bob Bauer, “for months to work out potential divisions of labor between White House lawyers and outside counsel.”

Biden is trying to separate issues that belong to the White House and his executive power from that of his personal or family life, as well as make sure that your hard-earned tax dollars aren’t paying for his personal lawyer and any issues he might have to defend.

Those issues may include things like his family’s penchant for crime and covering it up. Or his son’s shady business dealings, of which evidence is emerging that Biden himself may have been a part.

On the White House side, Biden could soon find himself being investigated for things like his atrocious withdrawal from Afghanistan, his continued failures at our southern border, inflation and gas prices, and many more.

And, of course, there is a massive chance his handling of COVID-19 will be investigated thoroughly. In particular, are the actions and words of Biden-approved White House chief medical advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

As Republican Texas Representative Chip Roy said in March, Fauci’s insistence on things like the vaccine mandates and school closures have led to a number of serious problems, including deaths that could have been prevented. Roy wants to talk about the number of people who have died from myocarditis and the many who have now lost their jobs and livelihoods. The workers who were fired for not taking “a jab.”

He wants to discuss the many children who now have to endure speech therapy because of the vaccines or the thousands of youths who suffer from mental health issues and drug addictions because of months of isolation.

Someone needs to answer for this. And if not Fauci, then possibly Biden.

No wonder Biden is adding to his legal team. He’s obviously got a lot he should be held accountable for. And should the Republicans gain power in November, you can be sure they will waste little time investigating Biden and his party’s part in the downward trend America is currently on.

(RepublicanWire.org) – Joe Biden has been bragging about how tough he is on Russia after Putin began a war of aggression in Ukraine. Indeed, the sanctions that Biden and most European countries have imposed on Russia in the wake of the invasion are among the most severe in history, including excluding Russia from the SWIFT network of financial transactions.

So why was Biden jawboning Democratic senators, strongarming them to vote against one of the most devastating sanctions of all: banning the import of Russian oil into the U.S.?

While the United States doesn’t import a lot of oil from Russia, the U.S. ban would set an example for other nations to halt the import of Russian oil. And even if no countries followed our example, the ban would be the ultimate rejection of Russia and its war aims by the U.S. Congress.

There is legislation being sponsored by Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) that’s gaining co-sponsors and momentum. And with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on board for the ban, such a measure could probably pass easily.

But Biden wants the oil ban “in his hip pocket” to use in a more dire situation.


Why it matters: The quiet lobbying campaign reveals a White House intent on preserving President Biden’s authority to decide what costs to impose on Russia for invading Ukraine — and on what timetable.

It also indicates his advisers’ frustration with congressional efforts to box him in.

The White House on Friday signaled it is open to reducing the import of Russian oil — without saying exactly how.

The big picture: A ban could translate to higher prices at the pump in parts of the U.S. and increase inflation, a key concern for Biden.

It also could force other countries to follow suit — sending oil prices soaring around the globe. Russia, the world’s third-largest oil producer, sends most of its petroleum products to Europe and Asia.

In fact, Biden is giving priority to “global energy supplies” rather than damaging Russia by using Russia’s dependence on oil exports to keep its economy afloat.

Driving the news: Cecilia Rouse, chair of the Council of Economic Advisors, told reporters on Friday: “We are looking at options that we can take right now, if we were to cut the U.S. consumption of Russian energy, but what’s really most important is that we maintain a steady supply of global energy.”

That appears to be a shift from the White House’s initial dismissal of the congressional effort to effectively impose an embargo on Russian oil for U.S. refiners.

Gas prices are going to rise anyway because of the war. And after running for president promising his policies would cut domestic supply and raise prices, Biden has no standing to carp about rising gas prices.

(RepublicanWire.org) – Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan went on all the networks on Sunday, stoking up the concern about a potential invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

But when he went on Fox, he faced some real questions from host Martha MacCallum about why Joe Biden had aided and abetted Russia with the moves that he has made regarding energy.

