As always, Antifa was up to its usual games on Friday when the “peaceful protesters” (as they are called by the media and leftists) “fought for justice” (or whatever they are saying these days) by attacking conservatives for simply attending a conference. The place this time was Denver, Colorado — specifically, a Hyatt hotel that was hosting the Western Conservative Conference.

The event hosted notable figures such as Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, Congressman Ken Buck, and more. It was a free exchange of ideas where Americans could openly talk about conservative values and their ideas for the country. Naturally, Antifa had to step in and say “no way!” Antifa attacked innocent people who were just attending or unfortunate enough to be walking near the conference.

Antifa terrorists were also caught on video holding up traffic and attacking vehicles.

They harassed people they thought were attending the conference…

…And, of course they harassed random hotel guests.

Antifa also asked hotel guests who agree with their cause to “pee on the floor” because the Hyatt “host[s] Nazis.”

They also handed out weird Communist propaganda pamphlets.

And naturally, they harassed police.

It’s a wonder that the media and the Left can consider these people to be “heroic” or in any way a force for good. What’s truly unfortunate is that this is typical of Antifa activities around the country. They meet peace with violence, decency with hate. They destroy. They burn. They harass. They “occupy” entire parts of cities. They are a plague. But the Left embraces them and attacks anyone who gets in their way. They must be stopped. They must be imprisoned. And they must be held as long as possible to protect the public from them.