dan patrick


When Joe Biden opened the border, many predicted that it would cause problems. Since this monumentally bad decision, we have seen emboldened cartels operating out in the open, a surge of illegals at the border, COVID-infected “migrants” refusing to quarantine, and all manner of horrors.

Texas Governor Dan Patrick revealed yet another issue Biden’s open border policy is causing — a rise in child sex offenders.

“You know yesterday there was a little girl that drowned in the river,” Patrick said in an interview on Fox News. “Kamala Harris must think that’s amusing to her. “

“She must think that the sex offenders who are coming into this country, who are coming into communities all over this country to assault children is funny to her,” the Governor added. “This is not a laughing matter to our country or to these people or for future victims. So far they won’t call this a crisis. It’s a designed disaster.” Then he dropped some terrifying statistics:

This is their plan… Sex offenders are up 1,967 percent! in just the Del Rio sector in Texas. Sexual offenders are defined by people we already arrested for offenses against children and they’re crossing back two or three times.

The crisis at the border is worse than anyone realizes. Not only are “migrants” flooding into the United States infected with a deadly virus, but they are refusing to quarantine and harming American citizens. At a time when unemployment is at an all-time high, they are taking jobs from Americans. Cartels have moved heavily into the human smuggling business — and this, of course, includes child sex trafficking and drugs. The border is such a mess that 67% of Americans agree that it’s a problem. It’s time to stop blaming Trump and focus on the man who made policy changes to enable this. And that man is Joe Biden.

Watch it below: