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(RepublicanWire.org) – Fox News anchor Julie Banderas’ shocked the nation when she announced she was divorcing her husband on live television. And now we know why. Her soon-to-be ex-husband was arrested after he held a steak knife to her throat in an argument over mashed potatoes.

He flew into a rage because she ate mashed potatoes he’d made for their kids according to multiple media reports. Andrew Sansone, 55, was arrested and charged with menacing and criminal possession of a weapon, or the incident that happened in their home in the Hamptons the night of December 14.

Banderas said he grabbed a knife from the kitchen and pointed the blade at her neck causing her to fear for her life the police report states. Their three children who are 6, 10, and 12, were not present during the meltdown.

According to The Daily Mail:

A judge later granted a restraining order prohibiting him from having further contact with his wife. However, he retains the right to visit the children, through curbside pickups, sources told DailyMail.com.

While the fight was allegedly triggered by her eating potatoes meant for the kids, the report states that the couple had been fighting earlier in the day.

According to the police report, the couple were arguing about money – a common flashpoint as the two battled over their pending divorce and child custody issues, sources told DailyMail.com.

Sources said that Sansone is pursuing primary custody of their kids as well as financial support from his more successful spouse.

Banderas shocked the world when she announced she was getting a divorce on live television in an earlier appearance on Greg Gutfeld’s hit show.

Gutfeld asked if she was ‘going to get anything for Valentine’s Day and Banderas fired back: “F**k Valentine’s Day. Yeah, it’s stupid.

Even when I was married I didn’t get s**t for Valentine’s Day…

“Well, I’m getting a divorce, I’m going to go ahead and say it right here for the very first time. 

“Congratulations are in order, if you know me, you’d clap.

“That was breaking news, right there.

“It’s stupid, it’s absolutely ridiculous, she said of Valentine’s day. 

“By the way, guys, if you are going to get your girl flowers, don’t bring them to her in a box.

“That’s the only advice I’ve got for you.

“If you come to be in a box, you better be dead,” she said.

(RepublicanWire.org) – For the longest time, former President Donald Trump, an avid viewer of cable news could turn to Fox News for comfort. There were some disagreements — like an infamous attack on Fox News’ personality Megyn Kelly — but, for the most part, Trump and the network remained amicable.

Throughout his presidency, for example, Trump would tune in to see Fox News’ star hosts complimenting him and his policies while admonishing those who criticized him.

But the dynamics between Trump and the network are changing, the most noticeable shift occurring on Tuesday (July 26), when Fox didn’t play Trump’s speech in Washington, D.C., despite airing a portion of former Vice President Mike Pence’s speech given at the same event earlier in the day.

Naturally, Trump still has some supporters at the network, but the sentiment toward Trump — a Presidential candidate flirting with running in 2024 — has changed.

The network Trump has loved has prioritized coverage of President Joe Biden.

Trump also tore into the network after two of its host on “Fox And Friends” dismissed a poll that showed Trump still had the majority of GOP voters’ support, saying that the participants must be really staunch Trump supporters. Instead, they pointed to other polls that placed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) in the lead among younger voters.

Acknowledging Trump’s outbursts aimed at Fox, author Daniel Cassino, who wrote a 2016 book about the network’s influence over American politics, chalked Trump’s frustrations to “not dominating Fox the way he did before.”

Over the last couple of years, one name has been heard over and over again in regards to the coronavirus pandemic. Enter Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Before the spring of 2020, most of us had probably never heard of him before. But now, his name is so well known that it has even been made into other parts of speech, such as a verb and a noun.

For many, this climb to the top and the apparent trust the White House has put in his so-called expertise is admirable. It would seem to signify that he indeed knows what he’s talking about and has the medical backing to prove it.

However, for a growing number in the medical community itself, that is far from the truth.

Take Dr. Robert Malone, for example.

Malone is also fairly well known in his field, as he is one of the foremost experts on vaccine research and development in the nation. In fact, Malone helped to create and invent the mRNA vaccines in 2020.

But according to Malone, Fauci isn’t all that he’s cracked up to be. And neither is he all that trustworthy.

Recently Malone appeared on Fox News to speak with Laura Ingraham, where COVID and the guidelines as proposed by Fauci were discussed. And it was here that Malone painted Fauci as something quite different than the sincere and caring doctor out to make America safer.

Malone said, “Tony has no integrity, I mean, he lies all the time.” And this is not something new Malone has noticed. According to the vaccine expert, he and his “peers” have been watching Fauci get away with his constant lying for decades now.

“We just shrug our shoulders and shake our heads and say, ‘It’s Fauci.’”

To help us understand, Malone gave an example: masks and the insistence by Fauci that they are needed and effective against all strains of COVID, including the more recently discovered omicron variant.

On a recent appearance on CNN, Fauci was asked if the cloth and surgical masks, in particular, were effective against omicron. Fauci said they were, despite a growing number of experts saying that had little to no effect.

Malone told Ingraham that that was a lie. Masks have never been all that effective against COVID, no matter the strand. But for Fauci to admit as much would be to acknowledge that he was wrong way back when and also require a change to the narrative that he has pushed for several years now.

Of course, Malone is not surprised by Fauci’s lies in the least anymore. Again, he said, “I mean, it’s Tony.”

Naturally, Fauci and his ilk don’t exactly like being called out. And so they are doing pretty much everything they can to silence Malone and anyone else who has the audacity to contradict their narrative.

In fact, just last week, Malone’s Twitter account was suspended. And just days later, Malone told podcaster Joe Rogan that his medical license was being threatened in the state of Maryland. Also, since then, that episode of the podcast with Rogan has been removed from YouTube.

Unlike Fauci, Malone speaks clearly and plainly, using easy-to-understand terminology, and is very careful as to what exactly he says. In addition, he uses scientific evidence to back up his claims and rarely speculates without having mountains of statistical data included.

On the other hand, Fauci just says what he wants to go along with the continued narrative that the political left has this all under control. Masks and vaccines are necessary. Lockdowns are good. And anyone who says differently isn’t worth listening to.

You know, people like Malone.

But as more like Malone continue to stand up and speak the truth, it’s starting to become a lot hard to trust the not-so-trustworthy Dr. Fauci. Then again, with the near-constant flip-flopping of guidelines and procedures, Fauci is doing a pretty good job of making that known all on his own.

So much for Fauci being the most trusted man in America, huh?