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Black Lives Matter and Antifa have threatened to burn cities to the ground if Officer Derek Chauvin is not convicted of murder in the George Floyd case. Now, it’s looking almost certain that Chauvin will be exonerated of the charges against him — especially after a new piece of evidence makes it crystal clear that Floyd did indeed do a bunch of drugs, which contributed to his death more than Chauvin ever could.

Floyd passed away while he was being restrained by Chauvin, who has been unfairly demonized in the media and accused of murder. Leftists have rioted nationwide, ripping apart and burning black communities to the ground as they demand justice for George Floyd, who died of “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law-enforcement subdual restraint, and neck compression” during the struggle. He also had a boatload of drugs in his system, which likely contributed to the heart attack.

At Chauvin’s trial, the former police officer’s lawyer played a video that features Floyd clearly stating that there were a lot of drugs in his system. “I ate too many drugs,” Floyd says in the video, which was presented during cross examination of Los Angeles Police Sgt. Jody Stiger, who says  “no force should have been used.” It should be noted that she is a paid witness for the prosecution.

Defense attorney Eric J. Nelson reminded the court that Floyd was shouting “I can’t breathe” — a tagline of BLM — before Chauvin’s knee was anywhere close to his neck.

“If somebody is saying, ‘I can’t breathe,’ and they’re passing out and they’re not resisting, that’s one form of an analysis, right, because the actions of the suspect are consistent with the verbal utterances he’s making, right?” Nelson asked. “Other times and in this particular case, when Mr. Floyd was initially saying that he couldn’t breathe, he was actively resisting arrest initially when he was in the back seat of the vehicle, right?” He says the officers’ actions were necessary “when the futility of the three officers continuing their efforts forcibly to seat Floyd in the squad’s back seat became clear.”

Mr. “I ate too many drugs” had consumed a fatal amount of methamphetamine and fentanyl according to an autopsy. It wasn’t what technically killed him, but “Fatal” means it would have.

“This is what’s called a Speedball – a mixture of an opioid and a stimulant,” Nelson said early in the trial. “The evidence will show that Mr. Floyd died of a cardiac arrhythmia that occurred a result of hypertension, his coronary disease, ingestion of methamphetamine and fentanyl, and the adrenaline flowing through his body.”

Watch the video liberals don’t want you to see below: