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Joe Biden may not care about the Americans he left behind when he hastily evacuated Afghanistan on the orders of the Taliban. But you know who does? California Rep. Darrell Issa, who rescued a woman beaten by the Taliban as she tried to make it to the Kabul airport for evacuation. The woman, known only as “Nasria,” is now on her way from Afghanistan to her home in California.

TheBlaze reports that Issa coordiated the rescue of Nasria, who endured physical assaults and more as she tried in vain to get Joe Biden to rescue her like he promised he would. Despite following instructions from the State Department, Nasria was unable to enter the airport in Kabul, where she hoped to be evacuated from the Taliban-controlled country:

On Friday, Issa announced that his office had facilitated Nasria’s release.

“Weeks of work and countless hours of coordination paid off,” Issa said in a press release. “Nasria is finally coming home.”

Nasria traveled to Afghanistan in June to visit family and marry her now-husband. The father of her child is still in Afghanistan.

Nasria’s friends contacted Issa after the Taliban captured Kabul.

“Issa’s office has helped rescue more than 30 members of his district from Afghanistan since the Taliban overran the Afghan National Army and retook control of the country this summer, including six El Cajon-area families and other Americans and Special Immigrant Visa holders,” KFMB-TV reported.

The Republican congressman said, “We continue to work around the clock to ensure hundreds of American citizens stranded in Afghanistan are able to escape. Nothing ends until our community is once again reunited with loved ones.”

The 25-year-old pregnant woman was turned away from the airport in “multiple attempts” to reach the airport. In one instance, she was “kicked in the stomach” by Taliban goons. Another time, she was fired on.

“Our troops were literally at the gate just waiting for us to continue walking and they had blocked us,” Nasria said earlier this month. “There was a time that like, I went past them and started walking as fast as I can, and they started shooting right by my leg and told me to come back.”

“It was so hard to just get on a flight,” she says. “There was (sic) a couple days where we had to sleep on streets. People were literally stepping over people. That’s how bad it was.”

“She was beaten by the Taliban and kicked in the belly and has been in hiding,” Issa says. It’s unclear how many Americans are still in Afghanistan. But in the absence of leadership from Joe Biden, it’s good that someone is taking charge and helping them.