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President Trump is an extremely popular choice both as an opponent for Joe Biden in 2024 and as a candidate for Congress in Florida in 2022. But with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ popularity rising, he runs the risk of threatening President Trump’s reign as the favorite. In fact, he recently edged out President Trump in an “approval” straw poll at the Western conservative Conference.

DeSantis, who has been handling Florida through the pandemic magnificently, managed to snag a 74 percent approval rating — three percentage points above President Trump. Both men outperformed Ted Cruz, Mike Pompeo, and Tim Scott by a mile and a half.

As The Week notes, it’s a bit early to decide, but that this is an interesting trend:

Obviously, at this stage, a straw poll could simply be a mirage, but DeSantis has looked like a contender elsewhere, finishing second to Trump in the 2024 straw poll conducted at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February. Trump has also said, if he does make another bid for the White House, he’d consider the controversial, but popular governor as a potential running mate. 

President Trump and Ron DeSantis are both excellent choices for both Congress and President. And if Trump decides not to run, it’s good to know that we have a candidate who can step in and bring the fight directly to Joe Biden and the Democrats.

We need all the soldiers we can get in the war for the country’s future. And Ron DeSantis is proving to be a superstar capable of pulling off a win.

Kamala Harris may not be willing to see Joe Biden’s border crisis for herself, but President Trump actually cares about America. So he plans to fill the leadership gap by paying a visit to “our nation’s decimated southern border” to see the damage for himself.

“The Biden administration inherited from me the strongest, safest, and most secure border in U.S. history and in mere weeks they turned it into the single worst border crisis in U.S. history. It’s an unmitigated disaster zone,” President Trump said in a statement on Gab.ai.

“We went from detain-and-remove to catch-and-release. We went from having border security that was the envy of the world to a lawless border that is now pitied around the world. Biden and Harris have handed control of our border over to cartels, criminals, and coyotes. Drug dealers, MS-13 gang members, human smugglers, sex traffickers, and the criminal elements of the world now have free reign,” Trump says.

“Hospitals and schools are getting crushed and public health is being sacrificed all in service of a radical left anti-borders agenda. Our brave border agents and courageous ICE officers have been illegally stopped from doing their jobs,” he adds. “Our Nation is now one giant sanctuary city where even dangerous criminals are being cut loose and set free inside the U.S interior on a daily basis.”

“Biden and Harris won’t even tour the scenes of the wreckage they created, or come down and visit with the Border Patrol and ICE heroes risking their lives to defend our Nation at a time when the White House is doing everything it can to make their job totally impossible,” he says. “What Biden and Harris have done, and are continuing to do on our border, is a grave and willful dereliction of duty.”

Liberals will attack President Trump for caring enough to see the border — but he needs to, if he plans to run in 2024 and defeat Joe Biden. Or if, as some have suggested, he runs for Congress in 2022.

President Trump was right about everything. This is something we all know, but if you ask Democrats and the “news” media, he is evil incarnate. A man incapable of telling the truth. A liar. But now, even Democrats and the fake news pushers are forced to admit that the President just may have been right all along.

Lately, evidence has been increasingly pointing to the Coronavirus coming from a Chinese lab. It’s been discovered (again) that Hydroxychloroquine works. Hunter Biden’s laptop? That’s very real and contains a lot of incriminating evidence. It’s been confirmed that LaFayette Square was indeed not cleared so the President could walk across the street for a “photo op.” Russians didn’t put bounties on U.S. troops. The COVID vaccine? That was also Trump. Red states like Texas were just as successful, if not more, in dealing with COVID. All this and more has been confirmed — something the President celebrated in a new press release.

“Have you noticed that they are now admitting I was right about everything they lied about before the election?” President Trump asks, before listing all of the above and more:

Democrats and the fake news media repeatedly blasted President Trump and called him a liar about each and every one of these things. But the lies couldn’t live forever. Eventually, the truth comes out. As time goes on, we will see Trump proved right about even more — and once 2024 rolls around, only total idiots will be able to bring themselves to ever vote for a Democrat again. Once that happens, it’s smooth sailing to making America great again.

