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(RepublicanWire.org) – Governor Noem of South Dakota came out swinging against President Joe Biden during a recent appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity.” During that appearance, she hammered President Biden for “acting like a dimwit” and skewered his administration for allowing Chinese businesses and CCP-affiliated individuals to buy up US farmland.

Speaking on the matter to Hannity, Noem first explained how her state is tackling the Chinese land-buying issue, saying “I’ve done an executive order that has said that we won’t do state contracts, and telecommunications companies will not do business in South Dakota that affiliate themselves with China as well. So we’ve been aggressive on fighting this threat that President Biden will not address.  I’ve got a bill I’m working with a couple of legislators in South Dakota to ban China from being able to buy up our farmland.”

Continuing, Governor Noem then addressed why the land issue is so important. Specifically, she explained that the Chinese are trying to buy up farmland near the future home of the B-21 stealth bombers, which could be a major problem for the United States Air Force in the event of war and would enable their surveillance and espionage operations inside the United States. In her words:

“Agriculture is our number one industry in our state, but we also are the home of Ellsworth Air Force Base. Ellsworth is going to be the home of the B-21s, the next generation bombers that will protect the United States of America for many, many years to come, and China would love to set up shop next door and conduct surveillance on that platform, and we won’t allow it.”

She then emphasized the massive extent of the problem, exposing the multitude of strategic assets that the Red Chinese are buying up. In her words:

“We’ll make sure that our land stays under the United States control and that we won’t allow enemies that hate us to come in and to purchase our assets. I’ve been in food security policy for many, many years. Over 20 years, I’ve seen China buy our fertilizer companies, our chemical companies. They’ve bought up our processing systems.”

And that’s when she got to ripping Biden for being a “dimwit,” saying “Now, they’re buying our land, and they’re doing it to destroy us, and it’s time we get a president that wises up, loves this country, defends us and stops acting like a dimwit in front of the whole world.”

She added that Biden has lied to Americans on matters related to China, saying “This is the kind of deception we have going on with our administration. They’ve lied to the American people, covered it up. They’ve gone around governors, and not communicated to us. And frankly, I believe, they shot this balloon down over the water because they wanted to be able to decide what was onboard that balloon, and if some of it was lost at sea, that they didn’t want us to ever know about, that was an easy narrative that they could sell to us that they could keep as much quiet as they felt they wanted to.”

Noem wasn’t the only Governor to blast Biden on Hannity. Gov. Glenn Youngkin of Virginia did so as well, saying:

“[China’s] going to use every ounce of capability they have. Surveillance through balloons and TikTok. Economic coercion by trying to infiltrate with relationships and joint ventures that push them into our economy to enrich their Communist Party-controlled companies. And they’re going to try to intimidate us with their military presence. This is a moment to be strong and swift, not weak and slow.”

(RepublicanWire.org) – North Dakota residents are attempting to keep a company allegedly affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party from building a corn mill in their state, suspiciously far from supplies of the crop, some say, but extremely close to a U.S. Air Force base.

Chinese manufacturer Fufeng USA, which makes food for animals, according to the Grand Forks, North Dakota, city website, has purchased a 370-acre site with plans to build a $700 million corn mill, Fox News reported.

Yet state and local officials say the company had ties to the CCP, according to Fox, and it all has the local community concerned.

First and foremost, the site is just 12 miles from the Grand Forks Air Force Base.

The base houses top secret drone technology, Fox News reported. For that reason, many citizens believe the possible presence of a Chinese company could present a national security threat.

Ben Grzadzielewski, a Grand Forks resident who is working with a legal team seeking to stop the project, laid out other concerns for the local community.

“In terms of Grand Forks, its water use, pollution, and smell,” Grzadzielewski told Fox News. “In terms of national, it is security.

“Everyone should be worried nationally about the security issues as well as locally.”

Citizens from the community are attempting to collect signatures for a petition to try to bring the proposed corn mill to a vote, according to Fox. In addition, they are suing the city of Grand Forks to stop the project.

“I’m not going to say that economic development isn’t a good thing,” Grzadzielewski said. “But at what cost?”

Security threats and pollution concerns are not the only factors calling the proposed corn mill into question.

Frank Matejecks, who owns Red River Angus Farm just across from the 370-acre site Fufeng purchased, told Fox there was another detail about the deal that doesn’t look right.

“There will never be enough corn from the growers around here to facilitate that plant, ever,” Matejeck told Fox News.

While Matejeck said the land Fufeng purchased was “some of the best farmland in the country,” he added the land did not include an abundance of corn crops, making the decision to build a corn mill there questionable.

Before Fufeng purchased the land, it was owned by three local farmers, Fox News reported. They were not trying to sell the property at the time, but the Chinese company offered more than $26,000 an acre, which was significantly more than the average price according to Fox News.

Community members have put out yard signs condemning the Fufeng’s plans, and some have even spoken out against the proposed deal at local council meetings.

“This is crazy,” a citizen said a recent meeting according to Fox News. “You people want to bring communist China to Grand Forks. They kill people in communist China.”

The battle against the proposal extends to Washington, D.C.

North Dakota Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, is against the deal.

“The China of today is not the China of decades ago,” Cramer said. “China has demonstrated real aggression.”

On the Senate Intelligence Committee, both Chairman Sen. Mark Warner, a Democrat, and ranking Republican Sen. Marco Rubio oppose the deal, according to CNBC.

Sen. Mike Rounds, a South Dakota Republican, has introduced a bill that would prevent companies affiliated with China, Russia, Iran and North Korea from buying American farmland, according to the Argus Leader in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Issues that even have the potential to unite Republicans and Democrats in Washington are few and far between these days, underscoring just how broad the opposition to the Grand Forks plan is.

And with good reason.

Americans deserve to feel safe at home, and a Chinese company spending hundreds of millions to build a corn mill near an Air Force base is suspicious, at best.

The community around Grand Forks is right to be fighting. And the rest of the country should be paying attention.