Eric Trump


Eric Trump tells Newsmax that there’s a simple reason why liberal cries to charge and convict his family of whatever they can find are bearing no fruit. His family isn’t guilty of anything. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Sure, the Trump organization itself — as well as CFO Andy Weisselberg were charged with tax crimes that had nothing to do with Donald, Eric, Don Jr., Ivanka, or even Tiffany Trump. But the Trump family, Eric says, is safe because they did nothing wrong.

“You think if after going through 3.5 million pages [of Trump’s records] over four years, they found a single thing on Donald Trump. You think they’d be going after Allen Weisselberg?” Eric Trump told Eric Bolling on Thursday. “Of course not. They’d be going after Donald Trump. And guess what? After all that time they found nothing. You know why? Because there is nothing.”

Eric says the Trump Organization is a “really, really good company” that is the “best in the world at what we do. We run amazing golf courses and we run some of the best hotels on earth, and we run great commercial buildings.” He says no one in the family will be charged because “we’ve always lived amazingly clean lives.” But if charges were to be filed, Eric says, they would have happened already because “that was their end goal.” He elaborates:

“You know, the difference is I’m not Hunter Biden,” he said, alluding to President Joe Biden’s son and a litany of allegations made against him in recent months. “I’m not selling paintings to undisclosed people for half a million dollars apiece. I’m not doing drugs in shady hotels. I’m not going out soliciting prostitution and I’m not going out selling influence to the Ukraine and China and having lavish trips paid for while my father’s commander in chief.”

The Left has tried desperately to get something — anything — on the Trump family. The President was impeached twice for phone crimes. One impeachment attempt happened after he left office. Both failed. He’s been endlessly investigated. At some point, we must ask “how much is enough” before we finally admit that President Trump did nothing wrong. His family did nothing wrong. When will the witch hunts end?