Steve Bannon has a great idea to get rid of Joe Biden. The former Trump campaign figure and Breitbart superstar said on the latest edition of The War Room that President Trump doesn’t have to wait until 2024 to run for office. He can do it, in the House of Representatives, in 2022.

“Our concept is that we’re going to have a sweeping victory, you can already see the momentum building in 2022.,” Bannon says. “And our theory of the case is Donald Trump does not need to run for Congress and should not run for Congress as an individual congressman. That’s ridiculous. What Donald Trump should do is after we win a sweeping victory, the House members should vote him as Speaker of the House, at least for some interim period of time. Not Kevin McCarthy, Donald Trump. Where Donald Trump takes the gavel from Nancy Pelosi and he immediately move to impeach Joe Biden.”

This might sound crazy, but it can work. Bannon is not the first person to present this idea recently. Radio host suggested this same idea in an interview with President Trump himself, and he seems to like the idea.

“Why not, instead of waiting for 2024, and I’m hoping you’ll run in 2024, but why not run in 2022 for the United States Congress? A House seat in Florida. Win big. Lead us to a dramatic landslide victory. Take the House by 50 seats,” Root said.  “Then you become the Speaker of the House, lead the impeachment of Biden and start criminal investigations against Biden. You’ll wipe him out for this last two years.”

“That’s so interesting,” President Trump said. “You know, It’s very interesting.” He added that some have suggested a Senate run, “but you know what, your idea might be better.”

It certainly seems like a good idea.

President Trump says that the idea of running for Congress is “very interesting.” In an interview with radio host Wayne Allyn Root, the host suggested that President Trump try to get elected to the House of Representatives in his home state of Florida — then become Speaker if Republicans take control of the House.

“Why not, instead of waiting for 2024, and I’m hoping you’ll run in 2024, but why not run in 2022 for the United States Congress? A House seat in Florida. Win big. Lead us to a dramatic landslide victory. Take the House by 50 seats,” Root says, adding that Trump could then “wipe” Biden out. “Then you become the Speaker of the House, lead the impeachment of Biden and start criminal investigations against Biden. You’ll wipe him out for this last two years.”

“That’s so interesting,” President Trump replied. “You know, It’s very interesting.” He told Root that others have suggested a Senate run, “but you know what, your idea might be better.”

Former Trump strategist Steve Bannon has also suggested that Trump run for Congress. “We totally get rid of Nancy Pelosi, and the first act of President Trump as Speaker [of the House] will be to impeach Joe Biden for his illegitimate activities of stealing the presidency,” Bannon told a group of Republicans in August 2016.

A Trump Congressional run could be very successful in Florida, but whether or not we will take back control of the House depends entirely on American voters. And, of course, the President would need to want to make numerous sacrifices once again to serve the American people. It’s a heavy decision. So be sure, whether he runs or not, to vote straight Red in the 2022 election. It’s time to get America back on track.

Social media companies decided to silence President Trump after the January 6 incident at the Capitol, where peaceful protesters trespassed on the property. One woman was shot in cold blood by a cop, yet the media portrayed protesters as terrorists. President Trump spoke out, asking everyone to continue to be peaceful and to go home. Social media companies responded by banning the President and supporters, and those who refused to do so (like Parler) were shut down. But if you thought Trump would still be gone from social media for the 2024 election, Facebook says you’re wrong.

The social media giant says that President Trump’s unjust suspension will last until January 27, 2023. This means that he will be around, unless they change their minds, to tell Americans the truth. Now, this is not set in stone. The company says it will review expert opinion on whether President Trump’s presence on the platforms poses a “serious risk to public safety.”

