(RepublicanWire.org) – A “Meet the Press” panel warned Sunday that the Democrats’ current messaging on the “culture wars” will cause a “real problem” for the party in the midterm elections.

The hosts discussed a range of social policy issues they said the Democrats have poorly messaged to their base as they near the midterm elections. Former Republican Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo told host Chuck Todd that Republicans are currently leading the way surrounding the culture wars.

“Right now, Republicans are winning the culture wars in this country, that’s just the way it is,” he said. “You look at ‘defund the police’, you look at ‘defund ICE’, now in Florida you have this parental empowerment bill, the opponents call it the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill.’ Republicans have basically baited Democrats in Florida into taking a position that students in K-3, students who are learning to color and read and write, should be taught about sexuality, about gender identity.”

He went on to say that Democrats have “consistently been … on the wrong side” of the issues and will lead Republicans to run on these issues.

Kimberly Atkins Stohr, senior opinion writer for the Boston Globe, said Democrats have been silent on opposing Florida’s recently passed “Parental Rights in Education” bill for penalizing people on what they say, which could ultimately help strengthen their base.

“It’s been astonishing to me that the Democrats haven’t grabbed onto a libertarian attack on this because this is big government telling people what to do,” Todd chimed in. “This is government saying they want to decide, they want to know what your kid’s gender is. Like … get out of my kid’s bedroom.” 

The Republican-backed bill forbids classroom discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in grades K-3 and requires school districts to notify parents of changes to their child’s physical, mental or emotional health and allow for them to opt their child out of health services provided by the school.

NBC News correspondent Josh Lederman said Democrats have allowed their base to be “defined by the other side” and have been silent on cultural issues.

“If you were to ask the average parent of a 1st grader ‘do you want your kid to be taught about sex in 1st grade?’ Lederman said.  “Most parents would probably say ‘eh, probably not.’ But if you ask ‘is it okay for your kid to be read a book about Peter the penguin who has two penguin dads?’ You’re not going to have the same kind of response. But Democrats have sort of ceded the argument on this, on so many of these cultural issues.”

Anna Palmer, founder of Punchbowl News, said Democrats are “on their heels” surrounding the issues of abortion, schools, and COVID and have not created an “animating slogan” to message on these issues.

“We haven’t been able to see Democrats mobilize on this,” she said. “I do think if it totally goes away, you’re gonna see Democrats try to find a way to get their base out to the polls. Right now, they have not done anything on voter rights, immigration, all these other things. There’s a real issue here for Democrats in the midterms.”

Curbelo said the lack of messaging from the Democratic Party’s messaging is “disconnected” from the majority of voters on policy issues, leading them to lose Hispanic and working class voters.

Democrats have been losing their base with Hispanic voters after decades of holding their widespread support. In Texas, four Hispanic women have already won their respective Republican primaries, with three potentially becoming the first Hispanic women and first Republicans to represent South Texas in Congress. A December poll found that Democrats and Republicans hold equal numbers of support among Hispanics.

(RepublicanWire.org) – As the country hurtles toward a previously unthinkable average price of $5/gallon for gas, the Biden administration is scrambling.

They’re trying to counter the rising tide of criticism from citizens who were already paying a steep price due to spiking inflation. But right now, it doesn’t appear as if D.C. has any answers.

Now, even several Democrat leaders are turning on Biden’s team — and they’re standing with most Republicans on one key issue.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, gas prices immediately started to increase. Because the U.S. gets so much of its oil from Russia, a shortage was inevitable, and many drivers have become frustrated.

The Biden administration blames Russia, as the President was recently quoted as saying that there “isn’t much I can do right now.”

However, many politicos and lawmakers say there is something he can do, and it’s something that should’ve been done a long time ago: America needs to start domestic drilling immediately.

Under former President Donald Trump, the country had moved toward energy independence. But Biden’s focus has returned overseas for oil and as a result, we’re in a difficult situation with Russia.

And two Democrat Senators have had enough. Via The Daily Wire:

The growing chorus of calls for increased oil production in the United States has become bipartisan, as moderate Democratic Senators Joe Manchin (WV) and Jon Tester (MT) on Tuesday called for producing more oil domestically instead of importing the natural resource from foreign countries.

Another primary issue is that we’re essentially financing our enemies (Russia and if reports are accurate, possibly Iran).

Sen. Tester told CNN’s Manu Raju that “we shouldn’t be advancing other countries who don’t share our values.” Which is why he wants us to drill in the U.S., “create jobs here, deal with with domestically.”

As for Sen. Manchin, he repeated what he’s been saying for some time:

“We should basically go back to the policies that we’ve had before.

And that’s– we have to do our leasing in the Gulf [of Mexico], ok, [Bureau of Land Management] lands [have] been off-target, all this has to go back in, into production.

That’s all we’re asking for. And any oil that’s needed to our allies around the world, we produce it cleaner than anybody.”

Manchin is taking a strong stance on this issue, and it goes beyond just words.

According to The Hill, the moderate Democrat is withholding a “yes” vote for Biden’s pick for the assistant Interior secretary for land minerals management, Laura Daniel-Davis.

And unless the administration immediately begins to ramp up domestic production, Manchin likely won’t approve of Daniel-Davis. As such, the President is facing opposition on all sides.

Manchin and Tester are just two more voices that have joined the growing chorus: start domestic drilling now, and save Americans from paying through the nose at the pump.

Those calling for this action maintain that we produce cleaner oil than our foreign counterparts, and our gas lines would have less of an environmental impact.

They also slam Democrats for “wanting” these higher prices at the pump, because it fits in with their green, anti-fossil fuel agenda. Many argue this is why they’ve never cared if gas prices skyrocket.

These pundits typically say they’re all for protecting the environment but it’s a long-term plan, and doesn’t happen overnight.

Furthermore, they add that it’s not a good idea to cripple entire economies and drain bank accounts just to push a certain agenda, especially when the world is in such a tenuous situation.

(RepublicanWire.org) – Joe Biden has been bragging about how tough he is on Russia after Putin began a war of aggression in Ukraine. Indeed, the sanctions that Biden and most European countries have imposed on Russia in the wake of the invasion are among the most severe in history, including excluding Russia from the SWIFT network of financial transactions.

So why was Biden jawboning Democratic senators, strongarming them to vote against one of the most devastating sanctions of all: banning the import of Russian oil into the U.S.?

While the United States doesn’t import a lot of oil from Russia, the U.S. ban would set an example for other nations to halt the import of Russian oil. And even if no countries followed our example, the ban would be the ultimate rejection of Russia and its war aims by the U.S. Congress.

There is legislation being sponsored by Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) that’s gaining co-sponsors and momentum. And with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on board for the ban, such a measure could probably pass easily.

But Biden wants the oil ban “in his hip pocket” to use in a more dire situation.


Why it matters: The quiet lobbying campaign reveals a White House intent on preserving President Biden’s authority to decide what costs to impose on Russia for invading Ukraine — and on what timetable.

It also indicates his advisers’ frustration with congressional efforts to box him in.

The White House on Friday signaled it is open to reducing the import of Russian oil — without saying exactly how.

The big picture: A ban could translate to higher prices at the pump in parts of the U.S. and increase inflation, a key concern for Biden.

It also could force other countries to follow suit — sending oil prices soaring around the globe. Russia, the world’s third-largest oil producer, sends most of its petroleum products to Europe and Asia.

In fact, Biden is giving priority to “global energy supplies” rather than damaging Russia by using Russia’s dependence on oil exports to keep its economy afloat.

Driving the news: Cecilia Rouse, chair of the Council of Economic Advisors, told reporters on Friday: “We are looking at options that we can take right now, if we were to cut the U.S. consumption of Russian energy, but what’s really most important is that we maintain a steady supply of global energy.”

That appears to be a shift from the White House’s initial dismissal of the congressional effort to effectively impose an embargo on Russian oil for U.S. refiners.

Gas prices are going to rise anyway because of the war. And after running for president promising his policies would cut domestic supply and raise prices, Biden has no standing to carp about rising gas prices.

(RepublicanWire.org) – Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz sounded the alarm about President Joe Biden’s nominee to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), as the Senate Commerce Committee voted on a party-line basis to move the nominee to a full vote in the U.S. Senate.

Speaking before the Committee after the vote, Cruz warned that Gigi Sohn, Biden’s pick to become FCC Commissioner, has a history of advocating for censorship of conservatives, and it would be dangerous to put her in charge of the FCC.

“[I have] significant substantive concerns with this nominee,” Cruz said.

He referenced a letter from former North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp, who took issue with Sohn’s previous comments advocating against expanding broadband access for rural Americans in favor of constructing government-run networks in urban areas, a process known as “overbuilding.” Cruz called the letter “interesting,” and said he hoped Democrats in the Senate would take Heitkamp’s warnings to heart.

“My principal concern with Ms. Sohn is that she has expressed a significant willingness to use government power against political enemies, and to use government power as a tool of censorship. And I think the FCC is a particularly dangerous place for a partisan who is willing to try to muzzle those with whom she disagrees.” Sohn has a history of attacks against Fox News, and posted tweets appearing to call for the censorship of both Fox News and Sinclair Media. She was asked about these and other controversial tweets during her confirmation hearing but claimed they would not impact her behavior as a policymaker.

I am extremely concerned about Gigi Sohn’s nomination for FCC Commissioner.

The FCC is a particularly dangerous place for a partisan who is willing to try to muzzle those with whom she disagrees.

Sohn has publicly shown her disdain for conservatives and conservative media. 

— Senator Ted Cruz (@SenTedCruz) March 3, 2022

“There was a time when there were Democrats willing to speak out in defense of free speech,” Cruz continued. “That time seems to have passed. I think that is unfortunate. I hope that at least some in the Democratic caucus continue to value free speech and don’t want to see government power abused, don’t want to see, in a subsequent Republican administration, a Republican on the FCC silencing Democrat voices. That would be equally inappropriate. It’s not the role of government to silence voices with which they disagree, and for those of us who have served some time in this body, we’ve all learned and seen firsthand, the shoe is on the other foot, and one party may have a majority at one point, one party may have the White House at one point, but with the progression of time, the positions are changed.”

In addition to those concerns, Cruz also made known a significant ethical question about Sohn.

Cruz pointed out that Sohn joined the board of now-defunct online television streaming service Locast in March of 2020, almost a year after the service was sued for copyright infringement. Cruz said that Sohn knew this when she joined the board, and issued a statement in support of Locast at the time the suit was filed. A federal judge ruled against Locast and against the broadcasters it had infringed upon, and a $32 million settlement was made for damages. But a secret settlement was made that lowered the amount from $32 million to just $700,000. The timing was especially suspicious, Cruz argued, as President Joe Biden announced his intent to nominate Sohn to the FCC on October 26, 2021, the secret settlement was filed on October 27, and Sohn’s nomination was formally submitted on October 28th.

There are deeply troubling substantive and ethical concerns about Gigi Sohn’s nomination for FCC Commissioner. 

— Senator Ted Cruz (@SenTedCruz) March 3, 2022

The Senate Commerce Committee reported a tie vote to the Senate on Sohn’s nomination, putting her confirmation up for a vote before the full Senate with extra procedural hurdles. Committee Republicans issued a statement on Twitter Thursday cautioning Democrats against moving the confirmation to the full Senate. “To be clear: today’s vote does not advance Gigi Sohn to the Senate floor,” Ranking Member Roger Wicker (R-MS) said, via Twitter. “With her nomination failing to garner support from a majority of committee members, Democrat leadership will now have to decide if they want to take the extraordinary step of circumventing this committee and bringing such a polarizing nominee to the Senate floor for a vote.”

(RepublicanWire.org) – President Biden might still be dreaming of a second term in the White House, but his party’s voters have moved on. A majority of Democrats now want someone – anyone – else as chief executive.

A new CNN poll released on February 13 found support among Democrat and Democrat-leaning voters for a 2024 Biden run has fallen to 45%. More than half – 51% – now want him to step aside at the end of his term and let someone else take up the challenge.

It isn’t just Biden’s political enemies on the far Left; it’s those who are unimpressed by his attempts to buy their support, who would rather see someone else run. Democrats who “moderately” approve of his record want him gone, with just 35% saying they’d like to see him renominated – and even among those who “strongly” approve, 30% would still prefer him to go after one term.

The poll asked voters who want Biden replaced why they think he shouldn’t seek re-election. Eighteen percent say they’re worried about his age. He’ll turn 82 the month of the next general election. Meanwhile, 35% say they don’t believe he can win against a Republican candidate, and 31% simply don’t want to see him reelected.

So Democrats don’t like the president they have now, but the really bad news for the party is they don’t know who should replace him. Just 12% could name an alternative candidate, and nobody had more than 5% support. Democrats face the prospect of going into battle against a revitalized GOP with another compromise candidate about which nobody is very enthusiastic.