Now, we see a lot of liberal media giving the Biden Administration a pass when it comes to their bad moves on energy, but MacCallum had the facts and was loaded for bear with them in the interview.

MacCallum asked why didn’t Biden restart the Keystone XL pipeline and oil drilling leases, which the Administration had stopped because the U.S. had “energy independence which was large leverage for the U.S. over Russia.” But now, we didn’t have that anymore and we were even buying more oil from Russia, even in the face of these threats that Biden is waving a flag about regarding Ukraine.

Sullivan’s answer was a non-answer. He said we’re still a big producer, and we’re going to make sure that Russia doesn’t use oil as a weapon. We’re going to make sure Russia doesn’t use energy as a weapon — by buying more of their oil and reducing our ability? What kind of sense does that make? Why would we destroy our position and help Russia?

In addition to shutting down Keystone XL and oil drilling leases, Biden also waived sanctions on Nord Stream 2, helping Russia.

As I previously wrote:

How many Americans know that we are importing a lot of oil from Russia? Not only did Biden beg OPEC to produce more oil, he doubled the amount of oil imported from Saudi Arabia from December of 2020 and October of 2021 and we’ve also tripled the oil from Russia from what we were importing from February 2019 to September 2021.

In May of last year, Biden surged the Russian oil imports by 23 percent to 844,000 barrels a day from the prior month, which was almost 10 percent of all our oil imports for the month. The only country we import more oil from is Canada. Exactly why are we importing and dependent on such an adversary?

MacCallum pressed Sullivan, asking if he does concede we are no longer energy independent, “and we were before.” His answer is very revealing.

“What I would say is that the U.S. is investing massively in being a leader in an energy transition in which – yes, for now we continue to use fossil fuels – but over the course of years and decades, we become a clean energy superpower.” He claimed that’s where the “strategic advantage” would lie.

Just to summarize that: he’s admitting they’re killing our energy position on purpose. That’s what he just said, because of their insane “clean energy” goals. That’s all just cool to them, if we help Russia now, as Russia menaces us and their neighbors. That’s all just cool, as our gas prices continue to soar, hitting almost 50 percent higher than they were last year at the same time. Can we say how crazy and harmful these people are and how every American needs to vote them out of office, when they think like this?

MacCallum had the best response. “Some people would look at that answer and say that Russia and China could feel like they were in a “pretty good position,” MacCallum said.

Exactly. Russia and China are probably looking at all this and laughing that we could put these horrible folks that help them in office. And the Democrats called President Donald Trump a Putin stooge, when he was dropping bombs on Russians’ heads and making us more energy independent. These actions make no sense, unless you are insane and/or are trying to help Vladimir Putin. They hurt our ability to defend ourselves and our allies. They hurt every American.

So, when you’re driving to the pump and shaking your head when you see those prices rising again, just remember what Jake Sullivan said.

(RepublicanWire.org) – If the price of gasoline at the pump has been causing you pain, unfortunately, more pain is on the way.

For the first time since 2014 – eight years ago when Barack Obama was President of the United States of America – the price of a barrel of oil has gone above the $90 mark.

That means the price of gasoline will soon surge to new highs.

Maybe it’s a Democrat thing.

As CNBC reports today in “U.S. oil prices top $90 a barrel for the first time since 2014“:

“U.S. oil crossed above $90 on Thursday for the first time since 2014 as demand for petroleum products surges while supply remains constrained.

“West Texas Intermediate crude futures, the U.S. oil benchmark, gained more than 2% to trade as high as $90.23 per barrel. The last time prices were above the $90 mark was October 2014. International benchmark Brent crude rose 1.7% to trade at $91. Brent topped $90 on Jan. 26.” 

And it may be about to get far worse.

“WTI is up nearly 20% for the year, building on 2021′s more than 50% gain. As oil prices push higher, a number of Wall Street analysts have forecasted $100 oil.”