Facebook’s Oversight Board recently concluded that  “it was not appropriate for Facebook to impose the indeterminate and standardless penalty of indefinite suspension” according to a statement from the company, which announces the tentative end date to Trump’s ban:

We are today announcing new enforcement protocols to be applied in exceptional cases such as this, and we are confirming the time-bound penalty consistent with those protocols which we are applying to Mr. Trump’s accounts. Given the gravity of the circumstances that led to Mr. Trump’s suspension, we believe his actions constituted a severe violation of our rules which merit the highest penalty available under the new enforcement protocols. We are suspending his accounts for two years, effective from the date of the initial suspension on January 7 this year.

At the end of this period, we will look to experts to assess whether the risk to public safety has receded. We will evaluate external factors, including instances of violence, restrictions on peaceful assembly and other markers of civil unrest. If we determine that there is still a serious risk to public safety, we will extend the restriction for a set period of time and continue to re-evaluate until that risk has receded.

When the suspension is eventually lifted, there will be a strict set of rapidly escalating sanctions that will be triggered if Mr. Trump commits further violations in future, up to and including permanent removal of his pages and accounts.

“In establishing the two year sanction for severe violations, we considered the need for it to be long enough to allow a safe period of time after the acts of incitement, to be significant enough to be a deterrent to Mr. Trump and others from committing such severe violations in future, and to be proportionate to the gravity of the violation itself,” Facebook says.

Let’s be clear: President Trump should not have been banned at all. But the Oversight Board did the right thing in forcing the company to actually declare an end date to the ban.

President Trump lashed out at Joe Biden over his disastrous immigration policies. Since he entered office, Biden has opened the floodgates, allowing illegals to cross the border without much worry and with limited enforcement. Illegals have repeatedly praised Biden for his open-door policies, but Americans hate them.

President Trump released a statement slamming Biden for his inability to properly protect our nation from a flood of illegal immigrants on Wednesday.

Remain in Mexico, also known as MPP (Migrant Protection Protocols), was not only a historic foreign policy triumph but one of the most successful border security programs anyone has ever put into effect anywhere. Along with our Central America Safe Third agreements, asylum reforms, and expedited removal procedures we drove border numbers to record lows and we ENDED the horrendous practice known as Catch-and-Release.

No American President had ever done more to defend the border and safeguard the whole immigration system.

The Biden Administration inherited the most secure border in history, and they turned it into the greatest border disaster in history. Our border is now run by cartels, criminals, and coyotes. Illegal immigrants, gang members, and lethal drugs are pouring across like never before. Not only are illegal immigrants being caught and released, they are being put up in hotels at taxpayer expense.

Our country is being destroyed before our very eyes.

The Biden Administration’s disastrous decision to formally end the Remain in Mexico policy is proof that their objective is to eliminate the U.S. border entirely and flood the country with so many illegal aliens that every community is overwhelmed.

“Joe Biden is the first American President who doesn’t want America to be a nation at all,” Trump concludes.

This statement is sad but true. Joe Biden is standing by while our nation is destroyed. And while Americans beg him to do something to fix his policies, he simply refuses.

If you thought Democrats were done with Donald Trump, then you don’t know Democrats very well at all. The Trump witch hunt continues as a grand jury has been seated in New York — for a criminal investigation into President Trump and his family that was recently announced.

“We have informed the Trump Organization that our investigation into the organization is no longer purely civil in nature,” Fabien Levy, a spokesman for the attorney general’s office, said in a statement recently. The investigation focuses on allegations that President Trump lied about property values in order to obtain loans and tax benefits. “We are now actively investigating the Trump Organization in a criminal capacity, along with the Manhattan DA.”