(RepublicanWire.org) – The vote to stop the Democrats from destroying the filibuster was a massive victory for freedom and the integrity of the American voting process. The liberal left wanted to tear down the one they used to grab hold of when the Republicans held the Senate. But now, they see it as a hurdle in their conquest for domination of the country. Their attempt to subdue the country is blatantly before them, and they are blind to the fact that the people are telling them to back off.

But the Republicans and two of the Democrats voted against the filibuster removal. The Democrats want to remove the barrier to pass what they are calling voter reform. The big lie they are telling the people is that all conservative election laws are oppressive and keep people from voting. But the truth is that they want to institute measures that will allow them to nullify all votes because they intend on cheating and committing fraud within the system to get what they want.

The liberals want people to believe that minorities are not allowed to vote. They believe that showing identification to prove one’s identity keeps people from voting. But the truth is that the liberals want illegals to be able to vote without having to prove they are legal voters.

All Americans have the right to vote in elections if they are legal residents. The notion that people are being kept from voting is nothing but a big lie being promoted by the liberals. They want to take the country back to when women were not allowed to vote. It is the same old story of oppression and suppression. But the truth is that the country is not in those darks days but has risen to the point where everyone can vote.

Rand Paul noted how absurd what the Democrats are saying about things. He noted that “[They] want to change the law so people don’t have to show identification to vote by mail so they can harvest the ballots of Democrats at the expense of the rest of the public. It’s all about power politics, and it’s shameless.”

The Democrats want to put any person in any position that they want to by being able to flood the ballot box with illegal and fake ballots.

The president likes to stir up discord with people so his people can try to make their case regarding voter suppression. No law or barrier keeps people from voting in America. They need to show their identification. They must be able to prove that they are legal citizens.

Paul pointed out something the media or the liberals would never report about: the massive voter turnout in the past elections. He stated, “They found that African-Americans voted in a percentage equal to [that of] whites or higher than whites in Alabama, Mississippi, or South Carolina. In 2020 more people voted than have ever voted as far as a percentage of our population, so everything they’re saying is a lie.”

And that is not the only thing that the Democrats are lying about. When Donald Trump was president and the Senate was controlled by the Republicans, the Democrats would have died to hold onto the filibuster. And the fact that they want to get rid of it now to pass voter reform that would allow them to cheat at elections is horrible. They do not care about the people because all they want is money and power.

The Democrats will stop at nothing to get what they want. They know that their time is concise because the House will fall back into Republican control. And the consequences of their demonic actions will be a loss of seats in the very chamber they think they control. And once that happens, all the hopes and dreams that the liberals have for America will dry up because they are going to have to come and face the voters. The country is not as dumb as the liberals think they are.

(RepublicanWire.org) – Two congressional Democrats have called on Google to stop bullying the DOJ’s new antitrust chief in an attempt to have him recuse himself from matters regarding the tech giant.

In the letter Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Pramila Jayapal wrote to Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai, the lawmakers appealed to the company to cease their attempts to “strip Assistant Attorney General Jonathan Kanter of his authority.” Their request comes after Google appealed to have the DOJ examine if Kanter should recuse himself from government activity regarding the tech giant, as he was an established critic of Google.

In a statement, Google claimed that Kanter’s previous actions, statements, and representations were concerning, saying that Kanter supervising the DOJ’s actions regarding Google “may not satisfy the requirement that those actions be fair and impartial.”

A spokesperson for the tech giant also emphasized that Kanter’s “past statements and work representing competitors” who had advocated that the Department investigate Google were concerning, leading to doubts “about his ability to be impartial.”

Following these statements, Warren and Jayapal said that Google’s request was an effort to “bully regulators and avoid accountability” as the two pointed out, other tech giants –– Amazon and Facebook –– had also done.

The two would go on to argue that federal ethics law meant Kanter had no obligation to recuse himself on matters linked to the company, adding that Google’s questioning of Kanter’s impartiality was “unfair and inappropriate.”

These comments center around a lawsuit filed against Google by the DOJ’s antitrust division, which alleges Google employs exclusionary tactics to retain its monopoly on search engines, claims the company denies.

This is not the first time a tech giant has requested a Biden administration regulator removed from an investigation.

Last year, Amazon requested that FTC chairwoman Lina Khan no longer participate in antitrust investigations given her history accusing the company of alleged violations, a claim Facebook also made.