Elizabeth Warren


(RepublicanWire) – It is no secret that the Democrats are not going to do well in the coming midterms. So far 2022 has not been a good year for America, and the Democrats are to blame.

That’s why Americans will almost certainly vote out their Democrat leaders. This includes movement in our state governments, where leftist policy decisions are even more radical than they are elsewhere.

The Democrat establishment knows they are bound to do badly. At this point, they are merely bracing for impact.

But Senator Elizabeth Warren has a plan to combat what many predict will be a redwave in the midterms.

In an opinion piece for the New York Times, Warren said the following:

“Democrats win elections when we show we understand the painful economic realities facing American families and convince voters we will deliver meaningful change. To put it bluntly: if we fail to use the months remaining before the elections to deliver on more of our agenda, Democrats are headed toward big losses in the midterms”

What is their agenda, per Warren? Well, it is standard Leftist “economic inequality” drivel, talks of ‘equity, and a push to cancel all student loan debt. She goes on to say the following:

” …Americans support providing some student loan debt cancellation — an action the president could take entirely on his own. Doing so would lift the economic outlook for too many borrowers who still weren’t able to get a college diploma, for the millions of female borrowers who shoulder about two-thirds of all student loan debt, and for Black and Hispanic borrowers, a higher percentage of whom take on debt to attend college compared to white students and have a harder time paying it off after school.”

What Warren isn’t acknowledging, is Biden has been absolutely disastrous in his short time in office. He has been radical, and left-wing radicalism is not the way forward for America. While a rational person would learn a lesson from the Democrats’ radical policy decisions while in power, Elizabeth Warren is no rational person.

Elon Musk’s remarkable year and plans for the future regarding space travel played a key role in his selection as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. Democratic lawmakers, party leaders and other well-known Democrats weighed in on Twitter. They had sharp criticism of the selection.

U.S Senator Elizabeth Warren tweeted out, “When someone makes it big in America—millionaire big, billionaire big, Person of the Year big—part of it has to include paying it forward so the next kid can get a chance, too.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren accused Elon Musk of freeloading even though he employed tens-of thousands people and his work has enabled a new private space economy.

In another tweet Warren said, “Let’s change the rigged tax code so The Person of the Year will actually pay taxes and stop freeloading off everyone else.”

“It’s *TIME* for Elon Musk to pay his fair share in taxes.” Rep. Pramila Jayapal said in her tweet.

Though Musk has faced scrutiny for being selected as Person of the Year, he has been doing some notable things to help solve some of Earth’s problems.  He established The Boring Company in 2016. A tunneling and construction firm with ambitions to tackle traffic congestion issues across America – the company already created a “loop system” at Las Vegas Convention Center which they are planning to expand upon as well as additional projects elsewhere around Texas or Florida .

Another project he is working on is SpaceX’s reusable Starship rocket, which will carry humans to the moon, Mars and beyond.  Musk is trying to make human life multi-planetary and is aiming for its first orbital test launch in January. The Federal Aviation Administration has already given their approval on this project subject only if completion of an environmental assessment by December 31st .