President Trump has now successfully fought off multiple fake impeachment trials and other lies, but the state of New York just won’t give up on trying to find something — anything — to use against him. And the wheels of injustice turn swiftly. The Associated Press reports that a grand jury has been convened:

The Democratic prosecutor has been using an investigative grand jury through the course of his probe to issue subpoenas and obtain documents. That panel kept working while other grand juries and court activities were shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The investigation includes scrutiny of Trump’s relationship with his lenders; a land donation he made to qualify for an income tax deduction; and tax write-offs his company claimed on millions of dollars in consulting fees it paid.

The new grand jury could eventually be asked to consider returning indictments. While working on that case, it also will be hearing other matters. The Post reported that the grand jury will meet three days a week for six months.

Trump contends the investigation is a “witch hunt.”

“This is purely political, and an affront to the almost 75 million voters who supported me in the Presidential Election, and it’s being driven by highly partisan Democrat prosecutors,” Trump said in a statement related to the latest witch hunt. “This is a continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt in American history. It began the day I came down the escalator in Trump Tower, and it’s never stopped.”

“They wasted two years and $48 million in taxpayer dollars on Mueller and Russia Russia Russia, Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, and it continues to this day, with illegally leaked confidential information,” Trump says, adding that the timing is “interesting,” as a poll just revealed that he’s the 2024 Republican frontrunner already.

Democrats will never stop going after President Trump. He terrifies them. But for the rest of us, he’s a hero willing to stand up to the swamp, a man who did everything he could to bring America back to the greatness she once enjoyed. Democrats are trying to undo all of his good work. Be sure to show up in force to stop them in 2022 and 2024.

In January, social media companies overreacted to the Capitol protests that took place as Americans stood in opposition to a stolen and likely fraudulent election. President Trump tried to calm the crowds, but patriots who care about election integrity peacefully trespassed on Capitol grounds. One unarmed woman, a veteran, lost her life as she was gunned down by Capitol police. Social media companies like Facebook and Twitter decided that Trump was at fault and banned him.

President Trump is, of course, blameless. He urged protesters to calm down and go home, yet was demonized by the leftist media and Democrats. Social media companies responded by banning President Trump’s accounts, going to far as to also ban conservatives who published videos of the President or even quoted him. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others all decided that their platforms were to be Trump (and truth)-free zones.

While Democrats would have you believe that these companies are following the will of Americans, when you remove them from the equation, Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of silencing President Trump. An Internet Accountability Project poll found that an astounding 97 percent of Independents and Republicans say Facebook and Instagram should not have banned the President.

Nearly 96 percent believe that President Trump’s accounts should be reinstated.

Democrats and the media want you to believe that President Trump is a horrible terrorist leader and conservatives are his army. But Americans who aren’t brainwashed don’t believe it. Social media companies must be pressured to reinstate not just President Trump’s account, but all conservatives who have been unfairly silenced to appease leftists. Free speech means nothing if private companies can censor it.

Twitter is really taking its ban of President Trump seriously — way too seriously. A website launched by Donald Trump’s team to share his statements found itself gone from the platform almost as soon as it launched.

Twitter claims that the website is an attempt to bypass the suspension of Trump’s Twitter account despite those behind it making it clear that they are not the President. The site, “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump,” launched on Thursday along with the Twitter account. The Twitter account was banned less than a day later. The President was originally banned from the site following the incident at the Capitol on January 6 “due to the risk of further incitement of violence.”  Facebook, YouTube, and other sites followed suit. Free speech social media platform Parler was also taken down.

 “As stated in our ban evasion policy, we’ll take enforcement action on accounts whose apparent intent is to replace or promote content affiliated with a suspended account,” a Twitter representative says. Naturally, liberals celebrated the news that free speech was being taken away from the President:

“Free Speech has been taken away from the President of the United States because the Radical Left Lunatics are afraid of the truth, but the truth will come out anyway, bigger and stronger than ever before,” the President said in a statement related to the ban.

Ever since the DJTDesk account was banned, more that appear to be related have popped up. They have also been suspended. Liberals are terrified of Trump, and with good reason. They know that if they don’t silence him, they will lose the next election.