Doug Emhoff


(RepublicanWire.org) – Kamala Harris made her rounds doing multiple interviews following the State of the Union, and they did not go well for her.

During an interview with Univision host Edwin Pitti, Harris was asked about the viral kiss between First Lady Jill Biden and Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff.

Harris downplayed what looked like a kiss on the lips that has created a stir on social media.

Holding back a smile, Harris said she hadn’t seen footage of the buzz-worthy exchange between the presidential spouses during the State of the Union address Tuesday. She then quickly changed topics to her husband’s trip to Poland.

“No, I haven’t watched the video. I don’t know,” Harris replied when asked about the moment by Univision correspondent Edwin Pitti. “But I do know that the first lady and the second gentleman are working arduously with what we are doing with my husband against antisemitism, very important.”

Harris then opined on her husband’s recent travel to Poland last week. There, he emphasized the need to combat antisemitism.

“He was just in Poland, in Krakow, and was visiting Auschwitz to visit what we need to do in order to fight against hate. He fights against antisemitism but also hatred towards immigrants, and sadly, we’ve seen that in our country,” Harris added.

Second Husband, Doug Emhoff and the first lady made the viral “smooch” while greeting each other ahead of the president’s speech before the joint session of Congress. Observers, particularly conservatives, sounded off on Twitter.

Kamala was also interviewed on CBS and ABC after the SOTU. CBS anchor Gayle King, as well as ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos, reminded Harris that millions of Americans see the Biden administration’s economic policies as “making their lives worse.”

They asked how the administration planned to dispel this shared sentiment.

Harris admitted that many Americans are “still hurting”, but promised that President Biden is “fully aware” of the polling and will offer “solutions” to Americans.

King said to Harris, “Madam Vice President, you laid out nicely what your administration has accomplished and did it in great detail. The thing is, the latest polls show Americans still think the economic policies are making their lives worse, that they don’t feel better off.”

She added, “We know the laundry list of all the things that have been accomplished but yet, for some reason, for many people, the message is not translating. What do you say to that? What are you doing about that?”

Harris responded, “Listen, I think that we have to really understand that we went through a historic pandemic, which resulted in the loss of almost a million lives. People lost their jobs. They lost a sense of normalcy. Children lost very significant gaps in terms of educational process. And the effects of all of that linger.”

Harris acknowledged that “there is still work to be done” and that Biden is “fully aware of that.” 

King responded by saying, “All of us have more work to be done on many, many issues, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.”

In an interview with Stephanopoulos, on “Good Morning America”, he said to Harris, “The problems aren’t just inside that chamber, though. The President is also facing a skeptical public. The majority don’t think they’re better off since he took office and majority don’t approve of the job he’s doing.”

Harris acknowledged the poor polling numbers and said, “Well, listen, there’s no question and, again, the President spoke about this and it’s on his mind every day, people are still hurting in America.” 

Harris blamed the pandemic for why Americans are frustrated and for the low polling numbers.

As he started his presentation last night, by talking about the fact that we’ve come out of a historic pandemic, the economic crisis that resulted, and the supply chain crisis that resulted. You look at the cost of milk and eggs, it’s about $4 and a quarter, I think, on average in the country.” 

She added, “So yeah, people are still hurting, and we still have work to do.”

Harris also mentioned that if Biden runs in 2024, she will be running with him.

“He intends to run, and if he does, I’ll be running with him,” she said. “We are doing historic work.”